One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 54: Let’s Get Stronger

Both pirate’s sides saw the power of that sword, and they immediately called out in horror.



Recently, a demon came over the South Blue. It was said that he faces any pirate, no matter how strong they were, and he could kill them with one hit.




The glory and the shape of that sword, no pirates have seen, because the ones who have seen, are dead.




Above the sea, everyone was talking about that mysterious swordsman. He was only known by the pirates who have passed by him, but none of them still alive. Such a powerful and cruel guy who has made countless pirates deeply fear him. Pirates were praying every day and every night to avoid this powerful guy.




They didn’t expect that this would happen today, they actually encountered by him.




No one knows his identity, no one knows his appearance, but there were rumors between pirates, that when they saw a strong swordsmanship, they would immediately recognize him.




Because of this information, the pirates could quickly identify of Rogen and call him by the name of “Himura Kenshin!”




“Shit! We didn’t provoke you, why did you attack us?”




One of the captains was horrified and immediately shouted.




He was scared in front of this great swordsman. He had already heard about him. The entire South blue hopes to not face him.




“How can I let you live and your hands are stained with the blood of innocent!?”




Rogen was indifferent and stepped forward.




Jason took a big step and waved his hand, more than a dozen people flew out. The huge power made these pirates lost their consciousness in the air before they fell down.




“Damn, rumors didn’t say that Himura has a partner, who is this guy?”




They thought that only Himura was terrifying, but the strength of this burly man wasn’t a joke.




The two men shuttled in the crowd of nearly 100 pirates, each time they hit, blood spilled out. The great fighting power was their best defense, which made this huge number of pirates couldn’t handle them.




These chickens as Rogen called them couldn’t stand against them, so they jumped from their own ships with fear in their hearts.




“These guys!”




Rogen was speechless. He wanted to kill all of them, but he couldn’t follow them into the sea.




They knew that there was nothing in this vast ocean even for a thousand mile from there. And, when they jumped off the boat, there was only death in that way.




Did they choose to die into the sea than to face Rogen?




Rogen shook his head, and then he went to the treasure room on the ship. Three minutes later, he came out with a smile.




“These two groups of pirates have pushed my balance to 300 million Belly.”




At this point, the system balance showed a long string of number, a total of 310 million Belly.




This huge number that Rogen has never had before, what kind of soul could he purchase with 300 million, it must be a fearful and powerful one?




“Jiraya? Ichigo Kurosaki? Pain?”




These characters flickered in his mind and Rogen looked forward to it.




As far as he knows, the determination of the strength of the system is a mysterious vague line. It was reasonable to say that Uchiha Itachi was at least a hundred million Belly class. He was from the green class level. but was called out by his good fortune in the green class.




These powerful people he thought before, there was no doubt that they must be a soul above this guy.




300 million Belly, what kind of guy he can summon with it, Rogen couldn’t imagine at the moment.




“The enemies that I’m going to face in this trip to Baterilla are imaginably powerful.”




“I must be prepared for everything!”




His eyes flashed slightly, Rogen was very cautious.




The marines were extremely concerned about the descendants of Roger, and all the forces involved.  Even he would intercept with an elite Marine like Dragon. Then, the stationed of Baterilla Island would be a Vice Admiral or higher. 




“Vice Admiral!” 




Rogen muttered to himself, he didn’t know how powerful that high-rank marine would be.




But, there was no doubt that the Vice Admiral must be very strong and powerful and have mastered the Haki, and with a high existence of the six powers (the six techniques of “Rokushiki”) they could easily face and defeat the devil’s fruit users.




For now, Rogen only relies on souls given by the system to become stronger.  With his own strength, even the 100 million pirates may not be able to defeat. He could only defeat chickens with a reward of less than 100 million.




“I’m not strong enough!”




Rogen’s eyes became firm, he still felt that the 300 million belly is a big amount, but without it, he is very weak. He already put himself away from satisfaction.




More than 300 million! It was a huge amount for civilians. But for him, it was just an amount that he could summon a good soul with, and he didn’t know what kind of soul would be.




Could he fight against Vice Admiral? If he could, then, what about Admirals?




According to Rogen, the soul he would purchase against the Admirals must be very strong, he was afraid that he must summon more than 1 billion souls to be able to defeat him.




With his fist clenched, Rogen’s expression became calm.




He turned his head and shouted at Jason to back to their ship.




After returning to the Dragon Root, the ship was handed over to Jason.




Rogen sat alone on the deck and he closed his eyes slowly.




He found the fact that his strength was a problem.




“Even though I can summon a powerful soul, but I still can’t solve my own weakness!”




“The biggest role of the system is not to give me power for an hour or so, but it allows me to learn from these souls!”




“I can’t be temporarily blinded by strong eyes.”




Rogen’s eyes flashed, and he started to realize.




In the past, even though he had the same idea, but he was afraid that summoning souls would be a waste of money, but today, when the balance reached up 300 million, his mind suddenly opened up.




“Why should I care about tens of thousands Belly?”




“Summoning high-level souls is costly, but can these low-level souls allow me to learn?”




“Whether it is martial arts or kendo, doesn’t it always make people strong from their weakness!?”




Rogen’s face showed a smile.




Now, when he knew the way, things would be much better.




“System, summon me the red soul class, the designated category is the swordsmanship!”




After a while, the system deducted the balance, and Rogen’s mind was in a burst of complicated sword skills.




There were all kinds of lights in his eyes. At the moment he seems to be learning something.




The red soul wasn’t expensive. It was only about 10,000 belly, even if it doubled, the high price would be only 100,000 Belly. For the current balance of Rogen, he could afford it.




Gradually, the possession time of swordsmanship passed.




Then he began to summon another one again.




And after an hour, the possession time passed again.




At this time, Rogen’s brow was wrinkled up.



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