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S.P.P Chapter 36: Reverse Mountain

“Even if it’s necessary, we can also dispatch an Admiral!”



These words shocked all the officers, but then they took it for granted.




Rogen’s identity deserves all the attention of the Marine. They were willing to give everything in the bud to eliminate this potential danger.




After that, Sengoku stopped talking. On the other side, Garp seemed to be in a desperate mood, he didn’t pay attention to anything.




“Do you have any opinion?”




“Then it’s over.”




After looking at everyone, he smiled and ordered.




“In addition, don’t forget to quickly support Dragon. Garp, could you please go visit him?”




“The Meeting is over now!”




After these few words, Kong left the meeting room.




However, none of the officers in the conference room left, they kept looking at Sengoku.




All the present officers knew that Sengoku would take over as soon as possible. As long as the above appointment letter came down, then Sengoku will become the new Fleet Admiral of the Marine, and Kong would be commander-in-chief in the world government.




“Chasing Rogen is a troublesome task, which can be seen only from Dragon’s failure.”




“Therefore, we must pay all of our attention to this matter. Secondly, the prohibition order must be promulgated as soon as possible.”




“Rogen’s information must be known and controlled only by this small group of people.”




Sengoku calmly ordered, and the people present were nodding and listening carefully.




When Kong wasn’t involved and not in charge, a lot of the Fleet Admiral’s work has been handled by Sengoku.




After a few minutes, the meeting was over.




Later, Garp took a boat and headed towards the East Blue. At the same time, in the Marine Headquarter, a young man with black sunglasses and a yellow striped suit stepped on his warship, and then he stretched out. 




“Oh, it’s a real rush. They tell me to chase the kid, ah, but I’m not good at tracking.”




“What a distress!”




With a tangled face, Kizaru himself wasn’t very hopeful.




“Then I will just go out and travel.” 




With a low voice, Kizaru comforted himself.




Two days later, a huge number of Marine’s elite came to Loguetown. The Captain, who was originally stationed there, was stunned when he saw the two Elite disembarking from the boat. It was really amazing how they were coming.




“My God, why are these two people here?”




One of these two men who stepped off the deck was wearing a dog’s head cap. He had a majestic face, a tall and burly body, full of anger. It was Garp.




The other, was wearing sunglasses and a cloak behind him, looked trifle-stricken, with no momentum at all, but when someone in the place saw him, they immediately lower their heads.




An Admiral and a Vice Admiral, They were the heroes of the Marine. All The Marines would be full of worship and respect when they saw them.




When Garp disembarked from the warship, he did not hesitate and went straight to the place where Dragon was.




“Dragon! Hey, kid, are you injured?”




As soon as he entered the house, Garp shouted.




Kizaru was following Garp closely and he looked curiously inside the house.




It was known that Dragon, even he has not yet been promoted to the rank of an Admiral, and although he is still young, his strength wasn’t that inferior to his father. Garp feels that his boy will catch up with him in a couple of years. How could such a guy get hurt?




As they two enter his room, they saw Dragon laying down in bed, and after a second, the scene immediately shocked them.




At this time, Dragon tried to look like it was nothing, but he was sweating a lot from his forehead, and his face was pale, which made the visitors feel astonished.




Garp looked at the Black Flames burning on Dragon’s body and said directly: “What is this?”




While he asked, he moved his hand toward it.




“No, Father!!” Dragon quickly stopped him, and then he looked at him with a dignified expression. “This black flame is very strange, it can burn everything, and it doesn’t extinguish even with water, it’s terrible.”




“Flame? Black flame?” Garp wondered. Then his face was so serious. “Is this the kid’s ability?”




“Yes, it’s terrifying!” Dragon said back with a serious expression.




Then, Garp didn’t say anything else, but a black armor appeared over his right hand, which had covered all of it, Busoshoku Haki. After that, without hesitation, he slapped the black flame on dragon’s body.




“Tshiw! Tshiw! Tshiw!”




When Garp’s hand with the Busoshoku Haki slapped the black flame, a white smoke appeared and made a strange noise.




“A very strange flame.”




Garp said, his face remained the same, and he closed his hand, and the black flame was extinguished directly.




Next, his hands trembled, and he continued to shake. The black flames were all disposed of by him.








When Dragon saw the flames on the body were extinguished, he took a long breath and he was so relaxed.




The black flame has bothered him for a while. He even thought that if he couldn’t handle it anymore, it would burn his body to ashes in a day.




“Father, your Haki is really powerful.”




“It won’t take you a long time to become stronger than me, and this flame will no longer affect you.”




Garp waved his hand.




At this time, Kizaru said curiously.




“Rear Admiral Dragon, I want to ask you, did the kid escape?”




“Why did you come here, Admiral Kizaru?”




Seeing Kizaru made Dragon stunned immediately. Although he sought support, they shouldn’t send his father, plus Kizaru? Everyone knows that these two are from the Strongest Marine.




“I was ordered to hunt down the boy. Oh, it’s really annoying.”




Kizaru moved his hands helplessly.




“That kid is very strong, Admiral Kizaru, be careful.”




Dragon thought about it, and still, he reminded him.




Kizaru’s eyes flashed, and then he smiled and nodded “Okay.”




Kizaru was very curious for Rogen, that strange black flame he saw, only observation, could also see that it was very terrible, and he didn’t know whether his ability was effective or not. However, he wasn’t too worried, his fruit ability gave him an amazing speed, there weren’t many people in this world who could compare to his speed.




“Be prepared, we are going to the Marine headquarter. You are so injured, I’m afraid that you will have to rest for a while.”




Garp took out a donut, threw it into his mouth, and began to eat.




At the same time, Rogen, who was far from Loguetown, looked at the nearby pirates with his fierce eyes.




 He just glanced at the pirate boat behind, approaching him slowly, and then he looked at the magnificent mountain in front of him.




The Reverse Mountain was near.




It was beyond description. What a magical mountain.




The water flows up against the current, and with the rolling force beating and splashing water, all the time releasing the horrible kinetic energy.




At first glance, he could hardly see his peak. 

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