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S.P.P Chapter 32: Horror!

Since the road was blocked, then he would fight hard to get through!



“I didn’t want to use this ability! But you forced me!”




While Rogen strode forward, his eyes suddenly changed from black to scarlet again, and then the three Pinwheels quickly turned.




In an instant, Rogen’s footsteps became heavier, meanwhile, a huge amount of chakra surged out of his body. His fierce momentum shocked everyone. Step by step, it became bigger and stronger. The Marines in front of his ships were shocked and they were so surprised.








Rogen said with a low voice. Rogen originally has a small body, but at that moment, his figure was expanding.




“Kata! Kata! Kata!”




The bones and joints quickly assembled and made a creepy sound, which made the people who saw it tremble.




“My God! What is that?”




“Monster, is that man a monster? Or the devil!”




“It’s so gloomy, so violent!”




The marine saw the transformation of Rogen and they became terrified. It was a fearful and sinister atmosphere. Just this feeling could make people lose their desire and hope of fighting.




Pieces of thick bones and joints made of chakra suddenly appeared from Rogen’s body, and in few seconds, it outlined a huge and an incomparable skeleton.








After a while, the white skeleton behind him has become extremely plump, with 50 or 60 meters high surrounded with red chakra, it was billowing a very high temperature. Then it stood up.




“Dan! Dan!”




At this time, the Susanoo has been completed. Its eyes were like two fireballs, it looked down to the marines which made everyone trembled. There was a clear sense of fear of death in their eyes.








The next step, when the skeleton formed a layer of armor. This thick armor wrapped all the body.




By this time, the huge Susanoo has been in the complete form. It was wrapped in armor, and its defense was unbreakable. Its eyes were glistening red, gloomy, chilling.








The Susanoo just stretched out its right hand and it began moving. The ground was cracked. While he moved, the Susanoo formed the Yasaka Magatama and held his sword the Totsuka no Tsurugi.




“Boom! Boom! Boom!” 




At the next moment, this giant Susanoo moved forward. Every step it made, the ground was shaking under its foot. With this huge strength, it caused numerous small earthquakes.




“Get the hell out of my way!”




After a few steps, Rogen became in front of the ship facing the marine.




Looking at Susanoo, the Marines were frightened. Comparing with it, they were as small as ants, and it could crush them with its foot. 




“What the hell is that?”




“How are we going to beat him!?” 




The marines were extremely afraid and frightened by this huge monster.








Rogen roared, and the Susanoo stepped on the marine.








It stepped directly on the center of the marine and dozens of them were pushed to the sky. They screamed and then fell to the ground. They couldn’t move after that.




The Susanoo waved its sword toward them.




“Weng! Weng! Weng!”




With the Totsuka no Tsurugi, he used his swordsmanship, and this wave of horrific attacks swept hundreds of marines straight away, loud screams came out of the center of the battlefield.




After a few seconds, Rogen defeated more than half of them.




“What are you doing? Attack! Attack that monster!”




“Do you want to die? Attack!!”




The rear admiral was standing on the bow and he was very angry.




At that time, the marines instantly reacted, they nervously took up their guns and fired at the Susanoo.




“Bang Bang Bang…!”




The area was filled with smoke, and countless guns at this moment fired and hit the Susanoo.




The huge armored Susanoo just frowned slightly and didn’t care about the tiny bullets.




However, the marines below were completely stunned.




“No, it doesn’t work!” 




“We can’t break his defense, how could we attack him!”




All the presents were confused.








Susanoo stepped on them again, and countless marines were screaming under his foot, then they were lifted up into the sky and then fell hard to the ground.




Rogen’s face was cold, he moved forward and the marine near him could hardly make a slight impact on him.




After a few steps, he was in front of the warship, and with his scarlet eyes, he stared coldly at the high-rank marines on the bow.




Behind him, hundreds of marines were fearfully looking that demon, they were very afraid and they had no courage to attack him again.




“Get out of my way!”




A loud shout came, like a thunder burst, shook the ship, and made the casual marine fell on the deck on their asses, with fear in their faces.




“What the hell is that?”




Several instructors of the marine were looking at Susanoo and they were also afraid of it, they had never seen anything so horrible like that. It was a weapon of war! No matter how many marines were in front of him, they were afraid that they couldn’t stop him.




That monstrous Susanoo was horrified, it waved its left hand, and it was heading toward the marines on the board.




Susanoo’s huge fists were like a meteor, fiercely pressed them. The wind swelled and the boats were fluctuating.




The marines were screaming in horror. At this moment, the fist was in midair and didn’t come yet, but they had imagined themselves being smashed by that fist.




“Ah! Help! “




“This is terrible, help us!”




“Monster! This is a beast!”




The instructors bit their lips, they narrowed their eyes and jumped. They struggled to stop that falling fist, and they wanted to stop this horrible blow. 




Subsequently, Susanoo’s fist trembled slightly, and the instructors flew directly into the sea, spurting blood, they collapsed.




In that instant, the rest of the marines on deck when they saw that power, they seized the opportunity and directly plunged into the sea, briskly and quickly.




When the fist was going to hit the deck, it stopped abruptly, creating a terrible air pressure, which pushed the boats to the surface.








Rogen’s eyes were indifferent, he stood against the air pressure and stepped on the deck of his ship.



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