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S.P.P Chapter 46: Get Out Of My Way!


The island Baterilla is located in the Midwest of the South blue. So Rogen found from this broken chart that if he wants to go there he must cross at least seven islands. According to the map, it will take him about 5 months to get there.


“Nearly half a year!”


He was very uncomfortable. Also, he was very worried about whether he could arrive on time and support Portgas D. Rouge.


In the original Manga, Rouge held her pregnancy for twenty months, and when Ace was finally born, she died.


The whole world didn’t know even the existence of Rouge or s the existence of the Pirate King’s son, the orphan Ace.


Because she kept Ace for a long time inside her, her body suffered too much pain, and as a result, she died at the time of the birth.


“But in this world, I can’t tolerate such a grief!”


Silently clenching his fist, Rogen’s face was very serious.


Since the death of Roger, he had to solve all these things that he left him. In fact, even Rogen doesn’t know when his big brother hooked up with Rouge.


If he didn’t know all of that from the Manga, it would still be that, Ace would stay with Garp and Rouge would die.


“Ah brother, you don’t believe in me, but you believed in Garp!”


“That makes me sad!”


A smile appeared on his face. He clenched his long sword in his hand and looked ahead to the sea with a fierce expression.


It has been half a month since he left the last island. In the past two months, he defeated four fierce pirates. The total of their crews has reached more than 500 pirates and he killed them all.


The cruel and cold killing, and the great swordsmanship, made him known as the “Himura Kenshin.”


In the past two months, his system balance increased very fast, and it became 220 million.


More money, more power, which made him fear nothing.


At that moment, In front of him, there was a pirate crew coming on his road.


The opening of the New Age led to a rapid increase in the number of pirates in all the seas, and with these all-evil pirates, so Rogen amassed wealth very quickly.


30 minutes later, Rogen passed by the oncoming pirate ship.


Both sides looked at each other at this moment. These Pirates were not a friendly group. More pirates will have to die if they pick up a fight. In this big sea, there were a lot of competitors.


At first glance, he saw that the number of these pirates weren’t too much, only 20 people, but everyone’s eyes were bright, but their eyes were amazed and energetic, so Rogen’s eyes narrowed.


When he saw this group of pirates, he thought that these pirates were hard to deal with.


At the same time, the opposite side was looking at Rogen’s boat, and when they saw only one person and one cat, they raised their eyebrows and laughed.


“One person on that boat? Seems interesting!”


Rogen didn’t respond, he just watched this group quietly, also he saw the bloody atmosphere from this group of pirates.


“You killed a lot of people?”


Rogen’s was indifferent when he asked this question, and in the meantime, he placed his right hand on the hilt.


“Kill? And since when pirates don’t kill?”


In the opposite, one of these pirates, with green hair, said with a cruel tone and smirked.


“Haven’t you killed anyone yet?”


The green haired guy asked with a ferocious face.


Beside him, the group of pirates laughed and wanted to see the reaction of Rogen who has to be scared by them.


However, they were disappointed, Rogen’s expression still dull.


“Then, I’ll have to send you back to your home!”


Rogen said in an impolite tone, and then, his knees bent slightly, and in a moment, he has already stood on the pirate ship.


“Do you really want to fight? Are you crazy?”


Pirates ridiculed and laughed.


“Do you know that we had a bounty of….”


The words didn’t finish yet, and Rogen’s long sword unsheathed, and with a touch of brilliant sword light flew by, two pirates fell down.


In an instant, the expression of pirates changed.


“Shit! What is this sword?”


Before Rogen stepped forward, swinging his sword quickly and freely.


“Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū!”






Less than five seconds, the half of the pirates have already died.




“This is the kind of people that I don’t want to know who they were!”


Rogen said those words indifferently. These pirates were very scared.


The dead ones were among the most powerful in their craw, including their captain.


However, against this strong swordsman, they couldn’t resist one hit.


“I remember. it’s him! It’s him!”


At this moment, the rest of the pirates suddenly shouted in horror.


“Himura Kenshin!”


It has been rumored recently, that there was a murderous demon named Kenshin appeared in the South Blue. He was cruel and ruthless. He never let anyone lived under his hand. He was a skilled swordsman, and a few people were his enemies. Even more frightening, was that he only chased the pirates. As long as he hears about a vicious pirate, he would pursue him until he killed him. They heard about him, but they didn’t convince about it.


As you know, their captain was a murderous pirate, with a bounty of 30 million. He was famous throughout the South Blue, not to mention his crew that reaches the 20 million.


They were not a group of chicken pirates piled up by their number. They were elites.


However, when they faced Rogen, they knew their true strength, in front of him, they were nothing.


“No, don’t kill me!”


“Oh mom, I want to go home!”


“Oh, help, who will save me!”


These pirates, who were killing innocent people once, in front of Rogen, they were so frightened, crying and begging for their lives.


Rogen, with his usual cold temperature, he held his sword and passed by the remaining pirates, in moments, all of them fell to the ground.


In the entire South blue, this pirate group was from the strongest, their total reward added up to 50 million Belly, they were very famous pirates, and they were destroyed in the hand of Rogen. He destroyed them without even knowing the name of their group.


As usual, he stepped into the basement of the pirate ship.


This process, he did it many times in the past few months, and every time he found a great treasure.


But this time, when he walked into the basement, he looked stunned.


Because what he saw, was not treasure, it was a.


Rough man?!


Rogen was very confused at that moment.


“My God! This group sucks, they didn’t even put treasure in their basement, they put a big man!”


That’s right, in that basement, there was a stout man sitting cross-legged, lowering his head and sleeping.


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