One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 41: Perfect!

The cat that Rogen has accidentally encountered with it was staying with him on his boat.


Perhaps when he saw the cat on that ship, which had eyes full with fear and confusion that touched his sympathy. But when the cat got on his boat, he realized that it was not an ordinary cat.


Have you ever seen a cat who doesn’t eat raw fish and only eats delicious braised fish? And once the braised fish doesn’t taste good, will it gave you a disgusted expression?


Have you ever seen a cat that climbs up on your face, scratches you with its paws, and wakes you up every morning at the same time?


Have you ever seen a cat that when you get angry at it, it becomes angrier than you, and start yelling at you “Meow! Meow!” non-stop?


This is not a cat. It is a demon!


“Have to say, after founding you, am I not allowed to stay fine?”


Rogen rubbed his hair and looked at the cat, which had a look of pride and cold expression, and then he didn’t utter a word.


Lately, he was despised! Yes, he was despised by a cat!


This cat seriously hated his cooking level and even once got on a hunger strike.


“What the heck, there is something wrong with this cat!”


He thought that when he got a cat, it will eat what he doesn’t eat, but it turns out that he eats what it doesn’t it.


Finally, Rogen couldn’t stand the humiliation of being despised by a cat. Therefore, he wanted to spend 10,000 Belly and summon a soul.


“Give me a red soul!”


“I want to cook, give me a soul with great cooking skills!”


He glanced at the cat and clenched his teeth.


“To specify the type of summoning soul, that will cost you the double of the price, please confirm!”


The cold voice of the system asked, and Rogen didn’t hesitate and directly accepted.




The colorful light flashed in front of his eyes, a figure stepped in and instantly entered Rogen’s body.


In an instant, a kind of deep feeling came into Rogen’s mind, and the color of enlightenment appeared in his eyes.


A minute later, a smirk appeared on his face.


“Actually, I’m really rich enough to purchase this soul!”


The soul that the system has summoned this time was very fascinating. Every person from the previous generation (who’s from China) would recognize him from just one glance.


“God of food, Steven Zhou, skills: cooking skills!”


“This skills that he has, it’s good to have them!”


All the information were so clear for Rogen. The summoned soul was “The God of Food” the protagonist of Zhou’s starring movie “the God of Cookery”.


The film was not about Kung Fu. It was about Steven’s special cooking skills.


After reading Stephen’s cooking skill price on the system surface, Rogen didn’t hesitate to get them directly.


“Congratulations to the host for spending 300 possession points and learning the skills of the God of Food!”


The cold voice of the system said, while Rogen’s body trembled and then he had mastered those cooking skills. With the attachment of Steven’s soul, Rogen immediately went to the kitchen.


After a few seconds, the sound of “Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!” came in an endless stream, and Rogen made a magnificent cooking scene with his fists.


This time, this kitten won’t believe that he will give it, and it will stop taunting him!


“Wait for my surprise! Smelly cat!”


By his skills with knives, the high level of ecstasy, and the anger of the humiliation, in a short period of time, a plate of fresh braised fish has been ready to be served.


I have to say that those skills of the God of Food are not ordinary.


A simple dish with a combination of spices made the fish plate become ready.


A refreshing scent that was coming out from the plate, and went to his nose, which made an unforgivable smell.


Happily picked up the plate, Rogen walked toward the cat’s room.


This cat was really unusual. It wanted an independent bedroom with a bathroom.


At this time, a loud sound of the water was coming out of the cat’s room. It was taking bath.


“Hey, you perfect cat! It’s Rogen, I have got you a surprise, come and taste my cook!”


Rogen shouted and pushed the door.


In an instant, the cat shouted out with a panic voice.




The cat stared at Rogen with shame and anger and wished to kill him at that moment.


“Oh, you’re shy, that’s funny!”


“You’re just a cat, and you’re shy, haha!”


Rogen burst out laughing, carrying a tray, and strode toward the cat.




It angry glared at Rogen, then it waved its claw, the cat unexpectedly pulled the curtain.


After waiting for a while, the cat’s expression was slightly cold and then stepped out.


However, he could clearly see the shame in the cat’s eyes.


“Come on, try my new braised fish!”


Rogen put down the dish with a proud face and lifted the aluminum basin over it. Immediately, an amazing scent came out of it.


The cat’s saliva just flowed down, and an urgent claw rushed up.


“Puff” (SFX of a Snap)


Rogen hit the cat’s claws and said.


“Napkin and Use a fork!”




The cat glared at Rogen, then quickly fastened the napkin, picked up the fork, and started eating the braised fish like a little adult.


Just a little bit later, the cat’s eyes lit up.


“Meow! Meow! Meow! ”


It seemed that it was delicious, then Rogen burst out laughing.


“This system is not only able to help me fight Ah! It seems that my previous thoughts were so wrong!”


There are so many dead legends, and probably all of them are available on this system, as long as he used properly, Rogen could almost become an omnipotent.


Every kind of knowledge he could get it easily through souls from his system.


“It’s such an amazing system, it is really a killing machine!”


Some of the souls that have a low price, but they are very useful in daily life, and Rogen has been neglecting them before, these special skills, cannot cost much, but can enrich himself, which are extremely cost-effective.


At that time, the cat started enjoying itself and having fun on the Dragon Root.


In that way, the time has quickly passed over and in a blink, two weeks have passed.


In these 2 weeks, the Dragon Root has been sailing all around the South Blue and he didn’t find the island of Rouge. He only knew from his previous life that she was living on Baterilla in South Blue when she was pregnant with Ace.


Even thou, he got to the South Blue and he was very close to her, but he was still a little behind.


“I must find an island and get a map of the islands in the South Blue. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to find it.”


Standing at the bow and looking at the sea, Rogen’s expression was a bit deep.


“Before this, I must enrich my skills as much as possible.”


One hundred million is not too small, and one billion is not too much. With money, he can become invincible.


“Meow.” At this time, the cat walked on the light footsteps, and it seemed that it heard Rogen’s whispers, and then it pointed one finger in a random way.


Rogen was stunned and then he shook his head and came to his senses.


This cat was very magical and could understand the people’s words, even thou, it does not have a human body, but it could be said that there was no difference between it and a normal person.


“You mean in this direction, do you know where the island is?”


“Meow!” The cat nodded and looked up with pride. It seemed to be saying, “Praise me! Praise me!”

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