One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 43: Battōsai!


Jumping from the pirate ship, Rogen headed toward the island.


On his shoulder, the cat was silent, but from time to time, he looked into its eyes and they seemed to be full of worry.


It was worried that Rogen may be in danger. There was a good relationship between the cat and Rogen after they spent these few days together.


While he was walking in the jungle on the coast, Rogen saw the town in the center of the island.


Originally, the town was very calm, but at the moment when the pirates entered, it started burning. The cruel pirates were never kind or tolerant. The first thing that they did when they arrived, they started slaughtering, merciless killing, which was something that shocked the courage of the villagers, forced them to surrender and gave all their wealth.


Everyone who doesn’t pay or hesitate, they would kill him immediately.


The blood gathered into a small red river, and it was flowing slowly from the gravel road in that town. The faint smell of blood was floating on the island, and a tragic atmosphere filled the island.


“We just came to rob, nothing else.”


“Give us the money and we won’t hurt you!”


From the front of the pirate crew, a big man shouted loudly.


In front of them, the villagers stood together in fright, with spades, hoes and other weapons in their hands.


In the face of danger, these people choose not to surrender, but to resist.


In the middle of the two groups, there were many bodies lying down.


“Don’t talk nonsense, destroying this village will delay us for two hours, our captain is very busy!”


Three big and thick bald men strode out, held their Machetes and then pointed it directly at the villagers in front.


“I’ll give you two more minutes to choose and we will kill all who doesn’t give up his money!”




As soon as this word came out, all the pirates in the rear were screaming and scared.


These pirates were divided into three grades back to their evil deeds, their captain was the most strong and ferocious one, he always had behind him a line of the most vicious and the cruel men. Each one of these pirate in the front could easily destroy and kill an entire island.


Also, they had to avoid such massive and cruel killings, lest the marines focus on them.


Because they knew very well that, with their strength, once the marines notice them and their doing, they will start moving to suppress them, and then they will be defeated.


However, this time their captain said.


“God damn it, let’s finish our work here, and go to the Grand Line!”


“We had accumulated almost 100 million Belly, we will rob a few more islands in the Grand Line, at that time, we’ll find an auction, buy a few Devil Fruit!”


The bald captain waved his hand arbitrarily and shouted.


This time, his crew understood.


They were very close to the Reverse Mountain, and when they reached it, then it would be impossible for the marines to stop them.


If they left, so the marines of the South blue won’t deal with them.


When they get to the Grand Line, they’ll use all their money to buy some devil fruits, so they became stronger. At this time, they should stay away from the marines.


At that time, most of the pirates were doing the same. They weren’t stupid, they knew that they were not strong enough, so they plundered and accumulated wealth, then they had to enter the Grand Line looking for devil fruits and developing their strength.


The villagers were obviously in a panic when they saw the sudden gleam in the eyes of the pirates.

These villagers were weaker than the pirates who live fighting all the year round. It can be said that if they didn’t surrender, they’ll die.


“Two minutes remaining!”


The captain has no patient anymore, after counting some watch tick, he said loudly.


“Have you thought about it!?”


The villagers were very scared, and their eyes were full of fear, this captain was so strong.


The villagers did not utter a word.


They just hold their weapon.


“Good, good!”


The bald captain laughed furiously. He threw his hand into the air. The next second he waved it down and ordered to kill all the villagers.


At that time, from behind, a painful scream came out.


“Oh! Help!”


“There are enemies!”


“Be careful!”


A few voices came quickly, but they stopped abruptly.


The pirates looked back and saw a young man figure, holding a sword in his right hand and slowly approaching them.


”Who is he?”


The bald captain glanced at him and asked the pirate next to him.


“I don’t know him!”


The pirate looked confused.


The kid held the sword with his right hand and a little cat was squatting on his shoulder. The cat’s eyes were full of fear and pity. Its eyes were rolling. It was lovely and looked very smart.


It was such a strange combination.


Every step they took, 4 or 5 pirates fell down.


Within a few moments, and while the captain was looking without a respond, dozens of his crew were smashed by that young man.


“What the fuck!?”


The bald captain finally reacted and screamed.


“What are you doing, go kill that kid!?”


A loud roar, like a thunder, instantly awakened his violent pirates.


Then, the scene suddenly became chaotic. Rogen was surrounded by nearly a hundred pirates.


But none of them dared to attack him.




The cat was very worried.


“Don’t be afraid, these are just some chickens, hah!”


Rogen’s face and tone were so cold like he didn’t care about these pirates.


At this moment, he secretly contacted the system.


“Give me an orange soul, and I want him from the swordsman category!”


“To specify the category, the prize will be doubled, please confirm!”


The sound of the system was cold.




With Rogen’s strength at this moment, it won’t cost him much effort to defeat these pirates. However, the orange soul will help him a bit.


His main purpose was to master multiple skills.


A light flashed, and a young figure with a long red hair and a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek, he was holding a long sword, and suddenly stepped out and rushed into Rogen’s body.


Rogen’s body trembled, and his eyes immediately appeared a flash of enlightenment.


“Consumption amount 200,000, summoned character, Himura Kenshin!”


“Skills, Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū!”


The One hundred thousand soul was Himura Kenshin, Rogen was very familiar with this character.


At the same time, the sword in his hand has changed and also his swordsmanship has changed to another style. The temperament of the whole person has undergone a slight change.


Of course, these pirates couldn’t see that.


Suddenly, Rogen’s figure has disappeared in front of the pirates.


The light of the sword shone up. But at this moment, Rogen’s shadow became hard to see.


Just in three seconds, dozens of pirates were dropping on the ground.


This powerful swordsmanship of Himura Kenshin, with the current strength of Rogen, unleashed a terrible power.


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