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S.P.P Chapter 53: Why Should We Avoid Them!?


At that time, Admiral Kizaru was at the peak of his life. His physical state was in perfect condition. He was one of the strongest Marines.




Especially with his Devil Fruit Pika Pika no Mi, the light fruit, no enemy could withstand against him.




Rogen? Huh, in Kizaru’s eyes, he was just a little curiosity, he didn’t count him as a real enemy.




For the discovery of Rogen, the Marines handled it a very low-key. All within a limited range of rapid decision-making, and did not cause any vibrations.




On Allister Island in the South Blue, Rogen was playing with Jason and the little master. He was unaware of the coming storm.




They did not notice that there were a few shadows around them. They were silently staring at them and then they quickly retreated.




These movements were invisible and didn’t arouse the awareness of Rogen and the others.




The professionalism of this intelligence personnel can be seen.




“It has been identified that the identity of the cat is the mission target of code 1.”




“Inform the world government that they have been getting the deal done and that there has been news.”




After these sentences were passed, a faint and small vibration began to surge rapidly.




On that day, Rogen, Jason, and the little cat played until midnight before returning to the boat and then fell asleep.




The next morning, everything in the Dragon Root was normal.




The Marines didn’t act arbitrarily. To handle Rogen, they had to keep a track on him.




On the Dragon Root, Rogen was sitting on the bow and the little master squinted beside him.




These two were facing the sea waves with peaceful expression and they seemed to feel something.




Behind them, Jason’s tall figure shuttled on the deck, carrying mops, brooms, and other items, cleaning the ship.




“Right, Jason!”




Suddenly, Rogen remembered something and shouted.




“Yes, Captain!”




Jason replied loudly.




“Clean up the dishes and plant the orange seeds we bought.”








Jason was working hard and painstakingly.




Looking at Jason, Rogen was gratified.




“This guy will be very promising in the future. He is really capable.”




He couldn’t find such a good crew like him. He was an honest guy. Rogen found that he liked that a bit.




Then, sailing all the way across the sea, Rogen went straight to the second supply points of the voyage.




“Only three stop we have to make and we will reach Baterilla Island. This route has been compressed by me and hopefully, within four months we get there.”




His eyes shone with light and he clenched his fist slightly.




The little master next to him seemed to feel his emotion and screamed with a low sound.








Hearing the voice of the little master, Rogen smiled and touched the little master’s head.




“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Let the thinking for my enemies, I am very strong now.”




These words were full of confidence, and for sure, these facts were true.




With a balance of more than 200 million, Rogen was confident that he could summon a great soul if he faces a very strong opponent. Such a soul must be stronger than Itachi.




The voyage was safe and silent, until three days later, they found two pirates groups fighting in front of them.




“Would you like to avoid them? Captain, these pirates are reckless and very troublesome.”




Jason asked.




“Why should we avoid them? Jason, go straight ahead, I’m going to rob them.”




Rogen noticed from afar that these pirates on both sides were full of bloody atmosphere and obviously, they had done many bad things.




Strangely enough, he had hardly seen the innocent fellow who went out to the sea following their dreams. He only saw bad pirates, hungry for blood and treasures.




Jason has always executed Rogen’s order in a perfect way.




After a while, two groups of pirates who were fighting, suddenly found out that a ship was crossing. When they looked at the flag, they became even more stunned.




“Not a pirate flag? Neither the Marines? “




The pirates were a little bit confused. What are they doing here?




But after three seconds, two figures jumped from the ship.




At the same time, a voice came out.




“Jason, there is no need for mercy, these scums of the sea, Hell is where they belong.”








A strong voice came out.




The two figure fell heavily from the sky and stood in the middle of these pirates.




One was thin, the other was big and burly, like a small tower, the two figures were sharply contrasting, but at this moment, all the pirates were stunned.




But after a second, they became angry.




“Who the hell is this guy, shouting to kill us!?”




“Brothers, cut them first, they must be killed for these big words!”




“Crush them, give them a painful death for what they said!”




Just for a moment, Rogen and Jason found that their hatred value of both groups has reached the peak.




In one look, Jason took a step forward and Rogen’s right hand was placed on his sword.




“Kill them!”




So many pirates from the two groups rushed at the same time at Rogen and Jason.




The momentum was astonishing. These pirates looked grim and fierce. They were hovering around the edge of life and death every day.




Their lives were not worthy when innocent people were going to be killed by them.




After a moment, the pirates rushed forward, and then they flew back.




It was a tremendous force as if it was swinging of a giant hammer, just a moment, and the rushing pirates directly swept back.




This was Jason. He just waved his arm. His huge power was like a monster.




“Ah, ah!”




The pirates screamed and crashed into the back of the ship, and others were hit by the edge of the boat, “poof”, then they fell into the sea.


However, this attack was so shocking even for these ferocious pirates.




“What a great strength? Huh, kill him! “




The voice of the captain’s roar on both sides came out, then, the atmosphere was even more bursting.




Just then, a bright light of the sword passed them.




No one saw how that sword looked like, but the sword had already returned to its sheath.




They only saw the cold-faced teenager, gently pushing the hilt of the sword, “chook”, the sword has been completely closed.




But in the next moment, a series of screams, and blood rushed out from the pirates.




This sword directly killed more than a dozen pirates.




In a twinkling, the whole ship fell into silence, and a cold sweat poured from the heads of the remaining pirates.




“Him… Him… Himura Kenshin!”





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