One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 42: Revenge Time.

Even if it was a wrong direction, Rogen has nothing to lose, so he went in the direction that the cat pointed at.



About two days later, Rogen looked at the cat.




“You are not useless after all! You could even distinguish the directions in the sea.”




For this point, Rogen was amazed.




It’s unbelievable that a cat can do that.








The cat held its forelegs and looked at Rogen with a proud look. Then it stepped forward and left the place with arrogance.




At this time, standing on the deck, Rogen could clearly see an island about three kilometers ahead.




“Finally, I found something!”




His eyes were shining. There was a big smile on Rogen’s face.




After half an hour, the Dragon Root landed on the shore.








When he was going to disembark, he saw three or four ships carrying pirate flags on the other side.




“Is these pirates!”




With a flash look, He saw a group of pirates, a large pirate group in the four seas, with about 100 members.








Just after getting off the boat, and Rogen suddenly discovered that the cat starts trembling, looking at the flags of these ships, the cat’s eyes were full of fear.




“What’s happened with you?”




Rogen went to the scared cat, squatted down and asked.




Although it was just a cat, but Rogen has spent a long time with it, which made him feel that this cat was like a person. Subconsciously, this cat was like a partner to Rogen.








The cat lifted its claw and pointed it to the pirate ship. Then it was stunned for a while and its eyes were full of horror. Finally, it hugged Rogen’s leg and wanted him to leave this place quickly.




“Do you want me to leave this place? Are these pirates so terrifying?”




Rogen thought about it and asked.




“Meow! Meow! Meow!”




The cat pointed at the pirate ship and yelled anxiously for a while.




Rogen understood it this time. Through the action of the cat, it was clear that the cat recognized these pirates




“In this case, these pirates are the murderer of that ship!”




At first glance, the cat recognized these pirates who have attacked the merchant ship and killed everyone on it.




“I see!”




Rogen put his hand on the cat’ head, his expression became serious and a cold light came out from his eyes.




Looking at the panic and sadness in the cat’s eyes, Rogen knew that the cat’s crew were killed in that battle.




“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with them!”




Slowly lifting the cat up, Rogen turned around, looking at the several undulating pirate ships with a cold aura on his body. 




“I will avenge you.”




His voice was heavy and at that moment, Rogen was very angry and full of solemnity.




The cat looked at Rogen, took the courage, climbed Rogen’s shoulder, and then squatted on it steadily, rubbing Rogen at his cheek.




“Don’t worry about me!”




“I’m very strong!”




Softly comforting the cat standing on his shoulder, then Rogen stepped out slowly, and he made a leap to take off the Dragon Root, then he was striding toward the four pirate ships nearby.




Meanwhile, one of them was aboard a pirate ship.




Four or five pirates were sitting on the deck, and shouting and complaining, these pirates were playing cards.




Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind them, shocking these pirates, then they turned back to look at it.




“Who are you, little kid?”




“What are you doing on our boat? Get out. Don’t let us disturb the mood of our Father.”




They were looking at a young boy, with a strange cat sitting on his shoulder, looking at them with a terrifying expression.




Suddenly, the pirates shouted.




“We’ll kill you!”




With a vicious momentum on these pirates’ faces, they picked up their swords beside them, and Rogen just fainted like the light.




His right hand stroked the hilt on his waist silently, and then as soon as these pirates were about to stand up, his long sword made a whistle.








A bright light came out from the sword and crossed in the ship, and it went back to its sheath.




The pirates, who were still getting up, had a look of horror in their eyes, and they touched their necks in panic and fear, trying to stop the blood flow.




But after a while, there was only darkness left in their eyes.




With one hit of the sword, all these pirates were dead.




“Next ship!”




Rogen strode down the ship and went to the other three boats.




 Less than 30 minutes later, there was still some noise coming from the three pirate’s ship, but now it turned quiet.




At this time, Rogen was standing on the largest ship.




“Is this the captain’s boat?”




Looking at one of them lying down, Rogen’s eyes flashed slightly.




On this ship, the pirates were stronger than on the other ship, especially the one beneath him, which took three hits to defeat him.




Casual pirates only need one hit to defeat.




Actually, it doesn’t matter, one hit or three, there was no big difference, they are all died.








At this time, the cat on his shoulder screamed, and the coldness expression on Rogen’s face has dissipated, then he smiled and touched the cat’s head.




Then he stepped forward and began to look for treasures on these ships.




Fierce pirates like these, robbing everywhere. They must have accumulated a huge amount of treasure.




After finding the secret room on the floor of the captain’s bedroom, Rogen cut that door and entered the room.




When he saw the golden light in the basement, he smiled.




“Sure enough!”




He had an insane feeling. It was an unimaginable scene. He will be happy only if he keeps filling up his Treasury and sees his money increase.




As far as he could see, and according to Rogen’s estimation, this time he found more treasures than he encountered in the East Blue.




“Have to say, this is a dream come true?”




The smile on his face became large. Rogen stepped into the treasure center step by step.




 “System, turn these treasure into Belly!”




After a few moments, the treasure on the floor quickly start decreasing, and finally, the room was empty, and the cold sound of the system came out at this time.




“The total amount of these treasures is 75 million. Do you want to charge them into the system balance?”




“Take 70 million into your balance, and give me 5 million in Belly.”




Rogen replied casually, after this, he got a stack of Belly in his hand, and the balance of the system became 120 million.




This was a huge sum that surpasses the past, and it also made Rogen firmly believe in robbing pirates.




If he wants to become rich, it seems that he has to fight against these bad guys and loot them.




When he was a bounty hunter in the East Blue, it took him a long time to make 70 million in total. but, here he robbed pirates twice and he accumulated 120 million.




“System take the money!”




“It’s time, I have something to do!”




Looking toward the island, Rogen’s eyes flashed a cold light. 

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