One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 44: Sword Extraction!


Himura Kenshin is the main of “Rurouni Kenshin”, he is a great sword user known as the legendary Hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution. (A Hitokiri is a swordsman sent out by an important or powerful figure for the express purpose of assassinating others.)


He is a well-known living legend throughout Japan for his surreal mastery of swordsmanship, able to effortlessly cut through steel and even cut so neatly, the target can be reattached as if it was never cut. Having inherited the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū sword style, Kenshin’s skills at age 14 allowed him to become an elite assassin for the government.


At that time, Rogen’s body was attached to Kenshin, and in a moment, all his skill has already integrated with him.


“Battōjutsu: Drawing Blade Technique”


“Ryūsōsen: Dragon Nest Flash”


“Ryūkansen: Dragon Coil Flash”


“Ryūtsuisen: Dragon Hammer Flash”


“Ryūshōsen: Dragon Soar Flash”


“Kuzuryūsen: Nine-Head Dragon Flash”


And the final ultimate skill was the Nine-headed dragon, in an instant, Rogen’s mind had countless figures and scenes flying over and then enlarged merged with his body.








The breath of danger was released from his mouth. In a flash, a dozen pirates rushed toward Rogen.




His sword was shining with an amazingly bright light like the Epiphyllum Bloom, followed by the whistle.


“Damn, this kid!”


The bald Captain looked at the young man, walking step by step with no fear in his heart.


He clearly noticed that he is very strong. He was like an elite pirate who walks over the edge of life and death. However, the captain was breathing so hard and fell to the ground.


This kid! he is frightening!


“Dragon Hammer Flash!”


“Kuzuryūsen, Nine-Headed Dragon Flash!”


While he used his ability, his sword shined in his hands, and the rushing pirates were all defeated. His skillful swordsmanship and swift movement were like a tiger in a crowd, he was unstoppable.


After that, Rogen became more familiar with the skills of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū, and with the fusion between him and Kenshin, made him reach the peak.


Every step he took, three or four screaming voice came out.


Eventually, only 30 pirates left, they looked at the dead bodies with fair and panic.


“He is not a human being, he is the devil!”


“He is too strong! We have no hope at all! ”


Against such a great swordsman, they had no chance to win the fight at all.


“Captain, what shall we do?”


There was a pirate calling, and his voice was shaking.


The baldheaded captain, with a fierce look in his eyes, he touched his head and walked to the forefront with a big sword in his hand. He first looked at the circle of the fallen pirates, with even more fierce eyes.


“Who are you, punk?”


“Dying man, there’s no need to know!”


Rogen was extremely indifferent, and his eyes were not even looking at the bald captain.


He slowly inserted the sword into the sheath and then closed it.


This group of pirates has lost their courage.


“Huh, who are you?”


“I am the 35 million pirate, Arno!”


The captain was furious, he strode forward, and with several steps, he has arrived in front of Rogen.


His sword shone brightly and it was smashed toward Rogen with an extreme speed.


Rogen’s eyes narrowed, his foot slightly moved, and he escaped the attack. His right hand was placed on the sword hilt on his waist but he did not attack.


He seemed to be brewing something, letting the bald captain continue slashing his sword, but he kept avoiding it.


However, it could be clearly seen that although Rogen’s figure was constantly moving, but the cat on his shoulder was squatting steadily, and has never been shaken.


After ten seconds, Rogen’s eyes became brighter, and he was accumulating momentum.


It seems that at this point, he has reached the limit.


Just then, the captain rushed over.


Talking about strength, from the reward point of view, it wasn’t that much difference. But in terms of power, there was a huge difference.


Suddenly, Rogen’s eyes narrowed into a slit.


The next moment, a sound of “shiiing”, and the Yuan Hong sword came out from the sheath.


A brilliant, sharp and fierce sword was surging, with enough power to cut a human’s head.


A flash of sword passed up quickly in front of the captain, and then he saw a faint figure passing through the center of his body.


“Am I okay?!”


Arno said in a frightened way.


Just then, he heard the sound of sheathing the sword from behind.


Just as the sound disappeared, he covered his neck with fear. Then the slit rapidly enlarged and the blood was erupting.




Rogen murmured and closed his eyes.


Kenshin Himura was well-known for his drawing sword techniques.


When he pulled out his sword, the enemy’s death had been confirmed. His hegemony and his mad sword skill have made so many people fear him. He is Himura Battōsai.


At the same time, the sword drawing was also the foundation of all his movements.


Just a preliminary attempt, this swordplay brought surprises to Rogen.


Very strong swordsman, strong enough to kill with one hit a 35 million pirate and kill his crew too.


“His swordsmanship is so strong, especially his Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū.”


The two swordsmanship styles are quite different, but they are all equally strong.


Of course, there was a little more righteousness, chivalrous, dignified, which was not powerful than the drawing sword techniques.


After defeating Arno, Rogen’s eyes narrowed, then his figure disappeared again. He rushed toward the remaining pirates.


After one interest, the screaming sound came out.


Rogen won’t let these cruel pirates go.


“Killing ten person to save thousands, why not?”


He is not a bad man, but not a savior. Along his road, he saw that these pirates were cold blood murderers, so he wanted to kill them all even if he didn’t have to.


In the worse of circumstances think about the things around him.


This was the way of his life and his way to survive.


Rogen was not that strong at that moment, but he has enough strength to kill these pirates and save the civilians who live on this island and other people who might get kill by them.


But for the Marines, that was only a fight between pirates, it won’t be considered as saving an island from its destruction.


Just after a few second, Rogen has killed the remaining pirates.


A faint bloody smell came out, causing vomiting, and the cat standing on his shoulder felt sick, so it covered its nose.


“Are you ok?”


Returning the sword to the sheath, Rogen stepped forward and smiled.


This was not the same as before, completely different temperament, which immediately stuns all the villagers


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