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S.P.P Chapter 35: What Should We Do!!


Gol.D.Roger. It was the hottest topic during this time, there was no doubt that the world government always wanted to execute the current Pirate King.


The pirate king who started this era has been executed by the Marines, and their reputation was suddenly got to the peak. the power of the Marine has expanded to an unprecedented level. But at the same time, because of Roger’s words before his death, the strength of the pirates reached a peak never been seen before.


Gol.D.Roger, this name was so glorious at that time. It can be said that his name is the symbol of the new era.


All over this world, anyone who heard this name, he would get Goosebumps all over his body, and the blood would rush toward the top of his head, it makes people feet tremulous.


His name seemed to have infinite power, it brought peoples from all over the world for one objective.


He pushed this era to its peak, a level that has never been reached before, and the conflict between the marine and the pirates has reached a very acute level.


Well, it wasn’t just the time when he died that made the pirates fly out to the sea, it has continued for many years. It can be said that the Pirate King Roger was the one who created this era.


After Roger’s death, the Marine wanted to get rid of his pirates, his family, and his affiliated forces. The marine regarded that as the most important thing to do.


It can be said that once Roger has a son or a relative like his brother. Then, it was very likely that his era will once again be pushed to the highest wave.


Roger died, but his fellow pirates, who once were belonged to him, they drank their last Sake together as a team, then they split up and everyone went on his own way, but their alliance and friendship still exist. In this case, if they heard about anyone related to Roger has appeared, then there is no doubt that they would group up for him.


These pirates were all in the Grand Line, and they were from the strongest and the most ranked in the world, and if they got back together that would have a huge impact on the whole world.


“Is he the younger brother of Roger?”


“I know that Roger has a younger brother, but our information said that he is so weak and powerless, he didn’t inherit Roger’s strength. Even more, our headquarters had already sent a marine to catch him!”


“How could he have the strength to fight Dragon?”


“This kid is too dangerous, we must kill him!”


The scene became complicated, and every one of the marines realizes the importance of this matter. Actually, his strength wasn’t the most important thing, the most frightening thing was the identity of this person.


Roger’s brother still so young!


No one would think that this kid called Rogen would become the next Pirate King!


“Now, are you clearly aware of his identity?”


Kong raised his eyebrows and suddenly said.


“So, how should we deal with him?”


Kong threw the problem to the present group of the marine officers and he didn’t utter a word after that.


The entire room was silent for a while. They were all thinking about this issue, this person’s identity was really too sensitive. If they didn’t handle it properly now, it will shake the world later.


“Rogen, this guy is very dangerous. Once he reaches the grand line and the new world, it’s impossible to imagine what the pirates of Roger would do.”


“It’s true that Roger doesn’t have that many pirates in his crew, but they sailed all the way with him, they are enormously strong, they are even stronger than the Whitebeard.”


“I suggest putting a high bounty on his head to stop him before he gets to the grand line. At the same time, we must send an Admiral and annihilate him on the spot!”


A young petty officer said after thinking for a while.


“Oh? High reward?” Kong looked at the petty officer with interest.


“So you say how much the reward must be?”


“600 million!”


A Vice Admiral didn’t hesitate.


“This reward is a bit low. It’s difficult for the normal pirate hunters to deal with this kid, it only can arouse the greed of civilians. Only a high bounty can let us keep track of his location, as well as the strongest pirates hunter will move to hunt him”


“Ha ha, interesting.”


Kong didn’t agree yet, and also he was no objection, he just smiled.


The officers, who listened to the idea of the vice admiral, they nodded and thought that the vice admiral was very reasonable.


The high bounty not only could make the bounty hunters move but also it could arouse the civilians. At that time, the world would be full of Rogen’s enemies, and this something will benefit the marine.


However, just as everyone agreed with this suggestion, a steady voice suddenly rang out.


“I object!”


Everyone looked at him, and when they recognized the voice, their eyes became serious.


“Oh? Sengoku, why are you against that?” Kong asked.


“The high reward could make Rogen be in a dangerous situation, but at the same time…”


After a pause, Sengoku looked at all the present with dignified.


“At the same time, it’s also to inform the new world or the crew of Roger in the Grand line, the presence of Rogen!”


All the marines were stunned.


“You know that these pirates didn’t know about the existence of Rogen. Even in the marine, only a few of us already knew that Rogen is the brother of Roger.”


“Roger’s reputation has reached the entire world, but Rogen is unknown for the world now. If we aren’t careful and did not inquire, we wouldn’t know the existence of this person at all.”


“But, if we put a high reward on him, it will take the attention of the whole world, it like we are telling them that this kid is special.”


“Once those pirates know the identity of Rogen, we couldn’t imagine the consequences that could happen!”


“As you have said, we put a high reward, which will encourage the bounty hunters to catch him, but at the same time, they will avoid him because of his identity.”


“Roger’s young brother, there are few people in the world who dare to do it!”


The officer who said that suggestion kept silent. Comparing with Sengoku, his thoughts are somewhat simpler.


“Then what do you say we should do?”


Kong asked again.


Taking a breath, and then Sengoku talked again.


“I suggest that we shouldn’t change his reward, and we should send our strongest marines to arrest him!”


“In addition, we must hide his identity and it needed to be classified as the highest secret. We need to issue a strict seal order on all the information about Rogen.”


“Finally, we must send at least a vice admiral!”


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