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S.P.P Chapter 55: Stephen Chow


After these test, Rogen found something that made him speechless.




That was, he took control of the summoned swordsmen very slowly, and an hour passed, but he couldn’t even learn his swordsmanship.




“How can this be done?”




There were not many possessions done, and he thought it would be impossible to summon some powerful characters and learn their skills.




But these basic swordsmanships, the lowest level of swordsmanship, must be learned.




The high-rise building starts from the ground, and also the powerful swordsmanship needs a basic transition. 




Rogen stopped there, and he was aware of the reason for these results.




“My talent is still too bad!”




He shook his head with a bitter smile. He was helpless.




He thought that when he gets the possession system, his talents would become better. But who knows, this system did not let him do what he wanted, and Let him become a rare talent. His talent was still that he, even the simplest body skills, swordsmanship, were hard to learn.




And all the skills that he had, were bought by possession coins, not his own skills.




“What could I do about this?”




The moment before, he was ambitious and vowed to learn all the basic sword skills in the world, he realized that he comprehend a set of ultimate swordsmanship.




But at this moment, he found that he still was no talent, such a simple task was impossible to do.




Rogen sat silently and began to think of some ways.




Half an hour later, the sea breeze blew Rogen’s black hair, and the little master on the side crooked its head, looking at him curiously as if it was wondering why he was puzzled.




Suddenly, Rogen eyes lit up, along smile appeared in his face and laughed.




“Ha ha ha ha, why am I so stupid? I didn’t even think of this.”




“I don’t have talents that others have, but there are so many souls in this system, so I don’t believe that there is no talent dedicated souls!”




His eyes sparkled and became bright again.




In a blink of an eye, he said directly to the system.




“System! summon me a yellow soul, the specified category is martial arts talent.”




“Understood, summoning the martial arts talent category, yellow class, specifying the category, the consumption is twice the random summoning!”




After three seconds, Rogen’s eyes flashed, a figure stepped forward and directly integrated into his body.




“Summon yellow soul, Stephen Chow, martial arts wizard.”




“Stunt, the Buddha’s palm!”




Rogen’s face showed a smile. He did not expect that the system would pick such a character.




The Protagonist of the movie “Kung Fu Hustle” Stephen Chow. He is a little fool who has nothing to do. The biggest dream of his life is to join the “Axe Gang” and be a bad man. However, his nature is kind, under the wrong circumstances, offending the evil spirits of fire and being finally hit by the two pulses of Ren governor, awakened his innate talent, became a rare martial arts wizard.




“Skills, martial arts wizards.”




What made Rogen admire this system more, this martial arts wizards can also become a skill, which was convenient for him.




“System, give me the skills of the martial arts wizards.”




“Martial arts wizards, the exchange needs 55,000 coins, successfully exchanged, congratulations to the host.”




Before he saw the amount of possessions coins that the martial arts wizard needed to exchange, suddenly, Rogen became confused. Then he looked at his own currency balance, and all of a sudden, his face turned green.




“What the f*ck! Is there a mistake? It’s so expensive! “




He felt his body was hollowed out. The martial arts wizard had emptied out his possession coins balance. He was still thinking about accumulating a large amount of possession coins to learn more swordsmanship and skills.




But, in a moment, Rogen has closed his mouth.




His eyes slowly closed, and an invisible temperament came out of him.




This is a kind of martial arts master’s momentum, which has been cultivated for a long time. Every move was in harmony with the principle of heaven, standing there like impeccable.




Five minutes later, Rogen’s mouth showed a smile.




“This exchange is not a loss.”




He spoke out softly.




Yes, it was not a loss.




Only by learning the skills of Martial arts wizards, can you understand how terrible this skill was? Any martial arts, as long as he sees, or has seen it before, he could use it at his will. And when martial arts wizards merge with him, they merge into him too. His physical fitness has also increase instantly, his power becomes extremely incomparable, speed, reaction, and beyond the past. 




Compared with the previous moment, Rogen had a perfect transformation.




Because of the skills of the martial arts wizards, one of the attributes that came with it was Governing and Conception Vessels. (The Governing and Conception Vessels are the main rivers of the body’s Yin and Yang energies. They are polar aspects of the body, perfectly complementary, like midnight and midday.)




The two veins opened up, and the innate airflow “qi” in his body turned ceaseless. From then on, that stream became endless.








“Unfortunately, I have not learned any internal strength.”




Shake his head, but Rogen wasn’t sorry at all. He was still smiling, and at this moment, he was magically able to look inside his own body, to see that there was a little bit of Qi in his Dantian (Dantian is loosely translated as “elixir field”, “sea of qi”, or simply “energy center”), all over the meridians, and, above his limbs, Some black and blue dots.




He knows that those black spots are the impurities produced by a long diet, staying up late, or sucking up toxic gases in the air.




“With this skill, my talent becomes perfect, I only need to exchange some powerful internal skills, and I can cultivate it to a perfect state in a blink of an eye.”




Perhaps the internal strength in the world of pirates is not that great, but, to strengthen his body, enhance his fighting power at this moment.




“And here I am.”




Rogen slowly closed his eyes.




“But there are more important things to do.”




In silence, Rogen’s whole body seemed to be dead.




He realized how powerful the Buddha’s palm of Sing from the movie “Kung Fu Hustle” and everyone could see it clearly.




“Have you ever heard of the skill of the Buddha’s palm falls from the sky?”




Yes, he is now enlightening this set of techniques.




If his former self-replaced him, he was not qualified to learn this skill, his qualifications were so poor that the system did not bother to talk to him, so bad that Roger gave up rescuing him.




But at this time, he is a martial arts wizard.




As the hour approached to end, Rogen opened his eye, they were sparkling, and his right palm was moving in the air.




Just then, there was a loud noise coming from the front.




“Captain, unluckily, we have met another group of pirates.”


“They are going to rob us.”




Jason said.




Rogen opened his eyes, with a smile on his face.




“Just, try my newly-learned palm method.”



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