One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 47: The Famous Jason?!



Rogen was shocked with an opened mouth, he didn’t know what to say, he looked all around the basement, but he only saw a bunch of treasure, a small pile.


According to his several robberies, this pile of treasure was about 10 million.


“Shit, those bastards have only 10 million, poor wretch!”


Rogen was very disappointed, 10 million wasn’t a lot, but it was still a good money.


He strode forward and directly asked the system.


“System, put this treasure into the balance!”


“A total of 11 million has been deposited in the balance, the existing balance is 231 million.”


Listening to this huge amount, Rogen’s mood became better.


Once again, he looked at the man while he was sitting on the ground. There were shackles on his hands and feet. The big man’s head was down, this scene made Rogen hesitated for a moment and then he decided to leave the place.


That guy was really a big man. His height was at least two meters and a half, his body was thick and he looks strong. He was sitting alone in the basement, occupying at least two-thirds of the area, just like a tower.


Just sitting on the plate, Rogen reaches his waist. All his upper body was bare. His body and muscles were as solid as the granite.


“I think he eats hormones, he looks so big and strong!”


Rogen made some envious look at this big man, and then he turned away and left.


But at this time, the man woke up, a sound of chains jingling came out, Rogen turned around and he noticed that man had a lot of chains tangled on his body.


“Did you save me?”


“Saved you!!?”


Rogen looked confused. He just came here to get the money, what saving he was talking about?


“Thank you, could you please help me with these chains?”


The voice of the big man was very weak. Rogen also noticed that the man’s face was pale, and his lips were dry as if he didn’t have drink or meal for a long time.


However, Rogen didn’t refuse, which was the right thing to do.


The Yuan Hong sword was out of the sheath, and in a flash, the iron chains on the big man broke out with a spark.


“Alright, you can stand up!”


Rogen said that and decided to leave. He was jealous of those muscles.


“Oh wait, I’m in a trouble, I can’t cut the iron rope, it’s mixed with the Kairōseki, could you please cut them for me?”


“If it wasn’t mixed with that Kairōseki, I would cut it on my own!”


The big man stretched out his hands, showing his strong wrist tied by the thick iron rope with a diameter of at least five centimeters.


When Rogen saw that, his mouth trembled.


“Oh God, such a thick rope, who is this guy? He has been treated so badly by this group of weak chickens!”


There was dignity in his eyes. This burly man was actually tied up by the Kairōseki. It wasn’t just Kairōseki handcuff, but also the rope around him on his hand and his wrist. That could prove that this guy was extraordinary.


He must be a devil fruit user!


With a swing of his hand, the long sword flashed again, and he accurately cut the rope.


Slowly pulling all the chains down, the big man wanted to stand up, but he was too weak, so he swayed and sat down again.




The basement shook, which made Rogen’s eyes tremble. How strong is that guy? He just sat and he shook the whole boat.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t drink or eat for a month. I really don’t have any strength to get up.”


“One month!?”




“Are you kidding me?”


Rogen was shocked when he heard that.


He couldn’t believe this fact at all, could someone that didn’t eat or drink for a month stay alive?


“Can you help me out, I need to eat and drink!”


The big man as very polite, which made Rogen couldn’t bear to refuse. In the end, he bent down and beckoned to the big man.


“Come up!’


The big man didn’t know what to say, but it was sure that he was very thankful. He leaned on Rogen’s shoulder and squatted, suddenly Rogen felt like his body sank.


“Really heavy, how much is your weight?”


He couldn’t help to ask that awkward question.


“About 400 or 500 pounds.”


The big man was very embarrassed when he said that.


“You should lose weight!”


Rogen didn’t utter a word after that.


The man was embarrassed. His body was perfect, but his bones were too heavy.


Rogen helped the man to walk out of the basement, but when he came outside and saw the corpse on the deck, his eyes became stunned, and he looked to Rogen with a look of amazement.


“I’m going to find you something to eat.”


Then he entered the kitchen.


After a while, Rogen came with some food.


There was a saliva flowing out from the man’s mouth, he was very hungry.


“Is there some water?”


He filled his mouth with food, he asked for water because he choked up.


“Hey, easy man!”


Rogen put two huge sake bowls and gestured.


“There’s no water, but there are these big bowls.”


The big man glanced and then he grinned.


“The sake can be used also as water! Hahahaha!”


Then, he grabbed the big bowl with one hand and raised it directly to his mouth.


Rogen’s eyes trembled. That big guy drinks his bowl at one shot.


The most important thing was the recovery speed of this guy, it was so fast which made Rogen surprised.


A moment ago, he was very weak and couldn’t move, but after he eats some food, he was able to lift easily that big bowl.


The thick man spent a whole hour eating everything, and then he sighed of a relax and finally stopped eating.


“I’m full! That felt very good!”


“Ha ha ha!”


With a big laugh, he stood up, looked down at Rogen, and stretched out his palm.


“Thank you kid, my name is Jason Statham, thank you for saving me!”


“Your welcome! I’m Rogen!”


Rogen reached out and shook hands with Jason. And his heart was even more open.


Jason Statham?!!


If he remembers correctly, there was a famous movie star in his previous life called like this.


“I have nowhere to go. Since you saved me, let me protect you.”


Jason grinned again.


“Protect me!?”


Rogen revealed eyes of doubt.


“Yeah, I’m a great fighter, absolutely no problem for me to protect you.”


Jason clenched his fist, which was bigger than a sandbag, and grinned again.


Then, as if to prove his strength, he swept the bodies of pirates on the ground, showing disdainful expression.


“I can smash a thousand of them!”


Then he said embarrassingly to Rogen.


“I won’t ask for anything, just give me meals.”


And like a reminder, he added another sentence.


“Aahh! I eat too much!”


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