One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 38: I Have To Leave You!

The laughter of the pirates clearly came to Rogen’s ears.



Rogen’s eyes narrowed and the dangerous light appeared in his eyes.




He clearly heard the word, “Roger”, this irresponsible brother has made him complain for a long time, but that was his brother after all.








“You don’t believe what he said?”




Rogen said quietly, and it was clear in his eyes that he had a killing intention.




These pirates had a lot of scars on their faces, and there was a ferocious aura all over them. They had no heroism or anything proves that they were good people at all. And it was clear that they had killed many Innocent people before.




“Hey, guy, let’s have some fun with surround his boat and before he gets to the Grand Line, ha ha!”




There were four pirate ships, with the same pirate flag. It was clear that they were from the same crew.




Rogen stood on the deck with no expression on his face, he just stood calm, he was chilling.




Finally, Rogen stopped his boat because the four ships had blocked his way.




The pirates sneered and jumped directly onto the deck of the Dragon Root, making a lot of annoying sounds.




“Hey kid, where are you going?”




A fat man with a big head asked with a teasing expression on his face while waving his long sword.




Rogen glanced at the fat man and didn’t utter a word.




“Hey, kid I’m talking to you, why didn’t you answer me? So I’m gonna kill you now and throw your body to the sea to feed the fish.”




The fat man said those cold words and this time his body exuded a fierce atmosphere.




“Hehe, Perth, don’t scare the little kid.”




“Maybe this little one wants to follow Roger’s lie, he wants to go to the Grand Line and try his luck. These days I meet such people. But it’s not true!”




At this time, a middle-aged man walked out from behind everyone, wearing a robe and a captain cap, and holding a revolver.




This man, with a smile on his face, looked like a kind-hearted person. The other pirates were fearful and full of respect when they heard his voice, and they immediately took a few steps back.




“Alright, Captain!”




The big man named Perth trembled and fell back.




“So, kid, have you been fooled by Roger? Do you want to go to the Grand Line to find the ONE PIECE?”




The captain looked at Rogen and asked him with a smile.




Rogen stood at the same place and didn’t move at all. He was so calm and didn’t utter a word like if he was scared, and then Rogen finally start talking.




“You don’t believe what he said?!”




The captain was shocked, he felt that the kid wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, he was very calm.




“You are very interesting.”




After a word of praise, the captain’s face became cold.




“As for Roger’s words, Huh, I’m not stupid, how can I believe such bullshit?”




“It’s just a lie to fool those stupid guys.”




“So that’s why you are going out to the sea?” Rogen asked again, with his hands hanging around his waist. His whole body was relaxed.




“Why do we go out to sea?”




The captain said with a little bit dumbfounding.




“Of course for the sake of wealth, woman and freedom!”




After a while, his eyes became dense.




“In addition, there are people like us, we sail to see great scenery, to appreciate the magnificence of nature, and we can also meet such a Marine fellow and destroy him!”




“Eating delicious fruit, singing songs, living free, this is happiness, isn’t it?!”




The captain’s words made everyone on the boat laugh and yell.




“Haha, it’s very interesting.” Rogen seemed to agree while nodding his head, and then he asked again, “I have one last question!”




“What is it?”




“Do you have money?”




Rogen suddenly asked.




“Money?” The captain’s eyes were narrowing and then he laughed. “I have destroyed and robbed five pirate’s ships on this road and stepped on more than a dozen towns. Instead, I stole a small fortune from them. Why, are you interested in treasure, too?”




The captain found that this young man was very interesting. Only a few people in that age didn’t get afraid when they saw his pirate crew.




Rogen kept silent at the moment, he was very brave.




Actually, that captain was just interesting in playing with the children, and then he was going to kill him and throw him into the sea.




“Well! Well! It’s better for you to give me all your money!”




Rogen’s eyes lit up.




Rogen found what he wanted, and it doesn’t take him much time or effort to get it. He needed money to fill his empty pocket, and someone was coming to his door.




As for these pirates, he didn’t care about them. With his current strength, he may have many rivals in the East Bleu, but pirates were not one of them.




“What did you say?”




The captain was stunned. Did he lose his mind?




“You don’t want to give it to me?”




Rogen’s tone was very cold, his right hand moved, the next second, they only heard “shiiing”, and the sword was unsheathed.




In a flash, the sword was placed on the captain’s neck.




His whole body trembled and the captain was frightened.








“Then DIE!” 




Before the captain finished his sentence, his neck has been wiped out by Rogen’s long sword.  








Rogen finally began to move.




The Yuan Hong sword was amazing. Every beautiful sword swing was accompanied by the blooming of blood.




His sword was cold and ruthless, and his enemies were begging for mercy and panicking. And everyone who gets under his sword would turn into a cold corpse.




Step by step, Rogen walked slowly, behind him, the corpses were falling.




These pirates, without a chance to react, they were killed by his sword.




Five minutes later, the faint bloody smell came from the Reverse Mountain. It was very pungent.




 Rogen stood on the captain’s ship alone after killing all the pirates.




“Just in time, I should abandon the Dragon Root!”




In a low voice, he said, and he stepped out and threw all the bodies into the sea. In addition, Rogen prepared some torches and then he threw them in the other ships. In a short period, a blazing fire broke out on the sea.




The captain’s ship was bigger and larger than the Dragon Root, and it has much better in performance. It could be seen that the captain has paid a high price for it.




In addition, Rogen took all the treasures of this group of pirates. They had so many treasures, he already checked it before, and they have piled up it in the warehouse of that ship.




Finally, Rogen stood on the Dragon Root.




“Well, my ship, I’m sorry, we must separate now!”




“Thank you for your company.”




With a heavy sigh, Rogen threw a torch in the Dragon Root…




“Whoosh!” He burned The Dragon Root. 




From the moment it was seen by Dragon, it was doomed that his ship could not stay with him for long.




Turning around, Rogen could no longer see at the Dragon Root, he was a little bleak, and he felt lonely.




Sometimes, people had to accept the facts and continue living.




They always have to face the things that they don’t want to do.




Only when you face these things, you became mature.

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