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S.P.P Chapter 49: What Are You Looking At!


With an innocent and cute expression, the cat looked at Rogen. Such a spoiled cat.


Jason curiously looked at them, and it was very clear that Rogen was pampering his cat in an exaggerated way. Also, the cat’s cleverness was beyond his imagination.


The cat seemed to be like a human being!


In the end, Rogen and his kitten entered the sweet cake shop and enjoyed their sweet meal.


“I still can’t get used to this sweet food.”


Frowning at the cake, the Rogen stopped.


He doesn’t like to eat sweet food, but in the opposite Jason and the little master, they were enjoying the meal and eating it with relish.


“It’s so sweet!”


Jason admired it.




Also, the little master liked it, and its face was full of enjoying.


Rogen’s face was covered with black lines and his eyes rolled. He didn’t like the extra enjoyment of them.


After a while, this little group left the place and started to purchase the necessary items for the boat. In this time, the amount of food was a very important factor, so they took nearly one-month worth of supplies.


In addition, they also bought some clothes.


After they finished shopping, Rogen and Jason looked at each other with a little embarrassment.


After all, they found that such things were not suitable for men to do.




At this time, the little kitten screamed and pointed at itself with the pride face.


“Do you want to leave this to you?”


The little cat claws stretched out and it nodded proudly.


Rogen and Jason were sluggish for a moment, and then, they let the cat lead the way.


A half an hour later, Jason was holding a huge pile of a shopping spree with a height of one person.



“We almost there!”


Rogen nodded with satisfaction and looked at Jason who was sweating, and then he patted on his shoulders comfortably.


“You have worked hard!”


“Not hard, this is what I should do captain!”


Jason smiled.


“I like your hard work. You will have a great future!” Rogen nodded and praised him.


Jason smiled but he didn’t respond, also he found that his captain sometimes became a little nervous.


These two men and their cat decided to get back to their ship. They must put this huge amount of supplies there before doing anything else.


Rogen start sings a song, just to enjoy the spring in this wonderful island, there was nothing better than this.


While they were going toward the ship, Rogen stopped walking.


When Jason noticed that, he immediately stopped.


As they stopped, “bang” a sound came out, and a figure screaming flew out from the front of them and fell heavily on the ground.


“Help! Save me! A murderer!”


The man who fell to the ground was screaming, his face and nose were swollen, and his face was full of blood, he looked very miserable.


This scene immediately made the people around take a step back.


“I will destroy your face!”


“Look at my face, don’t you know me? How dare you asking me to pay!”


A big man came out from the shop where the man got thrown out.


People who were there heard the word of the big man and they looked at his face. Only seconds and a series of inhalation came from the crowd.


“My God! It’s him!”


“The Evil Baron! He is the Evil Baron!”


“He is rewarded with 45 million Belly, one of the strongest pirates in the south blue, and it is said that he is a devil fruit user!”


“Why is he here? Rumors said that he was wandering around the sea near Baterilla Island!”


People were shocked after they saw the Baron.


They were afraid, so they took steps back.


The man on the ground when he heard that name, he panicked. He didn’t recognize him just until then, and his heart trembled at the moment.


“Is it him, the Evil Baron? I actually messed with him!”


A fear of death shrouded the man and made him very afraid.


Legend has it that the Evil Baron was one of few strongest pirates in the South Blue, the most incomprehensible guy In the four seas, with such a big bounty. He was undoubtedly a very famous pirate.


And that man had offended such a great pirate!


All of a sudden, he was stunned by the fact that a hand appeared before him.


“Get up! Give me your hand!”


This simple sentence made him tremble, and then he looked and found out that it was a hand of a young man.


At this moment, the whole scene was quiet, and all presents were shocked.


The Evil Baron was a strong guy throughout the south blue. Even pirates would try to avoid getting trouble with him.


But now, there are people who dared to intervene in the baron.


The man stood up in a daze, with a huge force helping him, his body couldn’t do anything but stand up.


When he stood up, he saw the face of Baron, which shook his body.


“Spa… Spare me!”


Involuntarily, the man was shivering.


But at this moment, the Evil Baron didn’t look at that man anymore, but he stared fiercely at the young man who helped him.


The Evil Baron felt that someone wanted to provoke his own majesty, and this matter shouldn’t be tolerated.


In the south blue, he was the highest ranked pirate. He was in the position of the king. No one dared to disobey him. Even the marines, when they saw him they retreated.


“What are you looking at?”


Suddenly, a strong voice came out from Rogen, which was different from the voice that he talked with before.


After these words, everyone around them held their mouths.


“He will be killed!”


“Oh My God!”


Once again, people shifted their eyes to the other side, to the man who was holding a huge pile of a shopping spree.


At first glance, the crowd stood still.


What a magnificent man!


Baron’s figure was too big, but in front of this big man, he seemed to be smaller.


“What did you say?”


For a moment, Baron couldn’t believe his ears.


What happened today? First, there was a little boy who didn’t know came up and saved the man he was going to beat, then a big ma with mental retardation came up and said that to the Baron himself.


“I said what are you looking at?”


“My Captain said what are you looking at? If your attitude is better, your grim expression will frighten him!”


Jason thought that Baron didn’t understand, so he actually explained it.


Baron was silent but everyone could feel the anger accumulated on his body, which has reached the extreme.


His eyes sparkled with danger, and cold words came out of his mouth.


“Today, the three of you, must die!”


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