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S.P.P Chapter 52: Let The Fun Begin!!

One of the figures, after going around, he left the hot spring place.



The location he chose was very special, and because of the wall he was behind, it looked a little far from the hot springs. In fact, if you are a person with good intuition, you could clearly understand the movements of Rogen.




“The kid is exactly the same as the picture given by the superior!”




Silently recalling the appearance of Rogen, then, he looked around to know if there anyone around, when he found it clear, he took out the Den Den Mushi.








There were three rhythmic percussion sounds, it was a quick tone.








“Report your code!”




The steady voice came from the other side.




“Code 43298, I’m in the South Blue, Allister Island!”




He said in low voice.








A voice of majesty came out.








The agent 43298 answered in a respectful way, and then he talked quickly.




“I was dispatched by superior to the Allister Island for a mission. Recently, I found a teenager who consistent with one of our missions. I came to report. In addition, there was a cat next to the boy. And his subordinates seriously suspected that he was the important person we hadn’t found for a long time.”




“Report the teenager mission code!”




After hearing the words of the agent 43298, the person on the opposite indulged for a moment, and he didn’t ask for the information about the cat.




“Code 0.”




After hearing that, the agent’s voice was a bit strange, full of curiosity.








It seemed that he obviously stayed a while, and then the agent 43298 quickly asked” sure the code is 0?!”




Series sounds of flipping through the paper came from the opposite side. 43298 could hear the superior attention and dignity of the superior from the sound.




It seems that the boy is unusual.












A heavy breathing sound came from the Den Den Mushi, and the superior was silent for a while before asking again.




“Continue to confirm the identity of the cat!”




The superior said with a heavy voice.




“Always pay attention to the position coordinates of code 0, and if it’s necessary, you can postpone other tasks priority!”




Upon hearing this sentence, the agent 43298 glimpsed.




Is it the highest priority? The boy’s identity was so important that made the marines very concerned.




Who exactly is he? He let the superior very attentive. He didn’t hesitate, and he answered quickly.




“Alright, sir!”




“Do it well, this time if you can complete this task, then the promotion won’t be far.”




There was a rare admiral as a promotion.




The agent 43298 was very happy, and he immediately replied.




“Understood sir!”




Subsequently, the Den Den Mushi hanged up.




There was a deep curiosity on his face, and his eyes flashed.




“The identity of this boy must be extraordinary.”




He was very sure of this, for the identity of the cat seemed too high for him to imagine, but the priority of the boy still above the cat.




On this side, agent 43298 pays close attention to Rogen’s every move.




On the other side, the superior’s became very serious when he heard it.




He didn’t hesitate to report to the marine headquarters immediately.




Actually, the colonel didn’t have any doubts about the information he got.




There were a lot of spies teams in the marines. These marines were either dressed as businessmen or civilians. It was usually for them to stay without any work. They don’t need them to kill the enemy




From time to time, they would arrange some tasks for them on the line.




Many of these tasks are surveillance, inspection, and spying.




The agent 43298 was one of the vast majority of spies, he was a professional one, only the 100% determined messages would be determined.




“Puru-Puru-Puru !”








Soon, the Den Den Mushi ringed.




“I’m the commander Leon, from the South blue division, I have information!”




“What is it?”




The marines headquarters weren’t so careful to the subject.




“One of our spies found a major suspect in Allister Island in the south blue, code 0 mission, Gol.D.Rogen!”




“At the same time, he found the cat, code 1 mission, and he currently investigating his identity.”




Leon took a deep breath after he reported it.








“And does the world government emphasize the cat we care about?”




For two consecutive questions, the marine of this ministry was somewhat aggressive.




“They are all in the South Blue?!”




“Yes, when he found Rogen, the cat was by his side.”




Because of the agent 43298 issued a more detailed written report later, Leon was very aware of this information.




“In addition, there is another person with them named Jason, he is a big man, and he is very strong!”








The marine on the opposite side was aggressive again. How long it has been since Rogen has started to build a crew? Is it Roger’s relative pirates?




In the midst of contemplation, the marines of the headquarters didn’t talk again.




Leon was very patient. He knew the importance of this matter.




It won’t only affect the world, but it will affect more the future of marines forces also.




Only a few moments and the marines of the ministry reacted.




“Understood, I will inform the Fleet Admiral.”




Leon nodded, he hanged up quickly, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.




He could predict that a huge event would shock the entire marines and pirates.




The efficiency of the marines headquarters was amazing. After determining the position of Rogen, a command was issued quickly.




In fact, after the defeat of Dragon and the serious injuries that he got, then the orders of Sengoku, Rogen’s reward order was not withdrawn, and it only appeared in a limited area.




Because after that, the Marines and the world government has stopped raising a reward for Rogen.




The high reward, which didn’t distribute yet around the world, it forcibly suspended.




The marines didn’t want the world to know anything about Roger brother.




Only some people in the South blue knew that Roger has a younger brother, but these people were civilians who have rarely gone to the sea, or some pirates.




But relying on these people to spread the information of Rogen, that would take them two or three years.




On that day, Kizaru was still swaying in the East Blue and the Golden Den Den Mushi rang.




Yawning, Kizaru was bored at that moment, and he answered it slowly.








“Admiral Kizaru! The Fleet Admiral issued an order to let you go to the South Blue!”




“South blue! For what?”




Kizaru wondered.




“The target Gol.D.Rogen is found, and he is in the south blue now!”




Kizaru’s eyes flashed.




“So, is there a specific location? The South blue is very big!”




“South blue, Baterilla Island!”




Subsequently, the Den Den Mushi hangs up, and Kizaru slowly stood up and stretched out.




“After such a long rest, activities are also good.”




Arresting Rogen was only a little physical activity for Kizaru.



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