One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 59: The Sea, Dreams, and Freedom!

In the past two months, Rogen encountered eight pirates and accumulated 500 million in the system balance!



This was a huge sum of money, which made Rogen’s mind and body feel comfortable.




Of course, all this was for the coming storm.




Vaguely, Rogen felt that this would be the toughest battle he would face.




“With The Dragon Elephant Prajna, the nine Yin Canon and the Washing Marrow, the state of my body at this moment is far beyond the past.”




“In terms of swordsmanship, it is more proficient in many schools, with the talent of martial arts wizards, it is, even more, incorporating these routines into one.”




“As for internal strength.”




Rogen pondered up.




The martial arts world, which was derived from the mysterious power of the human body, has always been extremely difficult to cultivate. If Rogen wants to choose one to practice, I’m afraid that in these two months, he has already practiced it to the point of supernatural skill. Because his two meridians have already connected, and the innate nature was achieved. As long as the exercises were practiced, at a very fast speed, it could fill his whole body with Qi (Chi).




However, Rogen thought of it later, he gathered so many types of martial arts and many the collections of internal skills in one.




Then, Why not learn by himself and create a collection of his own internal strength?




“In these days, I have carefully studied a total of 306 internal exercises, keeping every internal strength in mind, and thoroughly understanding the internal structure of the body.”




“It is through the internal vision that all the meridians in the body are concentrated in the back of the brain and drawn into a meridian map.”




“Maybe I can start writing my own inner strength.”




From ancient times to the present, learning is easy and innovation is difficult.




Following the path of our predecessors and going to the peak, there is no doubt that it is more difficult than taking a road.




Rogen wasn’t going to take any of the others’ way at the moment. He wanted to create a piece of his own world.




However, this pioneering effort is bound to be a long process and can not be accomplished overnight.




“Just advance a little bit every day that is progress!”




“If I don’t have a long way to go, I can stand still like a stone, and why should I worry?”




His Strength has grown, even boundaries. Rogen has entered to another level.




His vision was broadened, he became open-minded, and he could think on multi-directional, far beyond his former self.




This was the power of the system. With the help of the system and his own thoughts, Rogen has all the foundations that a strong man has in a short period of time.




From then on, instead of being dumped at the start, he stood in a position equal to, or even greater than, many geniuses.




The Dragon Root continued moving forward, and after three days, it finally arrived at the transfer station.




“Captain, how long will we stay here?”




Jason asked while touching the back of his head.




I have to say that sailing on the sea was boring for him. Especially during this period, his captain was meditating day and night or doing some strange moves, and he even ignored him.




Jason was accompanied by the clever cat. But the cat was so cold that Jason, no matter how he teased her, she did not respond to him at all.




This was awkward, Jason seemed to be lonely on that big ship.




“For Half a day, time is tight. We must get there as soon as possible.”




The sense of urgency was getting heavier, Rogen’s face was so serious.




The closer he was from Baterilla, the more clues he found.




When he first entered the South Blue, the pirates were quite strong and active, and they were seen almost every once in a while. But here, the pirates that Rogen saw were easier and easier, even the last pirates were just a small group with 2 small boats.




“What is the reason? Let these active pirates almost disappeared?”




With such questions, the Dragon Root was slowly approaching the island port.




This was the third transit island to Baterilla, called Yasa.






Jason tied the anchor tightly and then the three of them entered the island.




With the last experience, this purchase was significantly faster. In less than half an hour, Jason had carried a huge package on his back.




An hour later, Jason stuffed all five large packages into the Dragon Root storage room and exhaled heavily.




At this time, this small group could finally rest in a random bar on the island of Yasa.




Soft slow-motion music sounded, and the bar was on a small stage in the center, wearing exposed dancers, slowly swaying their posture.




“Yeah, good, really good.”




Jason looked at them with a big smile. He simply and honestly smiled, and the saliva of his smile remained.




Rogen saw Jason’s picture like a pig and shook his head helplessly. Jason kept staring at the sexy dancer and his temperature was getting higher and higher.




“After drinking, we should go.”




“We are not far away from Baterilla Island.”




Jason, who heard Rogen’s words, wiped his mouth, nodded innocently and gave the hot dancer a last look.




“You are going to Baterilla Island?”




Just then, the man on a wooden table suddenly interrupted.




“Yes, what’s wrong?” Rogen asked.




“It’s not a peaceful place right now.” The man shook his head.




At this time, someone on the other side said even more.




“There are a lot of Marines there now, and even the cadres of the Marine headquarters have come over. The pirates in the large areas nearby were swept by these marines during this period.”




“Fuck! Damn that old man, he made me angry, I was sailing in that area and I was driven by them.”




Suddenly, a strong man slammed a glass of wine and shouted.




“Ha-ha, Luiz, you have nothing to do as a pirate and you almost got killed by the Marines?




Next to him, someone immediately laughed.




“Keep laughing, you know what, a pirate is a dream, a chase for the sea, a chase for freedom, you know that you’re an ass.”




“After I rest for a while, I will start again. This time, I want to go to the Grand Line.”




Luiz yelled.




Luiz, who was a pirate, wasn’t angry at these civilians.




Rogen’s eyes flashed while he was looking at Luiz.




The strong man was full of a strong atmosphere of the sea, but he was not fierce, it was the first time for him to see a decent pirate for such a long time.




“Dream, sea, freedom?”




Rogen could not help but mutter.




He vaguely remembered the sentence when his big brother said to him before he went out to sea.




“Rogen, hahaha, don’t stop me, chasing the sea, is chasing dreams.”




“Just chase freedom!”




“That is, a man, longing for freedom!”




“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”




At that time, he had discouraged him for three days and three nights.




He was only saying one sentence.




“You will die!”




But that man would rather die!




Go to the sea too! Because this is, chasing freedom! This is the pursuit of dreams!



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