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S.P.P Chapter 45: The Chart

A few seconds later, Rogen’s figure was like a strict Asura, but this moment, he turned into a small kid with a big smile.


It was a completely different temperament in the same person, which made the villagers a bit confused.


“Thank you! Thank you!”


After a few seconds, one of them reacted and thanked him.


When the rest of the villagers heard him, they immediately thanked Rogen loudly also. Some of them brought him their valuables items, and others went quickly to their houses and brought him a lot of different foods, and one middle-aged man about fifty years old pushed his daughter out, saying that he wanted to repay Rogen, who was stunned with an opened mouth.


However, such a lovely scene, which made Rogen feel happy and warm.


He has seen a lot of movies and novels in his past life, and sometimes when someone saves others, the others would fear him and his powerful strength, and they will back away from him, or try to kill him. It was impossible to guard or defend against these fierce ones.


But fortunately, these people were very nice here.


“Haha! No thanks, that too much XD! I just need a chart, the South Blue chart, do you have one?”


Rogen refused all the villagers’ kindness, especially the middle-aged man’s daughter,




Upon request, the villagers immediately acted and asked each other.


Among that, the intensity of enthusiasm made Rogen sigh unceasingly.


What a bunch of good people, when he saved them, they wanted to give him everything.


After a while, the villagers heard the news, a young boy ran home quickly, brought a rolled piece of sheepskin and shouted.


“I found it, I have a chart, I have it!”


Rogen’s eyes lit up, quickly took it, and opened it. Then, he started scanning the map and the cat on his shoulder was also looking at it curiously.


“This is it! Savior! But it’s a bit ruptured chart, is it alright?”


“No problem, right? I picked up two years ago from another island. It looked like a map, so I brought it back.”


“I hope it’s alright, we must help you, benefactor!”


Everyone was nervously looking at Rogen’s expression, and their eyes were full of expectations.


“Yes, it’s good, even though it’s incomplete, but my destination can be found.”


After a few moments, Rogen smiled and said, letting everyone breathe a sigh of relief.


“That’s good, that’s good!”


The villagers said.


This chart was incomplete, it can be said that the incomplete excess, covering only a quarter of the South Blue, When Rogen first looked at it, he frowned, but after a few looks, he laughed out.


Because of his luck, the path to Baterilla Island was just in the top of the chart.


“Indeed, good deeds always get rewarded.”


He got the goal of his trip, Rogen said goodbye to the villagers. He didn’t have much time to waste. he needs to go to Baterilla because Rouge was suffering at that moment.


“Savior, we haven’t repaid you much, but, please tell us your name!”


The villagers repeatedly got rejected by Rogen, but in the end, they only wanted to know his name.


“My name?”


In that time, Rogen was stunned. But after thinking about it, he laughed and said.


“Himura Kenshin, my name is Himura Kenshin!”


Since he summoned the soul of Himura Kenshin to defeat those pirates, so he used his name.


After ten minutes, Rogen’s figure disappeared from the villagers’ eyes, leaving a great name and good work behind.


Back to the Dragon Root, a big smile was drawn on Rogen’s face.


“This time the harvest isn’t small, not only I took their money, but I also got a map.”


Rogen said while he was smiling at the cat.




The cat glanced at Rogen, shook its tail, and jumped down from his shoulder.


Then, the Dragon Root sailed away from the island, and Rogen knew from the villagers that their island was called Sion Island.


Later that day, the ship sailed smoothly on the sea.


Rogen sat on the deck, calculating the income.


“Defeated 123 pirates and the 35 Million pirate Arno, you got a total of 3,200 possessed point.”


“The remaining System balance is 120 million.”


“Total amount of the possessed point is 69,200.”


That was all that he had at that moment.


After knowing that, Rogen’s eyes narrowed, and he wanted to see the skills of Himura Kenshin.


“Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū, 3,000 coins.”


Without hesitation, Rogen chose to get it.


Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū is a powerful swordsmanship used by Himura Kenshin. His style was exquisite, precise, ruthless and very powerful. And as his strength increases, this set of swordsmanship will inevitably get stronger as well.


Moreover, this is a systematic sword, sword skills, which also includes the cultivation of breath, realm of ascension and so on.


In the world of pirates, these things were very hard, but for Rogen, it was something easy, he is a great swordsman.


From the beginning, Rogen’s thoughts of the system weren’t to become instantly strong, but to use the system to break out from his weakness step by step until he becomes the strongest.


Moreover, the system couldn’t really make him immediately invincible. Even if he calls for a powerful Purple Soul, he would become strong but it’s for a limited time. After all, it is a power that does not belong to him.


What Rogen wants was to get the true power.


The movements of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū flowed rapidly to Rogen’s mind, and after 3 seconds, he has mastered them all.


The advantage of the system was that he does not need to practice them. Once he exchanged them, he will own them forever.


With the 16 years of physical training, Rogen’s strength has reached a small peak for that time being. But now, even if he didn’t use the power of the system, with his swordsmanship he could defeat pirates with a bounty of fifty or sixty million.


Of course, he has not yet encountered a devil fruit user, he doesn’t know what would happen when he fights an enemy with such abilities.




He slowly breathed out, running all the movements of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū in his mind.


In his mind, Ge Nie’s ghost Valley method was more moderate and peaceful, with long veins, which was also good for his body.


And the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū was rough and violent, in that case, they will abolish each other.


“In the end, this swordsmanship seemed to be badly wounded my body because of the strength of the moves.”


“but, with my body, I can withstand this violent power.”


Rogen wasn’t worried, the people in the world of pirates were generally better in physical quality, far beyond the world of these swordsmen.


“Next, continue to accumulate money, clean up all the way, summon powerful souls, and enrich me.”


“Strive to upgrade my strength to be able to defeat 100 million pirates!”


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