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S.P.P Chapter 33: Escaping!


Stepping onto the deck of the ship, Rogen’s imposing manner was cold and ruthless. He scared all the present Marines.


From the distance, the huge Susanoo was even bigger than the wooden ship, standing steadily on the deck as if he was a great general stationed in the frontier.


At that moment, the sea wind blew, Rogen’s hair fluttered in a messy way, with cold eyes, he looked down at the terrified marines. They stopped attacking him, they were frightened by the horrific fighting abilities of the Susanoo.


When he moved his right hand, the anchors’ wooden boat left the shore.




The huge Susanoo waved its arm and smashed it toward the shore.


The tremendous power was like a mountain, shook the beach, and it made a huge shock force instantly sent the rest of the Marines screaming up into the sky, and then they fell sharply to the ground.


The Wooden boat, with the help of the force of the smash, the sail immediately bulged up, and the strong wind blew, made the ship sail fast away from the coast.


Just in a few seconds, the ship had moved several hundred meters away from the shore.


Seeing the giant demon ran away, the rest of the awaken marines had a clear relaxed expression on their faces, then they released a heavy breath.


Standing on the Dragon Root, Rogen hasn’t rest yet. The Susanoo launched again several punches toward the sea, which caused a huge force, and made the ship going faster and faster, it looked like a sharp arrow breaking the air on the way.


After that, the Root was far a few kilometers from the coast.


The black flame was still burning, it was so strange that even the sea couldn’t quench it, and it burns everything it touches, nothing could resist it.


Suddenly there was a moan and a groan of pain coming from this stern flame, then a dark hand popped out of it.


Then another hand quickly stretched out, these arms appeared from nowhere, this black flame was fierce, but it wasn’t easy to cause damage to them.


After three seconds, the two reached out fiercely and a figure stepped out.


His body suddenly appeared from that flame, his clothes had been completely burned out, a naked body and a burning smell came from that body at this moment. There were two or three spots on the half top of the body still burning with the black flames and never extinguished.


But at this moment, Dragon turned a blind eye to these terrible flames and endured the burning pain, and with one hand he reached up into the sky and screamed out.




Over the sea, there were clouds gathering fast, and countless thunder and lightning were constantly passing through the clouds.


The destructive black clouds pressed the island and these dense clouds suddenly sent thunders and thunderbolts, which fell on the Dragon Root.


Rogen’s eyes were indifferent, he looked up at the sky, and the Susanoo was shocked. The two red flames in the Susanoo’s eyes got bigger, and then it looked at the lightning in the sky.


“Didn’t give up yet? Dragon?”


Rogen Whispered in a low voice, he didn’t move, but the light in his eyes was even more intense.




The thunder and lightning in the dark clouds became more vigorous.




On the coast, Dragon yelled with a cold face.




The thunder and lightning roared in the clouds, it was immense. After an instant, the thunder-dragons finally lost control of their anger and them stroke down.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”


Like a diving dragon, the lightning had the ability to destroy everything, it was coming fast from the sky toward the Susanoo.




Rogen said his name, and his eyes were so sharp.


The Susanoo waved its hand, and the Totsuka no Tsurugi came out from its hand, then it pointed toward the rushing thunder.




The next moment, the two attacks suddenly collided.


The huge explosion produced countless lightning spread over the Totsuka no Tsurugi. Just after the contact, the countless lightning was split directly, but there were scattered lightning rushed down the blade toward the Susanoo.


When the Thunderbolts reached the Susanoo’s wrist, his strong arm trembled and crushed completely.


Afterward, the Susanoo was angry and made a loud roar.




That sound was so loud that even the dark clouds above the ship have been scattered. Then it swung its sword again straight to the clouds.




The sky seemed to be shattered, and the dark clouds were cut apart by this sword.


Immediately afterward, with a very high speed, the Susanoo waved its fierce sword again toward the beach, burning through all the way.




In a moment, the shock wave of the flaming sword has reached Dragon. His pupils were constricted and his hands were stretched out violently to cover himself.




The sand and stone splashed, and the figure of Dragon flew out.


On the Dragon Root, Rogen’s face suddenly turned pale, and a blood rushed out.


Behind him, the Susanoo’s armor began to collapse, leaving only the skull frame at the moment.




With a low voice, Rogen controlled the Susanoo and hit the sea resulting in a huge wave. The Root was flying fast over the sea, like a sharp arrow, and in a few seconds, it left completely the Loguetown.


On the coast, the Marines ran in panic toward the position that Dragon flew to it.


When they came to Dragon and saw the black flame burning on his body, they tried to extinguish it, but they were stopped by the tired Dragon.


“Don’t touch, this flame can burn everything, it’s dangerous.”


In a moment, the Marines stretched out their hands and froze there.


“Cough! Cough!”


Suddenly, Dragon coughed violently, and his mouth was filled with blood that dripped on the beach. He was shaking.


“Rear Admiral!”




The Marines cried nervously.


He is the Rear Admiral of the marine headquarters, if he was in danger there, then their unshirkable responsibility was to protect him.


“I’m fine, just a little hurt.” Dragon waved his hand, and then his eyes were complicated, looking at the black flame that was still burning on his body. “What’s hurt more than these flames, is the guy who escaped!”


Yes, the guy who left was more dangerous than the serious injury on his body!


It was impossible to imagine how Rogen, at this age, has such terrible strength!


At this time, Rogen, who had already been far away from the Loguetown, was paralyzed and soft enough to come down, and his Susanoo has completely disappeared.


“Oh, almost died!”


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