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S.P.P Chapter 34: It’s His Brother



After spitting blood three times, Rogen’s face paled.


The time limit for the possession didn’t end yet and from the beginning to the end of the fight, about half an hour has passed.


“I still have about 20% Chakra left, but the load of using this power is too heavy which damaged my spirit and body.”


“In the next half hour, I need to use the chakra to heal up, or it will make me unable to fight for a long time.”


After deciding what to do, Rogen proceeded with his plan, as for where he would go now, he didn’t decide yet.


He closed his eyes and after a short while, he entered a deep meditative state.


He didn’t know how long it would take him to completely recover but it needed to be done as fast as possible.


At this time, a Den Den Mushi rang in the Marine Headquarters.


“Puru! Puru! Puru!”


Someone picked up and responded with a calm voice.


“Hello, this is the Marine headquarters.”


“This is Dragon.”


Dragon said with a weak tone.


“Hello, Rear Admiral Dragon.”


“Send support from the headquarters.”




When the Marine heard that, he became worried.


“Send support, I was seriously injured in a fight just now.”


Dragon suppressed his anger as he said with a low tone. Then he looked at the injured marines behind him.


“There are also many soldiers injured here!”


“Hurry up.”


After saying these few words, Dragon ended the call.


He didn’t want to ask for support from the headquarters but his men were injured and at the black flame on his body. He was helpless as this flame didn’t show any sign of extinguishing.


He had been maintaining his devil fruits power on the part with the black flame so he won’t be burned but several parts started to wrinkle and feel hot.


This terrible flame affected even his ability.


This made Dragon feel chills in his heart.


That person must be dealt with otherwise once he recovers, it would be hard for anyone to deal with him.


At this time, the headquarters was boiling by the news they just received. One of the most promising Rear Admiral was actually defeated and injured in his trip to the East Blue and asked for support.


This was quite unbelievable.


It’s important to know that the Marine had a merit system which allows the one succeeding his mission to get his promotion faster. In any sea out of the four blues, these outstanding people won’t be normally defeated, but someone actually was defeated and asked for help.


The Problem was the one who has been defeated was Dragon.


The most powerful Rear admiral who had the potential to become an admiral.


Inside the fleet admiral’s office.


“Dragon actually asked for help.”


Kong the fleet admiral at this time said with a faint tone as he looked at a Vice admiral.


After the vice admiral sensed this stare, he looked up then he went back eating.


Next, Sengoku’s head was full of black line as he hit the vice admiral’s head and apologized to Kong.


In the same place, Admiral and Vice Admiral sat down as they looked at the information they just received.


“Even though there are strong pirates in the East Blue, but with his strength, there shouldn’t be anyone who can make him ask for help.”


“That means there is someone so strong there that even Dragon couldn’t deal with him.”


Sengoku said.


“When we received the call from Dragon, we already investigated the incident.”


Kong’s eyes flashed as he looked at the information on the paper then threw it to the others to look at.


Everyone looked at the piece of paper and it turned out to be a wanted poster.


The reward was 110 million berry with a teen’s face at the age of 16.


“This is the Teen that was fighting Dragon.”




This sentence made all the Admirals look at the poster once more.


If something can indicate a person’s talent, it’s his achievement at such a young age.


Just sixteen years old with a bounty of 110 million and what is more terrifying, he fought Dragon and made him ask for help.


“This is bounty wasn’t issued because of his fighting powers, it should be replaced.”


Kong said quietly.


“This kid can have such a bounty just because of his identity.”




The group of Vice admirals and Admiral looked at the poster and couldn’t make a guess.


The young boy had black hair, a thin body, a handsome and a gentle smile was drawn on his face. With such an appearance, they couldn’t imagine how he had such a bounty.


Even after looking for a long time, they couldn’t recognize him.


“Fleet Admiral, Who is he?”


A vice Admiral Asked.


Sengoku looked at the poster with an opening mouth, but no words came out as the only shock was on his face.


At this time, Garp looked at the poster with eyes full of complexity.


“Why? Isn’t he already dead?”


Garp whispered as he seemed to know something.


“Shut up Garp,” Sengoku shouted loudly.


Garp didn’t say anything else as he shook his head.


“Oh, it seems like you’re not paying attention toward the criminals without a worth mentioning bounty.”


Kong said.


“His name is, Gol.D.Rogen!”


“Doesn’t this name remind you of anything? You all should already know his brother.”


When they all heard this, they were surprised. Some of them held their breath and others’ expressions were full of shock.


“He is Roger’s brother.”


The entire room was quiet.


“Yes, it’s the pirate’s king that was recently executed, that same Roger!”


This news blew the mind of everyone inside that room.


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