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S.P.P Chapter 37: Stupid System!!


Two days ago, Rogen started recovering from his serious injury.


This time, the possession’s period didn’t end because of his injury like the last time with the White Phoenix and lasted for an hour before it finished.


“Huu!” (SFX Sigh)


Rogen sighed, and his eyes relaxed. Although time is up, the most of his serious injury already recovered.


Moreover, the Sharingan has gone with the end of Itachi’s possession. He was very tired. The excessive use of the Sharingan caused him mental and physical damage. At this time Rogen was very exhausted.


Rogen set the rudder position randomly and then he fell asleep.


He just woke up after sleeping for a whole day.




Looking at the sea, Rogen’s eyes were serious.


This world is ever changing. He just knew what will Dragon be in the future, he just defeated him, but no one knows what he will do in the future. Dragon will be the most dangerous criminal, he just hasn’t grown at this moment despite his strength, he hasn’t reached his peak yet.


Moreover, after he woke up, he realized another important thing.


His money was already running out.


He used all his money in the battle against Dragon.


This also means that if he encounters a strong enemy again at this moment, he won’t be able to win that fight.


He doesn’t have enough money to summon a mighty soul, he won’t be able to face a powerful enemy which is fatal.


“It’s really distressing!”


It was conceivable that he summoned Itachi to make Dragon look miserable. From now on, the marines won’t give up, Rogen will face endless trouble.


“It’s impossible to change my ship, I have no money for that, I can’t even summon a powerful soul, I don’t want to think about it! I have no money.”


“Money! It’s all about money!”


Rogen was going crazy. He has already left the society where money equals power, why is he still worried about money?


“Let’s check the harvested points of this battle.”


Uchiha Itachi is a powerful soul. After this battle, he should’ve gained a lot of possession coins.


With a tear in his eye, Rogen thought about the 75 million he spent.


“You have defeated 650 marines, you get 65,000 possessed coins, and you have lost to the Rear Admiral Dragon, but you get 300 coins.”


When he heard the cold words of the system, Rogen was a bit aggressive.


“What the fuck! What are you saying?”


“I was defeated?! What are you saying? I defeated Dragon. Even if I lost! Why I have got only 300 coins?”


“So the terrifying fight between me and Dragon didn’t make me that much of a possession points! Not even more than killing those useless marines.”


At that time, Rogen was completely arrogant.


He thought that he won the fight. Although he paid 75 million Belly, the reward was bound to be great. Therefore, he could purchase the Sharingan and some strong Ninjutsu. He didn’t expect the result to be like that.


“I can’t get along with you, System!”


Rogen wanted to break the system.


“Go and fight again without me, and you will die for sure, I gave you all means to win. Also, I give you the possession coins just to comfort you!”


The system answered him with an ironic sarcasm.


At this time, Rogen was completely speechless. It was right, the system has helped him a lot.


In the end, Rogen could only accept it.


“65,300 possession coins plus 1000 coins from last time. you have a total of 66,300 possession coins.”


Rogen looked at the balance in the system, and he probably calculated it.


The 1000 possession coins were the left over from the last gained skills before this fight with the marines. The system wasn’t accurate, as long as he defeated the enemy, he would get a high or low reward.


Of course, Rogen found that when he summons a ghost for a battle, he needs to defeat the maximum of enemies to gain a lot of possession coins.


“66,300 possession coins, what can I exchange with them!?”


After the entanglement, Rogen was so happy. After all, it’s better than nothing. The 66,300 possession coins were much more than what he had before.


However, just looking at the skills exchange price, Rogen was stunned.


“The Sharingan, 50 million possession coins!”


“Tsukuyomi, 30 million!”


“Fireball Jutsu, 23 million!”


“Chakra and basic ninja skills, 10 million!”


Row after row, Rogen almost smashed the system. No matter what, He couldn’t even exchange the cheapest thing, these skills were very expensive. It was impossible to achieve anything.


That means that this time, Rogen couldn’t purchase any of these skills.


In other words, he has nothing to gain, but he will have more than 60,000 possession coins to use in the future, which made him just a little comfort.


“Why is it so expensive! Why is it so expensive! Why is it so expensive!”


Rogen shouted loudly at the system.


“It’s not expensive, you think that’s it just because you got defeated.”


“If you won, you can redeem any of these skills.”


The cold words directly hit and shocked Rogen at that moment.


“When you lose, you have no right to judge me!”


Rogen no longer has trouble with the system, and he figured out one thing, that was, if he had beating Dragon, he would be able to earn at least, more than 10 million possession coins, which would be amazing!


“These powerful ghosts are really shocking, and, ah…!”


“In the future, I need to stop being soft and easy in fights, and I need to be sure that I will win for sure!”


Rogen looked at the exchange list, and he could only give up helplessly.


Tens of thousands of possession coins and he didn’t have anything to do with them.


After he calmed down, Rogen ate a big meal to embark on the voyage and lift his spirit.


At the same time, he set a goal to himself.


“Well, let’s set a goal first!’


“In three months, I must accumulate 100 million!”


Without money, Rogen felt that he was insecure. It was something embarrassing.


After setting his direction, Rogen found himself close to the Reverse Mountain, which was the passage to the Grand Line from the East Blue and to any other Blue.


One day later, Rogen was slowly sailing toward the Reverse Mountain, and he suddenly found a group of pirates surrounding him, they looked at him with a smirk.


“Hey, hey, there is such a young kid who wants to go to the Grand Line and become pirate!”


“Fooled by Roger?”


“Maybe, we should teach him the truth!”

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