One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 50: Zoan!

The voice of Baron was full of anger. Everyone there noticed that he was very irritated.



That killer’s eyes made everyone afraid to look at him.




However, there was only one who wasn’t afraid.




Not only he stared at Baron’s eyes but also he spoke up.




“What are you looking at?”




The corner of his eyes trembled, and Baron could not help it.




Jason’s simple and honest expression and with his high voice made him so angry.




Rogen, who was on the side, could not help but laugh.




“You all have to die!”




Baron said it coldly, behind his back, the doors suddenly opened, and more than a dozen big men came out of it.




“Captain! Haven’t you finished yet?”




“Who are these guys?”




“It seems that something has gone wrong!”




More than a dozen pirates saw this scene, and they showed a banter expression.




A young kid, a burly strong man, and a cat, this combination made baron and others shook their eyes.




“Do you want us to kill them, captain?”




A tall fellow, with a cold light in his eyes and a long gun in his hand, pointed directly to Jason. Obviously, in these people’s eyes, Jason was the threat, not Rogen.




“Well, these two guys are going to die now!”




“That big man is too bold!”




“That’s Baron, he is cruel and incomparable, what can he do?”




The crowds were panicking and nervous while they were watching this scene.




In the eyes of everyone, Jason’s eyes suddenly turned cold.




“You are threatening me, and you dare to point your gun at my head!”




“No one dares to point a gun at me!”




Jason’s tone was very serious, but this tone and his face reaction made Baron and others laugh.




However, this laughter only lasted for three seconds, and their faces were stunned.




They saw the stupid strong man, reaching out, and grabbing the gun directly.




That pirate’s face has changed, and his finger was on the trigger: “Are you looking you’re your death?”




Without hesitation, he pulled the trigger.








The sound of the gunshots came out, and the entire crowd closed their eyes.




“How dare you, shooting me? I’ll kill you!”




Jason’s palm was stuck on the gun and the simple and honest expression suddenly became cold.








The tall and thin pirate was shocked, the gunshot didn’t kill Jason, and what made him more frightened was that his gun exploded.




How is that possible!




Jason’s palm directly blocked the muzzle of the gun, the gun didn’t shot out and it was already broke.








Baron and the others actually saw that scene which made them stunned.




The long steel gun was actually gripped by Jason’s hand, he twisted it, the whole gun immediately broke.




The tall and thin guy took a step back. He has never seen such a strong guy.




“I said I will kill you!”




The tone of Jason was very cold, and then he grabbed him. The huge hand of Jason directly caught the pirate’s head.




Then suddenly, the guy was raised from the ground.




“Shit! Let go of him!”




Barron’s face changed, he screamed and rushed forward to stop Jason.




He looked at his crew in the hand of Jason. His head seemed to be deformed because of the tremendous strength of Jason.








Jason looked at him and waved his hand randomly.




Really, it was an easy wave.




Then, Baron flew directly out, even hit the ground three or forty meters away, and then kept rolling until he reached ten meters. When he got up, had a red nose and his face was swollen.




Before that, he was still very angry.




“You must die!”




Jason was tall, taller than Baron.




“No! I don’t think so!”




The tall man was frightened and his legs were pedaling, and he felt a strong force that would burst his skull.




This power was really terrible.




There was a fear from the depths of the body, which made him feel cold all over. At that moment, the pirate felt that the fire of his life would extinguish any moment.




“Too strong!”




Aside, Baron’s pirate panicked. They all pulled out their arms and rushed toward Jason.




But, they saw that Jason’s face remained unchanged. He single-handedly waved again.








More than a dozen people flew by Jason and slammed into the store wall behind them.




What made everyone breathe back was that the pirates who were collided on the wall, they didn’t fell down immediately, because of the huge power, they stuck to the wall like a painting.




Rogen saw this scene and his eyes narrowed.




“He sticks them into the wall like a painting. He was a horrible power!”




To reach this level, didn’t need only huge power, but it also needs a perfect control of this power.




After moments, the Pirates fell down and screamed.




Their bones broke under this collision. Also, the wall where they collided collapsed.




“What a guy!”




At this moment, everyone was shocked.




This burly man has a huge power.




Then, they all saw Jason carry that pirate and threw him to the ground.








The skinny body immediately bleeds out, the pirate trembled a little and then he stopped.




Actually, he died.




“You bastard!”




Baron’s discolored and the angry came out from his heart.




He knew the power of his crew, every one of them was powerful with tens of millions reward.




However, against this guy, they totally gonna lose.




Actually, there were reasons for them to be defenseless. It was because the power of this burly guy, he was very strong.




“Hah, what are you looking at again?”




Another sentence introduced into Baron’s ear, which made him crunch his teeth.




“Damn you!”




Baron anger was gushing, and he violently stood up. He couldn’t care about the mess he was in. But after he stood up, he made a high roar.




“You will see my true strength!”




After a breath, and in the eyes of the crowd, Baron’s figure began to swell.




His body grew a brown hair, sharp claws appeared in his feet and his hand. He totally changed at that moment, he turned into the forelegs of some animal.




From behind, a tail like a whip has appeared too.




This inhuman appearance made everyone become scared.



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