One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 9: THE REWARD

In the following days, Rogen knew that the goal of all people on the ship was to travel to an island called Nansi in the east blue, Hina’s family were doing business. She was also the eldest daughter of the family with an age of 16, but she was already responsible for her family business.

The people on this ship were also very convinced by the power of Hina and her nobility that made her very kind.

The ship had made one month in the sea, and it paused and replenished three times.

Rogen had a great relationship with all the crew, especially with Hina.

Two youngsters, a handsome boy and a beautiful girl, their meeting was kind of a miracle, this was the beginning of a great love, no one knows when they will develop the relationship between them and be together.

On this day, the ship refilling has just completed, and then they slowly left the port.

The sailors were sitting under the sun, they were taking a lunch break.

Suddenly, several seagulls flew in the sky. They had strange packages on their necks and carried lots of newspapers. During the passing of the boat, a colorful paper flew through the air.

One of the papers falls right on someone’s face, he was sleeping and it waked him up. He opened his eyes and took the paper.

“What is this!?”

“Gol D Rogen wanted with a reward of 110 million!”

“Attention, this person is extremely dangerous, if you found him, immediately call the marine or kill him, wanted regardless of life and death!”

After reading the words on the paper, the man was looking at the printed-paper, but the next second when he noticed the person on the paper was their new friend.


“That kid!!”

The fear appeared on his face, at the same time, several people on board also caught this paper reward in their hands, they were shocked and the horror was clear in their eyes.

For ordinary people, this huge amount of money was available only for legendary pirates in the grand line.

They were passing their days and nights together. Rogen, who has a warm and cheerful personality turned out to be such a dangerous person!!

At first, they didn’t want to believe that, but after taking careful consideration, they couldn’t stop fearing him.

After all, people who were rewarded with such bounty had to be exterminated of course.

“What we must do, Rogen turned out to be such a terrible murderer”

“We must tell the captain as soon as possible, we must show her the truth of Rogen”

“But, the performance of Rogen during this period of time was not like a bad person at all!”

Some people hesitated to say that they didn’t believe Rogen who had been with them for so long has turned out to be a bad person.

“What do we know about him? He didn’t say anything about his life!”

“And when he fell on the boat, it looked like that everyone knew very well that he was in war with the marine. He was injured and he just fled to our ship”

The crew members talked in a low voice after a half hour later, they finally decided to tell the captain Hina secretly.


When she heard the call from her crew, Hina was busy in checking the bills in her room, there were many details in the family business, she had to check and check every time before she could rest assured.

“What’s wrong?” Hina laid down her documents and she looked at him doubtfully

‘Hant! what’s the matter with you !?”

She noticed that Hant’s face was very tense.

“Captain Hina, I must tell you an important thing,” Hant took a deep breath and came to the side of Hina, and said quietly.

Hina looked at his face and said seriously “Come on say it, I’m listening”

“You saved Rogen, but he is wanted with a big reward”

Hant came up with the paper and showed it to her “he has been deceiving us all the time!”

“His reward is huge, it’s 110 million, and he is a very scary guy!”

After she heard Hant’s words, Hina had no expression because she knew that many rumors were not worthy to believe, and when her eyes swept to the reward, her face changed.

“This is the latest order issued by the marine, there is the marine mark on it, nothing fake in this!”

“Rogen, he is a vicious criminal, honestly, he is a scamp and bastard!”

“He deceived you and deceived us.”

“Hina, he tricked you!”

Hina clenched her hands, and her face changed, she was listening to Hant who still talking, she couldn’t say anything but…

“Get out!”

“Hina you don’t want to be deceived by him, we must tell the marine quickly. Otherwise, this guy, I don’t know what he will do to us” Hant was very anxious.

“I said get out!” Hina stares at Hant “get out!”

Hant looked stunned and he wanted to say something, but after hesitation, he sighed and went out.

She waited until Hant went out, Hina’s face became annoyed, and she stared at Rogen who was outside smiling, and she only sighed heavily.

“Oh Rogen, are you such a demonic guy!”

At this moment, Hina Hesitated, she knew that her decision will affect her just established relationship with Rogen and will also affect the lives of all those sailors with her.

What kind of person is Rogen!?

During this period, Hina felt that this guy was very cheerful and optimistic. He shows a clear smile when he saw her, But from any point of view, Rogen definitely was not a bad person.

“As if this fellow could have a reward of 110 million belly, He can’t even beat me. Why he has a reward over 100 million?”

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that he his a bad guy!”

In the end, Hina took a fiercely hit at the table, stepped out of the room, and headed to Rogen.

When she did that, Hant had assembled the crew around him.

“I just went to the captain and she disagreed with our thoughts.”

“She still too young to face her lover, she is fooled by this guy”

“We must handle him on our own'”

“Let’s call the marines, we have to tell them to deal with Rogen”

The crew got an agreement. Indeed, if this dangerous guy stays on the boat, they won’t rest.

“Totally worth it to get his reward”

Hant’s face revealed a hint of greed.

“110 million belly”

This amount made the eyes of the people around Rogen.

all of this?