One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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It was a small normal boat, which was mostly filled with sailors and migrant workers.

However, the captain of the boat was a little girl and that’s unusual. She was about sixteen or seventeen years old with a pink hair and wore a shawl. She looked pretty and pure.

At that moment, she was standing on the bow of the ship and she was watching quietly the calm sea in front of her. Everyone in the ship was wondering what she was thinking about.

Suddenly, there was a sound came from the sky. The girl turned her head. She got surprised.

“What is that?”

She saw a giant white bird came from the sky, she was even more shocked by the fact that it was carrying a young boy.


The sound of a heavy breath cracked, as the man approached one meter to the deck. The huge white bird suddenly disappeared like a phantom.

“Bang!” the man fell onto the deck and cracked the wooden board. Where he landed he made a pool of blood.


“I saw a bird falling from the sky, and in a blink of an eye, it became a boy.”

“He seems to be injured.”

The fall of Rogen attracted the attention of the sailors on board, and all of them were curious about him.

The girl with long pink hair looked at Rogen carefully and her expression changed quickly. She immediately called out “Call the ship’s doctor!!! We need him now. This guy is injured!”

All the people shouted, and an elderly man was dragged by a teenager.

“What’s the matter with Hina!? This old man isn’t in good health, I’m not young anymore and can’t help like before.”

As the old man squeezed over the crowd, he complained.

Hina paid no attention to the old man’s complaints, and she said:” Fred, look at him, he seems to be seriously injured”

Fred saw Rogen in a coma, he couldn’t help but he wondered “from where does this kid come from? Look at his clothes. They are dry. It’s not like he came from the sea”

“From the sky, he fell from heaven!”

Someone next to him shouted and pointed to the sky.

For them, the young boy who dropped from the sky and he was saved by the beautiful girl Hina, it was undoubtedly a very gossiping event, enough for them to talk about it for a month.

“The sky!” Fred glanced at the sky strangely, then he shook his head and crouched down to observe Rogen’s injury.

After a while, Fred shook his head and frowned, “his injury is not critical, but he lost too much blood”

“Fortunately, I came at the right time, if it was a little bit late, no one could save him”

He lost too much blood and if Fred didn’t help him at that moment then only God could save him.

“At first, I had to stop his bleeding, and then I have to give him blood. His wound is like someone pierced him with a sharp tool, which hit his artery”

“I did my best to save his life. I hope he can make it”

Fred grinned and quickly closed the wound of Rogen.

Rogen was laying down for a long time. The doctor put a layer of bandages on his wounds, then he wiped his sweat and let the people around him took Rogen to a room.

Fred looked at the crowd that carried Rogen to the basement, He has frowned.

“He suffered such a severe injury. The dark and damp basement is not good for his wound recovery. He must stay in a place with plenty of air and sunshine.”

All the sailors looked at each other, they all thought of the one room, the only comfort place on the ship. It was the room of Hina.

“Put him in my room,” Hina said, “we need to save him.”

After a while, Rogen was resting in the room of Hina.

When everyone left the room, Hina looked at the sleeping teenager in her bed with curious eyes.

Her eyes were full of interest, ”this man was standing on a bird! And how did the bird disappear? ”

For the next three days, Hina took care of Rogen.

People on board saw this scene and talked about it in private.

“I saw Miss Hina and she cared a lot about this kid.”

“No way, you meant the new boy! He looks very handsome.”

“That’s not an unusual thing for our captain Hina.”

In the voice of the crowd, Doctor Fred made a cough and said his own thoughts.

“He is a very good looking kid, but there’s a story behind him, very peculiar. It should be this thing that made Hina fall in love”

“And in the age of Hina, it’s normal to fall in love.”

Two days later, Rogen opened his eyes and looked at the strange place, with a splitting headache.

“Are you awake!?” Hina surprised and stepped forward

“I..! Where am I, what is this place?” Rogen asked in confusion.

“You are on my boat. You fall down from the sky then fall into a coma, and I saved you,” she said it quickly and she was handing a glass of cold water.

Rogen took the cup and after he drinks it, he felt a weakness. He closed his eyes and he remembered everything before he was unconscious.


He suddenly opened his eyes with some flashbacks.

“It was you who saved me!! thank you so much!” Rogen looked at Hina for the first time. He couldn’t stop staring at her.

The girl in front of him had a long pink hair and wore a shawl, her skin was white like the snow and she had a pretty and delicate face.

Her body was cool like the frozen lotus in the cold wind, she was very gorgeous and charming.

“You just woke up,” she said with a lovely smile, “I’ve been worried about you for a long time. Can you tell me your name, please? ”


Time passed quickly, a week has gone, and during that time, Rogen and the crew became friends so fast.

The sailors and others who lived in the boat were so cool.

All day long, they were very cheerful and optimistic.

“Rogen, haven’t you dated the Captain today? hahaha!”

On the ship, the doctor was the older one, but he so naive, every day he was pranking Rogen and made jokes on him.

“Brother Rogen, I can see that my sister quite like you, you have to seize the opportunity !”

It was Hina’s younger brother, Doron, he was only 10 years old. When he said that everyone on the boat burst into laughter.

Rogen’s face became red. He was very shy.

“Hina is very good, but you don’t have to make fun of me all day, in this way how can I talk at her?”

The atmosphere on board was very warm, Rogen enjoyed some of this life.

It was the first time that he went out to the sea. He liked this feeling.