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S.P.P Chapter 48: Allister Island!



In the shocked eyes of Rogen, that big man had eaten a meal of ten people.


That baldheaded man had in his face a long honest smile. He looked strong but very bullying.


Rogen was clear that this guy has an enormously powerful body. Just being tied up in the basement for a month without eating, drinking, and neither dying was prove that this guy was extraordinary terrifying.


Thick arms, strong thighs, and a perfect body, he was simply a small tower, standing in front of Rogen, which has a thin figure compared to him.


Of course, because of this, Rogen always had a bit hatred to Jason.


“Hey, Captain, where are we going?”


After all the supplies of the pirates were moved to the Dragon Root, Jason asked with a smile.


“Baterilla Island!”


“Lift the sails up, and we are ready to go.”


Rogen told Jason and went to start sailing.


After that, the wind was blowing up and the ship wasn’t moving.


Since there were just these two people on board, naturally, all these hard work were done by Jason.


“Is it going to sail?”



When the ship stood still, Rogen asked.


“Well, no.” Jason touched his big bald head and said awkwardly.


“You should learn!”




“Can you cook?” Rogen asked again.


“No,” Jason answered.


“You should learn!”




“Will you do the cleaning?”


“This one I would do!” Jason surprised, he finally found a job that could do.


“Then go fast to that?”


Rogen glanced at him. Jason touched his head and went to clean without saying a word.


After watching Jason cleaning the deck, Rogen’s face showed a pleasant smile.


“One more person, it seems that it is not a bad thing.”


At least, these chores were no longer his job.


Jason’s movements were quick, and in less than a quarter of an hour, the whole ship was swept inside and outside by him, showing his cleaning skills, which made Rogen very satisfied.


He liked this kind of honest, simple and capable crew


The two men then assigned the division of labor and switched guards every night. In this sea, the crises are ghosts. You don’t know when there will be danger around. In general, when the night falls, the crew will be arranged to watch the night.


Before when Rogen was alone, he was sleeping a little bit every day and also his mind was up all the time. And now he has Jason.


On the same day, when evening came, Rogen finally closed his eyes and had a good sleep.


The next day, at the daybreak, Rogen stretched out, then he saw Jason, who was already awake and active.


“Hi, Jason.”


“Hey, Captain, you are up.”


Jason asked honestly.


“Well, that’s good. You stayed very vigorous all night.”


Rogen praised.


“Yes, I should be.”


Jason smiled.


At this time, Jason’s eyes were bright, but he was completely exhausted because he didn’t sleep all night.


“There are two more days to get to the next island.”


Looking at the map, Rogen’s eyes flashed and he murmured.


It was about five months before he gets to Rouge, and he was trying to shorten the duration as much as possible.


It can be said that he has almost not stopped on this road. In addition to killing the murderous pirates, he barely stopped a few time to get supplies.


But this time, he has to stop.


According to the chart, Allister Island was the only refueling island within the voyage, and with this island, he would complete 1/3 of the road to Baterilla.


In other words, at least he will be sailing on the sea for about a month.


“Jason, call me when we get to the island.”


Rogen shouted, and Jason raised his thumb, then he went to the bedroom to tease the cat.


In recent days, cats seem unhappy.


In the blink of an eye, two days passed. In these days, the sea was calm and there were no pirates, so Rogen felt a bit boring. He wanted to kill some pirates to expand his system balance, but unfortunately, there was none.


After a while, with Jason yelling, Rogen looked at the bow direction.


“Captain, here we are, the island of Allister.”


Jason said that while he was learning how to sail from Rogen.


At this time, Jason stood in front of the rudder, his hands were swinging, but he was leisurely and very drunk.


It is hard to imagine that a big strong man with his eyes squinting at the rudder and humming a tune.


It was a beautiful picture. Suddenly, Rogen felt that the style of the pirates had changed.




Rogen went to the bow and looked to the front.


Once he looked at the sea, he could see an island in the far distance.


Compared to the island that Rogen saw far from before, this Island looked more than twice as large, and its bustle and prosperity were naturally higher.


When Rogen saw this island he compared it to his island, Loguetown.


“When we get there, we’ll pick up some supplies, then we’ll have to rest on the boat for the night, then we’ll set off,” Rogen said to Jason.


“Ah? Don’t you want to stay for a few more days? Captain.” Jason asked in confusion.


“There is still something urgent I have to do, and there is no time to delay.”


Rogen told a faint explanation, then he once again fell into silence.


The Dragon Root was slowly approaching the store, and then Jason threw the anchor and tied it tightly to the shore of the pier.


“Alright, Captain!”


Beckoning from below, Jason shouted to Rogen.




Nodding his head, Rogen also leaped down. On his shoulder, the cat was squatting quietly.


When they jumped to the shore, they looked immediately toward the center of the island.


A lot of noises coming from the villagers and their voice was full of enthusiasm.


This little shore, Rogen glance away and he saw no less than 14 ships.


“It’s a bustling town!”


With a sigh, Rogen’s face also showed a smile.


“Of course, Allister Island is one of the most prosperous islands in the South Blue.”


Jason smiled.


Nodding, Rogen and Jason walked towards the inner island.


When they entered the center of the town and constantly searched for the items needed for navigation, the cat on the shoulder of Rogen was restless.


“What’s wrong? Cat.”




The cat opened its claws and pointed to a sweet cake shop on the side of the street with bright light coming from its eyes.


“Haha, I really don’t understand who’s the master.”


“If you don’t mind, I will call you a little master.”


Rogen laughed helplessly.




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