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S.P.P Chapter 60: It’s Him!

Once, Rogen didn’t know what his dream was, what could someone do to chase his dream?



In his past life, he had to struggle to survive. He didn’t even find time to think about his dreams. When you are worried for a few hundred dollars for the rent when you are eating old food to live, and when you are busy running all day and still being scolded by your boss, what free time do you have to look for your dreams?




After all, dreams are thoughts that you follow to achieve them.




Just to live that hard life and survive, it was already a lot.




But when he came to this world, he could take care of himself.




He understood, and he knew what dreams are and what one could do for his dreams.




“Rogen, tell me brother, what is your dream?”




On that night, the candles cracked and Roger’s face became serious while he was looking at Rogen.




Rogen was only ten years old, and this was the first time that he saw his brother very seriously.




Rogen was thinking carefully, and then he said.




“I want to save the whole world, um, I want to unify the world, I want to make it like one big Island, with a vast sea outside!”




At that moment, Rogen clearly remembered Roger’s expression.




It was the shocked and the stunned face, In addition to that, he was still ignorant.




Perhaps Roger couldn’t understand what his brother was talking about.




“It’s good to have dreams. So work hard for them!”




 Roger finally answered. Perhaps, he was shocked by Rogen’s dream.




The world government is a huge alliance of more than 300 countries, representing the authority of the whole world. How could someone dream to rule the world? Conquering the Grand Line, understanding the secrets of the history, and becoming the Pirate King, In front of his brother’s dream, that was impossible to achieve.




A faint smile appeared on his face, and Rogen woke up from his memories.




The slow music continued, and the captain Luiz with his crew were spraying hard against the civilians in the bar.




“If you have a dream, then you have to go ahead and achieve it!”




“Go to the sea, breathe its fresh air, sing pirate’s songs, drink the Saki, dance happily and do whatever you want!”




“When you breathe that smell and taste the freedom, that’s the way to go, to achieve your dreams!”




“Pirates are the symbol of freedom?”




After he muttered these words, Jason found the entire bar suddenly became quiet. 




The pirates and the civilians didn’t utter a word, everyone kept quiet while they were looking at the 16-year-old boy.




“Kid! Are you a pirate?”




 The captain Luiz suddenly asked, and he took a sip of Sake.








Rogen smiled, and after a moment of silence, he said.








“You must be a pirate!” old Luiz took another sip of Sake and affirmed.




“Well? Is that what you think?” Rogen was curious.




“On your body, there is a smell of freedom and also the smell of the sea! Not like those pirate hunters and the marines!” the captain said.




Rogen smirked and nodded slightly.




This little kid carried out all the pirates since childhood, and his own experience was very important for him and it let him choose what he likes.




Freedom? He does not want it, he’s going to press on his body.




“But I don’t know you!” The captain Luiz frowned and wondered. “I have been wandering in the South Blue as a pirate for five years, and I haven’t recognized which pirate group you are up to now!”




He carefully observed Rogen and Jason.




Even the cat on his shoulder, he didn’t recognize it. Which group they were in?




“Tell me your name, boy!”




Rogen was stunned. He thought about it and laughed.




“They have recently given me a name.”




“What?” the captain asked.




People next to them were listening carefully.




What the boy just said made a deep understanding to all people. It’s just like the dreams, the sea, freedom, these three perfectly integrated into one, and produced this kid. Such a guy was definitely a pirate. He was born as a pirate, and if he wasn’t pirate at that moment, but in the future, he would be definitely a pirate, he must be a pirate!




“They call me, Himura Kenshin!”




“You can call me Himura Kenshin, the Hitokiri Battōsai!”




With a slight smile, Rogen’s voice drifted slowly throughout the bar, leaving everyone in silence.




Even the captain, he was stiff, he looked pale.




Until Rogen and Jason left the bar, everyone was very quiet and didn’t react.




“It turned out to be him!”




Himura Kenshin was the most recent mane wandering in the South Blue. A name that made countless pirates fears him. He killed and destroyed so many pirate groups. In the eyes of everyone, he was very cruel, indifferent and merciless devil. He kills when he sees people and never leave anyone alive. However, old Luiz and everyone else who were in the bar didn’t expect that.




They didn’t think that he was Kenshin.




“So it is, that’s what it is!”




The captain suddenly realized.




“All the pirates who were killed by him, are scum and evil, they were just nails for the marines, and bring the shame to the pirates!”




“How could such a man, who glorified the pirate’s dream, freedom, let them go?”




“This guy! He is a real pirate!”




The pirates, they are a group of souls floating on the sea, they represent freedom, dreams, and the sea. They are not going against justice, doing anything arbitrary and killing bloody demons. They have faith! They are not worthy of being called pirates. Maybe “survivals” is more suitable for them.




Rogen and Jason strode across the street to the port.




“Get ready to go on board, we don’t have much time!”




Rogen was serious at the moment.




He was more serious when he heard the information in the bar. The marines were in place. They roughly determined that Portgas D. Rouge was in the South Blue, but they had not seen her, neither know exactly where she was.




At that moment, Rouge is still safe.




However, the child that she was carrying could not delay.




It was common sense to conceive in October, but she kept her child Ace inside her for two years after the pregnancy period.




But that time, she was already dried up.




“Alright, captain!”




Jason screamed.




“Hey you two, wait! Captain Luiz told me to give you this!”




Suddenly a voice came over.




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