One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 56: Buddhist Palm!

Rogen slowly got up, and his eyes flashed. The one hour was about to pass, and the possession time was about to end. In this short time, with the skills of the martial arts wizards, he has also perfectly mastered the Buddhist Palm.


In front of the Dragon Root, there were two small and noisy ships surrounded it. These two small boats were the pirates who came to rob Rogen.


In the vast sea, there were a lot of powerful pirates looting Islands and merchant ships. Naturally, these small ships have only 20 or 30 pirates on it. They were small in scale, but they spent a long time-fighting in the sea and accumulated a lot of money.


Such pirates, which usually appear in the sea only for a while, and then they disappear. They won’t be pirates for a long time, they only wanted to accumulate wealth as a process.


A few steps across the head of the ship, Rogen saw the pirates who were holding their weapons in front of him. One of them had a gloomy face, and he was shaking a sword in his hand, he wanted to pressure Rogen.


“Hand over all the treasure you have, you are only two people, so we can let you go!”


A middle-aged man, he seems to be the captain with his cigarette in his mouth, he laughed and said that. He was looking harmless.


“You want to get our treasure!?”


A smile appeared on Rogen’s mouth.


“Well, if you give up your goods, we will let you live!”


The captain nodded.


“Captain, what are you saying to them? Let me go and kill them!”


Jason scratched his head and said with a simple tone.


With these words, the angry values of the pirates were lifted up, and all of them were staring at Jason with red eyes.


“Don’t hurry, it’s okay let me do it this time!”


Rogen pulled Jason and stopped him.


How could he let Jason go? This time, he wanted to use his new techniques.


An hour of the possession almost end, it rested ten seconds. He just wanted to test whether his previous ideas were valid or not.


“You look worried about your little partner, it’s funny!”


The captain took a breath and held the cigarette with his fingers and pointed it to Jason.


Jason looked at the captain, and Rogen laughed.


Under the orders of the captain, the crew suppressed their anger. They were waiting for Rogen to talk. If they could solve the battle without using the swords, they would be very happy. After all, their ships were small and couldn’t withstand the damage of a big fight.


In the blink of an eye, the time passed quietly.


Rogen’s eyes suddenly lit up, and his smile became thicker.


“Perfect! My predictions aren’t wrong!”


With the possession of Stephen Chow’s soul, and with the martial arts skills that he has already exchanged, he could perfectly control Buddhist Palm.


The smile on his face became bigger and bigger, Rogen seemed to have discovered a path to make a fortune.


“Buddhist Palm, in the exchange platform, its price reached the 100,000!”


“That’s it, I already saved 100,000 coins!”


All of this was for the Buddhist Palm, even if the soul of Chow was gone. Rogen could still clearly perceive the existence of his skills and that part of his memory was still in his mind.


It was just like learning something not familiar with.


However, it wasn’t a problem for him. As long as he honed it over time, he would be able to get familiar with it quickly.


“Hey boy, I have given you so long, have you thought about it?”


The captain smoked his cigarette and he was a little impatient.


“Well, I thought about it!”


Rogen nodded and smiled.


“I don’t know if you have heard about the falling Buddhist Palm!”




The captain was a little worried.


He didn’t understand what Rogen just said, but the next moment, he opened his mouth.


Rogen was standing on the bow of his ship, and then he only made a slight bend on his knees. At the next moment, he was like a bird, he leaped to the air like he was flying.


Rogen at this moment had a wonderful feeling when he jumped, as soon as his feet moved, he felt that his body became lighter.


He was sure that he had never learned anything like this light move, but at this time, his bones and flesh seemed to inflate and became lighter and lighter.


At the same time, he felt a powerful force accompanied by his movements, which gathered quickly.


“This is the strength of the martial arts wizard, the strength of the Ren and Du meridians!”


There was a hint of enlightenment in his eyes, and Rogen’s hand suddenly extended.


First, his hands were closed on his chest, and then it moved with a solemn expression, as he was angry.


At this moment, with the power of the leap he made, he was already within 100 meters in the air, he reached the highest point he could.


The next moment, his head went down, and his palm slowly pushed forward.


His right hand was pointed to the two ships.


Gradually, Rogen landing faster and faster, he made an invisible wind pressure, as he fell, he steadily pressed them toward the sea.


“Voom! Voom! Voom!”


The two ships began to tremble violently, there was an invisible pressure, and the pirates were panicking.


“Captain! The wind is too strong!”


“ Damn the pressure is so strong!”


“It’s the kid, I saw him flying up and then he fell down!”


“Oh My God! What is he going to do? He can fly so high, is it the devil‘s fruit ability?”


The pirates panicked and instantly they became noisy.


The captain looked pale and shouted, “Keep calm!”


“Stand still and don’t move! I have to see what this kid is going to do!”


His words were full of anger, and the pirates immediately calmed down and they were all looking up to the sky.


At the Dragon Root, Jason looked at Rogen and his eyes trembled, and he quietly moved the ship back several meters.


He had a faint feeling that his captain who flew up to the sky wouldn’t do anything good.


Finally, in a dazzling time, Rogen has been less than 30 meters away from the pirate ships below.


At a close distance, the pirates were subjected into more powerful wind pressure and they didn’t run away. Rogen was a bit confused.


“You dare to face the Buddhist Palm power! I like it!”


Suddenly, Rogen’s palm slammed and pushed.




A tremendous palm pressure that shocked the hearts of the pirates suddenly fell slammed from the sky, only a moment, nearly 2/3 of pirates were crushed into the ship by the huge pressure.




A lot of blood spurted out of their mouths and splashed into the air.


But these splattering drops of blood seemed to be squeezed by invisible pressure again.


At this time, Rogen’s scary palm was only 20 meters away from the deck.




His hand once again pressed toward the ship.

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