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S.P.P Chapter 57: So Many Skills!



The Buddha’s palm of the 100-meter altitude broke out and all its power has exploded at this moment.


A huge palm, about forty meters long, appeared in the void and it was printed on two pirate ships.


“Oh, oh!”


The pirates screamed in horror. Seeing this scene was like seeing the God, and endless fear and panic planted in their hearts.


At the next moment, the palm pressure was irresistible.




The two ships exploded at this moment. The hulls were crushed to pieces by a huge palm.


At this time, Rogen had only ten meters away from the deck, he slowly closed his palm and pushed his chest.


His speed was diminishing, and it became like a leaf in the air, Dancing with the wind and falling on the broken hull.


Rogen was so amazed.


“This power is really terrifying.” 


Two small ships were destroyed directly by him, a pirate group, nearly 30 men, was abolished by him.


And all of this happened in less than ten seconds.


“The peak power of the Buddha’s palm is from 300 meters high, and now I only used one-third of it.”


But these 1/3 was already so terrible.


At the end of the two ships, a huge palm was printed on them. The place touched by this huge palm was all smashed.


“Uh, puff.”


Beneath him, he was a ripped captain cap, Rogen lowered his head and saw half a cigarette butt.


Then he looked ahead and a smile appeared in his face.


Under the broken deck, a hand suddenly reached out, and then a black-nosed, swollen face appeared in front of his eyes. It was the middle-aged captain.


“Whaa… What is this?”


He was still confused at that moment, a huge palm fell from the sky, and the entire group of pirates was directly destroyed.


“Do you want to learn it?”


Rogen looked down at the middle-aged captain.


The captain cried with sadness because he saw Rogen stretching out his palm and pointing it at him.


“Want to!”


Nodded indignantly, he saw Rogen beckoned him to say such an answer.


“Want to learn, I’ll teach you ah!”


Rogen was laughing so hard, and his palm suddenly came out again.




A huge palm print suddenly reappeared on the hull, and the entire ship swayed and began to creak and was about to sink.


And the captain has been crushed to death by this palm.


The power of the Buddhist Palm was so terrible.


With a jump backward, Rogen returned to the Dragon Root and carefully began to savor this harvest.


“These pirate groups have only 10 million, it can be ignored, but what I am more concerned about is.”


His mouth was smiling.


It was the power of that palm and the amazing skill of the martial arts wizards!


He opened the Governing and Conception Vessels, the Qi (Chi) cycled endless in his body, Rogen has been able to control all the power in his body perfectly. Therefore, this time he will have such a burst of power.


It can be said that only this time, Rogen’s strength has completed an interesting transformation.


So, he could defeat pirates with hundred of millions bounty.


With the Buddhist Palm, he could smash everything within 10 meters diameter without brewing, and when he jumps high in the air, he accumulates more power and that with increasing the damage.




Rogen muttered and the joy was visible in his face.


Jason was very curious at this time.


“Captain, That hand!”


“What about it?”


Rogen asked with a smile.


“So strong!”


Jason admired.


“Do you want to learn it? If you want I can teach you.”


Rogen smiled and said.


“Can I learn it, too?” Jason got excited.


One palm could destroy a whole group pirate, he dreamed to have such a strength.


“As long as you can fly hundreds of meters, then I will teach you.” Rogen was still smiling.


But Jason got grumpy and turned his face. He knew that his captain would not be so generous.


Closed his eyes again, and the realization of the Buddhist Palm has passed through his mind once more. Rogen’s understanding of this move has deepened in a few minutes.


The martial arts wizard was so amazing that he learned everything very quickly, and any martial arts, in his hands, was as easy to control as God has given.


What is more, he will draw inferences from others, and invent martial arts.


“I learned the palm of the Buddha.”


“But this is not important.”


“What’s important is that my speculation is correct.”


Rogen smiled.


“Swordsmanship, internal strength, high speed, all the martial arts secrets are all mine!”


In the next few hours, Rogen began to madly summon red and orange souls, these two are the lowest consumption. He was constantly summoning them and comprehend their skills.


“Ling Wu Chung? The Lone Nine Swords? Learned.” 


(The sword method is divided into nine parts: the total squat type , the broken sword type , the broken knife type , the broken gun type , the broken whip type , the broken line type , the broken palm type , the broken arrow type , and the broken type , which are respectively based on different weapons.)


“Yang Guo? The epee has no front, and it is not working? Learned! “


(From Jin Yong’s novel “The Condor Heroes “, Yang Guo got a soldier. He put a thick iron sword and cast eight words: “The epee has no front, and it is not working.” It means real. Sword skills are not dependent on the sword front, but on personal practice.)


“Duan Yu? Six Veins Swords? Learned!”


(The Six-Vein Sword is not a real sword, but is based on a thick internal force, the six internal forces from the fingertip space to stimulate it to hit the target at very high speed.)


“Lin Ping Zhi? Evil Spirits? Also learned!”


(The evil spirits are the swordsmanship that Lin Yuantu realized from the remnants of the Sunflower Collection. But once it was never passed on, the second person who used this sword method was swift and strange, and no one outside knew the name of his move. He only knew that his move was incredible. Lin Yuantu originally wrote the evil spirits on his own shackles, but his great-grandson Lin Ping was burned to prevent being discovered and the evil spirits were lost.)


Learn! Learn! Learn! Everything was learned! These swordsman’s souls were summoned by him and then he quickly learned their skills.


In one afternoon, Rogen learned a total of 23 sets of swordsmanship, he felt that his skills accumulation was becoming more and more full, his spirit was filling rapidly, and his understanding of swordsmanship became clearer and clearer.


He seems to have seen a world full of swords!


With his talent, swordsmanship of Dao, Huashan swordsmanship, The Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance, he can not be stopped at all.


His swordsmanship was making rapid progress, and he was mastering all the basics of the sword.


This was a fearful distillation, laying a solid foundation for his future strength.


After that, he began to understand the inner strength of the powerful martial arts characters.


“Xiao YaoZi, North Deep Magic? Learned!”


(North deep magic as a peripatetic one of his secrets, formerly Yazi scored after a Li Qiushui the practice-illustrated book, Duan Yu get practice silk volumes, but also destroyed the last Duan Yu hands.)


“Huang Shang, Nine Yang Canon? Learned!”


(“Jiuyin Zhenjing” is a fictional martial art cheat in Jin Yong’s novels. It is the most powerful and fascinating martial arts secret in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, and it is also the treasure that everyone in the martial arts does not want to compete for.)


“Zhang Wuji, Nine Yin Canon? Learned!”


“Wang Chongyang, Congenital Power? Learned!”


Rogen had no pressure to learn, he just hoped that the more, the better. The world of pirates is completely different from the dimension of these martial arts worlds, and the power of these powerful martial arts characters was graded with the one hundred million pirates, no more.


After all, this world’s attributes are too far.


Sunflower Collection? Learned! Pah, what does this do? Rogen gave up directly.


Suddenly, after a random summons, a character was reflected in Rogen’s eyes, making them shine.

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