One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 51: Spies!

“This is the Devil Fruit!!”



Rogen’s eyes narrowed while he looked at Baron.




“He became an Animal!”




Rogen murmured these words, with this appearance after the transformation, Rogen confirmed that Baron had eaten a Zoan Devil Fruit.




This type of fruit can greatly enhance human speed, strength, and reaction. It can be said that if the user focus to make his body stronger, and with the Zoan fruit, he could be unstoppable.




But this Baron has only 40 millions reward, so he wasn’t enormously strong.




Only by virtue of the Devil Fruit, he became stronger than the other pirates.




But then, the Baron’s mouth made a sound, which surprised everyone.








What? It turned out to be a cat!




Rogen’s mouth anxiously shook, looked at the kitten on his shoulder, but the cat pouted its mouth and didn’t care about Rogen.




“I will kill you!”




Baron’s voice was sharp and fierce. Even if it was a cat, there was no doubt that he was a ferocious cat.




His claws were on the ground, he was moving so fast that his whole figure seemed to be light as a swallow. Just as he bent, he rushed forward, jumping at the building on both sides of the road.




Jason looked up and saw Baron running and jumping on both sides of the street.




At this moment, while Baron was running, his speed was getting faster and faster. After ten meters, his whole body has turned into a phantom.








Onlookers were surprised.




He was extremely fast. They could only see a phantom.




Baron and Jason were about 50 meters apart. Just after 2 seconds, Baron was so fast, but Jason’s eyes were full of the shadows left by his running.




Suddenly, a sharp voice rang.








Jason looked up at the position of that sound.




There were two sharp claws, shining with bright light.




“Claw-hit, I will tear you apart!”




Baron whispered. With the force of dropping down from the air and with his magnificent speed, he accumulated a great power and pushed his attack to its limit.




“You are dead!”




“No one can survive this attack!”




He had seen Jason’s strength, so his first attack was his strongest attack.




After a short breath, Baron’s figure changed quickly his position in the air, even though it was a small change, but it could make the enemy unable to figure out where he would appear.




Suddenly, he was shaking.




Jason involuntarily looked at the left side of his sight, but at this point, Baron’s figure came from the front.




“Haha, you guessed the wrong direction!”




“Go to hell!”




The two sharp lights suddenly crossed the sky and seemed to split the space.




But at the same time, Jason’s right fist suddenly came out.




On his thick arms, muscles suddenly burst up, and his green veins were like dragons








The punch was straightforward and smashed Baron’s nose.








The crisp sound of the cracking bones came, and everyone couldn’t help but hold their noses as if they could feel Baron’s pain.




“That’s so cool!”




Rogen was so amazed.




Jason’s punch was so sudden that outsiders looked as if Baron has rushed forward to get beaten. 




However, Rogen could see now that Jason was really a very strong guy.




He didn’t know why he was imprisoned in the basement by a scum group of pirates.




At this time, Jason’s head was still looking at the left side.




Slowly turning his head, Jason spoke very seriously.




“I also have eaten a Devil Fruit, Gomen’nasai.”




This sentence was more like a ridicule.




However, Rogen took a deep look at Jason. He really doesn’t know what Fruit this guy has, but his body’s strength was terrible.




Unexpectedly Baron was bitten by Rogen, and he flew out straight toward the rear for a hundred meters or so, and then “bang” his body hit the wall and crashed it.




Seeing this scene, the crowd around were muddled.




What a power!




The Baron’s pirates, at this point, were completely annihilated!




The top and most ferocious pirates of the South Blue, because of a “what are you looking at”, they were beaten up.




Where the hell did these two strong men came from?




After sweeping around, Jason saw the enemy lying on the ground, and then scratched his head and regained his innocence.




“Jason, it’s time to go.”




Until then, Rogen lightly said.




“Oh! Yes, captain.”




He is still the simple and honest big man, just then, he turned to a tough guy.




With a bitter face, Jason picked up the items with at least a thousand pounds weight, he stepped forward and gently followed Rogen.




The crowd looked at the two men, and they quietly opened the road.




Such a great man with a good heart, the young man who was walking in the front.




Obviously, between the two men, the teenager was in the main position. That is to say, this teenager might be even stronger than the big man.




On the board of the Dragon Root, Jason went to the cabin and put down the huge pile of their purchases, which had directly filled the basement.




“OK, let’s go, we’ll go to the hot spring, then we need to buy some clothes to wear.”




Rogen stretched and laughed.




Jason wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded with excitement.




“Jason, I don’t expect to find your size has been made!”




After all, Jason’s figure was too big. The clothes of this guy were estimated to be customized.




Jason touched his head and smiled thickly.




Subsequently, the two men and the cat entered the island again.




Half an hour later, Rogen and Jason took off their upper body clothes and comfortably soaked in the hot spring.




The little master was shyly lying on the side of the hot spring pool and did not dare to look at these two.




“Ah, so nice, I haven’t been so comfortable for a long time.”




Rogen sighed.




“Enjoy this moment of peace, Jason, we will be busy soon.”




Jason smiled again, he was enjoying the hot spring and looking to the sky.




“Yeah, it is really a rare peace.”




At the entrance to the hot spring shop, two guys wearing a black suit and pairs of dark glasses were communicating in a low voice.




“Do you see him clearly? Is it him?”




“Yeah! This face can’t be wrong.”




“In addition, according to our information, this guy also appeared in the South Blue during this period of time.”




The two quickly communicated, constantly watching the crowd on both sides of the street.




“If it wasn’t for the big man today, we wouldn’t notice him.”




“This is a good place to get him with no effort.”




“What’s more interesting is the cat on the teenager’s shoulder, go and investigate it carefully and identify the cat. The identity of the cat may be even more frightening than that guy. “








“I’m going to deliver the report, and you start investigating.”




After a few words, the two nodded and disappeared from the street.



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