One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 39: Going to the South Blue!!


With few steps, Rogen came under the banner of the pirate ship. “Swish! Swish”, with his sword, he shattered the skull’s flag and turned into pieces of cloth falling down.


“From now on, you will be called the!”


A slightly low voice came out from Rogen, and his mood seemed to be a little bad at the moment.


Roger’s younger brother, this identity really gave him a lot, Regardless of whether it was good or bad. Since the death of his brother, Rogen started an endless escape. He must become stronger and stronger to destroy all the forces that would stand in front of him. He must destroy them all or he will die.


Rogen never gave up in life, and he won’t be weak forever.


He was eager to be strong. He wanted to be like his brother, the pirate king, and he wanted to be known throughout the world. Rogen and Roger had different characters and different in the style of doing things, but they were yearning for the whole world.


Roger was usually careless, he acts fairly on everything, but Rogen was quiet, he used to solve all his problems with his mind and avoid all troubles.


This difference in their behavior was because their strength level was not the same.


The original Dragon Root was destroyed, and Rogen was depressed about it. It was his first ship, and it was a testimony that he began to sail in the sea, but he could only sink it in order to destroy all the traces.


“My ship, it will always be the Dragon Root!”


He whispered in a low voice. Rogen’s eyes were shining again.


Some people, some things, when they left, they will always live forever in other’s heart.


His future ship may have changed in shape, but its name will always be The Dragon Root, and it could be only this.


Silently he took some drinks from the kitchen of the boat. Rogen poured himself several shots and then he drank them.


After a few shots, he suddenly has a kind of happiness and carefree feeling.


“People say that Sake is a good medicament. Cure all sorrows, Sure enough!”


“Ha Ha Ha, why bother? Sailing should be a happy thing!”


“Hea! Isn’t that always been the case?”


Suddenly Rogen stood up, and then he threw Sake bowl in his hand out of the boat and his expression returned to his former calm again.


“Let’s see what these guys have in the warehouse first!”


With a cursory look, he couldn’t know exactly how much treasures they had in the ship’s warehouse.


Rogen took a step and entered the basement. He retracted the sails, but there was no need to worry. During this time, the sea breeze would deflect it.


In a while, Rogen has arrived at the warehouse.


When he entered it, he burned some candles. The pirates’ warehouse was guarded to prevent pirates from stealing. This kind of things happened a lot like these pirates were some villains gathered together not because of any dream they got together, just for sake of money.


“Hey! System! Give me the total amount of money in this warehouse!”


Stepping in the middle of the treasure, Rogen said to the system.


After that, the system made a sound “Dii!”, and the system’s cold voice was introduced into Rogen’s ears.


“A total of 60 million treasures, do you want to keep them in the system balance?” (The system was upgraded from the last talk with Rogen)


“60 million?”


Rogen showed a big smile. He saw so many golden treasures, piled up into mountains, certainly worth a lot of money, but he didn’t expect that these treasures would be worth that much. It was beyond his expectations.


“Killing people and setting them on fire to get these golden piles! Indeed, robbing these vicious pirates is the way to get rich.”


With a laugh, Rogen told the system.


“Take 50 million for spare, and leave 10 million for me to carry them!”


Have to say, the system quite convenient, especially for the money. Just a golden light flashed, the mountains of treasures in front of Rogen has disappeared and replaced by a pair of packed  Belly in Rogen’s hands, and the numbers of the system balance were raising up.


However, Rogen had nothing to be disappointed about, he collected a lot of money, and he saved them to become stronger. In addition, the money on his hand was enough too.


“With these 50 million, it can guarantee me some security and give me embolden.”


50 million, enough for him to summon a strong soul.


The green soul must be far stronger than the first three level soul.


“Now I’m going to the South Blue.”


Rogen’s eyes flashed, and he stepped out of the cabin and lowered the canvas.


The Dragon Root made a loud roar sound, the sea breeze blew the sails hard, and it suddenly accelerated the ship toward the spectacular Reverse Mountain in front of him.


After a half hour, the hull “bang” a shook sound with the mountain, Rogen smiled, and the Dragon Root quickly sailed toward the sky.


“The Reverse Waterfall going up in the sky, I didn’t imagine that I Rogen can one day sail up breaking the waves, straight through the clouds, hahaha!”


He had never experienced such an adventure. He couldn’t process how this work. He could only hear and enjoy the turbulent sound of the river and how incredible the feeling of the blue sky when he got to the big scene.


It was a vast and magnificent, exuberant in the chest. In a sudden, he felt that his heart got bigger, and the air was absorbed more and more in his chest, and the mood became more pleasant, and at that moment, Rogen had a wide vision.




In this scene, Rogen was standing on the Dragon Root and he yelled with excitement.


All the way up to the clouds, the river of the Reverse Mountain was very fast, no one knows from where did this power came from, it gives people an extreme passionate feeling.


After an hour, Rogen felt that the river was slowing down. Then he looked around and found himself on the top of that mountain, which gave him a bit of dizzy feeling.




Rogen sighed, and his face showed a big smile.


As the speed of the ship slowed down, the ship was at the top of the mountain. At this time, Rogen standing on the bow, he clearly saw everything from that high position, there were actually four others ways that go down.


“There’s the Grand Line, but which one is The West Blue, which the North blue, and where is the South blue?”


At a glance, Rogen didn’t hesitate to turn the rudder, and with a crunch sound, the Dragon Root changed its orientation and pointed to the falling river leading to the South Blue.


While the speed of the ship slowed down and dropped to the minimum, the Dragon Root was on its way to the South Blue.


”Gatshii! Gatshii! ” (SFX of Crunching)


The sound of the wood rubbing began, and the head position of Rogen’s ship began to tilt downward.


Finally, he looked at the river leading to the Grand Line, and his eyes flashed.


“When I’m not busy, I’ll come to you!”


“How amazing is the legendary grand line?”


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