One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 40 : A CAT!?

The Dragon Root trembled, and directly fell down following the road leading to the South blue. It drifted down.


This momentum of falling down from the mountain was much faster than the rising speed, because of the gravity effect.


Rogen was hearing the sound of the running river impact, so he grabbed the mast and kept laughing.


“Haha! No wonder, I’ll be addicted to sailing, it’s really fun, I like it!”


In his previous life, he used to watch a lot of martial arts magazine, drinking water, walking beside rivers and lakes, and he wasn’t happy. But in this world, he is a great man traveling on his ship, sailing the seas, having fun, getting stronger and doing whatever he wants.


He has Saki and a Sword too.


Why he won’t be happy?


All the way to the South Blue, he was laughing on the board and enjoying the moment.


After half an hour, the Dragon Root roared all over the place, causing a tremendous shock, and then it finally settled down.


Finally, he made it to the South Blue!


A bright light flashed from his eyes, which Rogen won’t forget it. He came to the South Blue for an important task.


“I’m a responsible man!”


Rogen shook his head, and there was a deep look in his eyes.


This sea was extremely dangerous, which was equivalent to going straight to the wolf’s nest. But he had to go to it.


When a great man walks in this world, and he has something to do, he will do it even if he gives his life and without any hesitation.


“You are not here to do it, so let me help you!”


“If it wasn’t for you? For who I will do it?”


His eyes were so cold, he could tolerate anything, but in this case, he won’t retreat even one step.


The sails swelled, the Dragon Root swayed and headed toward to the South blue.  


Meanwhile, about twenty miles away from Rogen, there was a loud cry of murder. Some ferocious pirates were yelling around a merchant ship.


From time to time, there was a faint bloody smell that evokes some dangerous fishes in the sea. These fishes swam quickly, rolling around the ship. Their eyes were full of greed and their mouths hanging with coveted saliva.


“Give us all your treasures quickly and you will be fine!”


“Give me your sister first!”


“I will kill you!”


Wearing a captain’s cap, the pirate was very tall and thick, he was holding a machete in his hand, and he suddenly slashed it toward the sailor. After a while, the deck of the merchant ship was already covered with blood.


“Captain! This guy is already dead!”


Aside, pirates were whispering.


The pirate’s eyes were full of fear and dread, and their hands were shaking when they spoke.


At that time, he was very angry.


“Fuck you, you made me angry! I will smash you into meat, then I will chop you, you freak!”




The captain seemed to have a change of this mood, he was touching the hair on the back of his head as if he was innocent. He laughed and then he twisted his machete.


As he walked, the captain shouted and yelled.


“Brothers! Kill them! And collect all the treasure and don’t leave anyone alive, woman or man, kill them all and throw them into the sea to feed the fish!”


His tone was soft, but his brutality was frightening.


After a while, the screams on the boat stopped abruptly, there was no other voice besides the laughter of the pirates.


“Captain! Everyone is dead!”


A clever-looking pirate walked in with a smirk.


“Well, let us transfer the treasure to our boat then we’ll leave!”


“What about these bodies?”


That pirate looked at the body next to him, and he smiled again.


“The brothers are all tired.”


“Tired, huh!?”


“That’s right! Let’s go, let the Marines deal with them later!”


Touching the back of his neck, that pirate waved his hand and ordered the others to Transfer all the treasures to their ship. Then, the pirates evacuated and they left the merchant ship in absolute silence.


Suddenly, a figure jumped out.




A light cry came out, it turned out to be a cat.


That cat was thin, but it was very nimble. It was shuttling carefully between the bodies on the ship to avoid getting stain with blood. At that time, in its clever eyes, there was a glint of sadness and fear.


It was acting like a person.




The cat stared at the pirate’s ship that was getting far away with depressed expression.


Standing on the bow of the boat, the cat looked at the endless sea, and it released a huge sigh.


It didn’t know where to go or what to do.


Suddenly, a ship appeared in front of its eyes. It was moving so fast breaking the waves, which made the cat’s eyes sparkle with excitement.


 “Meow! Meow!”


It seemed that it was calling for the ship, but its voice was very low and the peoples on that ship won’t be able to hear it.


No matter how high its voice was, it won’t reach that ship, which made the cat despair again.




The cat was feeling low and it was crying.


Gradually, the ship was getting closer and closer. After a while, the cat saw a young man standing on the approaching ship.


The cat opened its eyes, it seemed to be amazed and confused at the same time.


“Why does this man sailing alone?”


The cat didn’t see another person or hear any other sound on that big boat.


The young man was standing on the deck with a smile on his face. He was full of cheerful atmosphere, but it could feel his loneliness.


Just then, the young man looked over.


When he turned his face and saw the cat, he slightly stunned and then smiled.


“Ah… It’s a cat!


Then, the man jumped over, his body wasn’t that strong, on the contrary, he was thin. But with just one leap, he got to the cat’s side.


In a glance, the man has seen the horror of what happened on that ship in its eyes.


“Is it only you here?”


The man said in a low voice, he asked this question with doubt because in his heart he knew that it was the only one alive.


After making some turns in the merchant ship. He took a torch and held it in his hand.


The cat timidly receded and hid in a corner. It kept secretly watching what the man was doing.


Lighting the torch, the man wanted to throw the torch directly on the merchant ship, but after thinking of the cat there, he took a deep breath and went to speak with the hiding cat in the corner.


“These people are dead, and I need to burn them so that their bodies don’t rot and stink.”


“So you have to come with me!”


After that, a fire has been unleashed. Then, he turned and walked toward his boat.


The overwhelming flame didn’t leave any place without fire, which scared the hell of the cat. 


“Are you coming with me or not!!”


“He said it once, and then he burned my boat, really!!”


After thinking about it and watching its ship burning up, the cat jumped in helplessly with that man.


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