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S.P.P Chapter 58: The Living Sutra Temple!

The King of the Golden Wheel, Jinlun Guoshi. 



This time, the random summoned character was the villain from the “Condor Heroes”. This character has tight muscles, a sturdy body, and a majestic and heavy body.




In just one step, he has already entered Rogen’s body and merged with him.




“Great and powerful body!”




Only in an instant, Rogen felt that his body was strengthened. He had summoned many souls before this, judging from his strength, his physical quality would be enhanced more or less.




But this time, he could clearly see that he became more powerful.




“Is this the Dragon Elephant martial art?”




It wasn’t instantly that Rogen got the power of the soul. The intensity of this increase depends on Rogen physical condition. Although there are more than a decade of physical foundations, if the soul was very strong that Rogen couldn’t bear, then the power of the soul would probably be lost.




For a long time, Rogen hoped to increase the power of his body, he has never given up exercising his body.




But on the one hand, he did not have a scientific way to exercise, and on the other hand, he was not trained to grow up from an early age. It can be said, that possessing the system made him a bit stronger, compared with the protagonist of Ace, Luffy, and the elite of the marine, his body was nothing compared to theirs.




However, this time, this random character that came to Rogen made him very happy.




The famous martial arts world’s refinement method was made exclusively to improve the human body.




The Dragon Elephant Prajna belongs to the Supreme Guardian of the Emperor Sect. It was divided into thirteen layers, and its external power was strong and fierce. This skill from the tenth floor, this king had a hard time training to reach it. The king of the golden wheel has been trained to the ten-level “Dragon Elephant Prajna Paramita”, which gave him the strength of the dragons and ten elephants.




People who have seen giant elephants knew how terrible and powerful these elephants are, a tough creature. Its strength is so amazing.




Rogen once saw the Asian elephants in the zoo in his previous life, and just standing there, they moved like a hill, shaking the earth. That power was terrible, and the dragon is even more frightening.




Of course, the ten dragons and elephants in this set of skills seem to be exaggerated, but their power is astonishing, and it is absolutely true.




 “With this skill, my physical fitness can be improved quickly!”




Rogen closed his eyes, and he began to understand the secret of this supreme spiritual regulating technique.




In fact, In the Shaolin temple, there were a lot of magical powers, were able to play a great role in improving the physical quality. The Yi Jin Jing, the marrow-washing meridian, could change people’s qualifications and elevate the human body to a perfect peak state.




”It’s a matter of the physical condition, it’s a bit complicated.”




Rogen smiled.




Compared with the practice of Qi-training in human meridians, this method of external work was much less. Moreover, this was more difficult for the body, because it cost a lot of energy.




From ancient times to the present, the human body was considered as a great treasure that was hard to crack. No one knows how deep it was or how great potential it has.




Rogen slowly understood everything about the Dragon Elephant skill, and also understood the human body profoundly.




An hour later, he opened his eyes and smiled.




He understood this skill very well, and then he began to practice it.




As soon as this technique works, Rogen’s whole body, muscles, meridians, and even muscles and joints seemed to be working perfectly, and making a “crackle” sound. After just a little bit of efforts, his spine became straighter, slightly shaking and winding Just like the bones of dragons, and there was a kind of crisp roar, like the dragon roar.




After half an hour, Rogen started working to climb the layers of the Dragon Elephant one by one.




“First, second, third.”




In a moment, He reached to the fifth.




“My body has gone further.”




With a bright in his eyes, Rogen obviously felt that his body has increased slightly.




At this moment, his body was in the 5th layer of the Dragon Elephant Prajna. That is to say, his previous physical quality was almost the same as the 4th layer peak.








He perceived the magic of this practice. Before that, he was also working hard in the world of pirates. But after all, it wasn’t a scientific way. At the moment, the whole body became more harmonious after this practice.




Flexibility between joints, muscles, the elasticity of the cells, all became stronger.




Every part of the human body was like a part of a machine. The strength of each part makes the whole body stronger.




After that, he continued to practice, and it was to push these skill three levels and reach the 8th layer.




“Do I have the power of 8 Dragon and 8 Elephant in my hand now?”




He slowly lifted his palm and smiled.




He slammed toward the deck below with his palm on the Dragon Root.








The huge force immediately distributed and wrapped the whole ship. Because of the huge size of the ship, the force was scattered immediately, and then the water entered the ship.








The huge humming sound came out, and the sea around the Dragon Root exploded, the water splashed and the whole hull swayed violently.








With a sigh, Rogen smiled again.




Even if this wasn’t the full power of the 8 Dragons and 8 elephants, that was far beyond his expectation.




By this time, Rogen had reached a bottleneck to the Dragon Elephant Prajna, and then, relying on daily practice, he made a huge progress.




After two months, Rogen’s strength has entered a period of rapid development.




He summoned a lot of souls and learned the Yi Jin Jing and the marrow-washing meridian all in one.




“I’m going to live in those martial arts worlds now, it’s like a mobile library.”




On this day, Rogen stood on the bow of the ship facing the sea breeze. He looked at this magnificent sea and suddenly he thought of that.




Two months already passed and there have been great changes in his body.




Compared with before, this martial arts master’s temperament was more obvious, standing there, he was like the unity of heaven and earth, and the entire human temperament was outstanding, like the stars and the dazzling moon.




At this moment, a variety of martial arts combined with his body.




Nine Yang Canon, nine Yin Canon, North deep magic, the Eight Absurdities and Six Combinations, the Dragon Elephant Prajna, all of which were coveted by countless people in Lord Jin’s martial arts novels, were gathered in his mind.




It can be said that he was the Sutra temple! The Living Sutra Temple!


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