One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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When Rogen and Jason turned their heads, they saw a young figure rushing toward them.


They recognized that this person was a member of the Old Luiz Pirates.


“Huh, that’s great, I caught you up!”


The young crew-member had a glimmer of joy on his face.


“What do you want us to do?” Rogen wondered.


“Our captain, he heard that you are going to Baterilla Island, so he told me to give you this gift!”


The young crew said with a smile.




Rogen and Jason looked at each other.


The young crew quickly took out a chart from his arms. The chart was complete. Rogen could see it as soon as he scanned it. This one was much more comprehensive than his own was.


After receiving the chart handed by the crewmember, Rogen took a closer look.


Just to see that during the voyage from the island of Yasa to the island of Baterilla, there was a line drawn with a thick red pen. However, he was keenly aware that this was completely different from the one he had previously obtained on the island of Sion


“What is this?” Rogen asked doubtfully.


“This route is a new route that our captain discovered, he has been sailing in the South Blue for five years. Many people don’t know about this route. You can safely travel there with this route.”




The young crew took a breath and said again.


“This route is shorter and saves time than the other one, and the marines are also much less distributed there!”


“The captain heard you saying that you want to go to the Baterilla Island, so he told me to give you this chart.”


Thinking of the man with a strong sea atmosphere, Rogen’s eyes flashed and they were a bit heavy.


“Send my appreciation for your captain, I won’t forget this.”

“Heh heh, my captain expected that you would say that, he told me to tell you.”


As the young crew cleared his throat, and his voice became deeper.


“The men who bear the will of the sea. There is no need to care about these details? I want to help him just because he looks pleasing to the eye!”


When Rogen heard this sentence, a smile appeared on his face.


“Pleasing to the eye? Haha.”


Turning his head, Rogen went up to the Dragon Root, and Jason put down the anchor and followed him.


The sails quickly fell, and the hull of the ship was shocked and quickly left the coast.


“Tell your captain for me, that we shall meet one day in this vast sea!”


Standing on the bow, Rogen shouted.


“Our next destination will be the Grand Line!”


The young crew raised his hands and responded loudly.


“Tell him to wait for me, I will go to the Grand Line too!”


Rogen shouted.


At this moment, Rogen seemed to have realized why he was so yearning for the sea.


Dreams, freedom, promises, and ties between friends. These countless unseen things closely linked together, forming a charming, exciting treasure.


Those things worth more than treasures!


“Jason, suddenly, I am a little bit excited! Haha!”


Turning over, Rogen said to Jason.


Jason looked awkward, scratching the back of his head, and did not know what to reply.




The little master on Rogen’s shoulder shouted.


“But first, we have to face this storm!”


Raising his head, Rogen looked up to the sky.


In the vast sea, the clouds were dense, and the golden lightning was like a dragon screaming, angry, and venting something.


In the dense dark clouds, a petrel, proud and stubborn, flies.


It was like black lightning, flying in the sky.


Ah! Letting the storm become even more violent!




As the rain poured down, Rogen stood on the deck, letting it soak all over his body. His eyes were shining like stars.


“Jason, turn the course, let’s go to Baterilla Island!”


A loud roar, Rogen’s voice ripped open the angry thunder and burst into bloom in the sea.


“Aye! Aye! Captain!!”


Jason screamed. His burly figure was standing in the heavy rain, manipulating the Dragon Root, rushing through the wind and breaking through the storm.


On the chart, Luiz not only marked a shorter route to Baterilla, but there were also many lines in the entire South blue. These lines were either strong or thin, but each one seems to have utility, showing him the tenacity and the experience of that old pirate.


About half an hour, the Dragon Root drove out of the dark clouds.


Opening the chart, Rogen looked at it again.


After a long time, a smile appeared on his face.


“With this chart, I can rescue Rouge, and this is more secure to leave safely.”


“With this route!”


His eyes were condensed, Rogen looked at the thick line. Although this line was more curved, it had strangely reduced the distance by nearly a third.


“It takes only about seven days to get to Baterilla Island.”


After that, he summoned Jason.


“Captain, did you call for me.”


Jason scratched the back of his head with a thick smile and sat down on the deck.


“I want to ask you something.”


Staring at his face, Rogen was serious.


Seeing Rogen’s face, Jason became serious too: “Go ahead, please!”


“First, I need to know your power.”


“How strong are you, exactly?”


“My power?!”


Jason was stunned, and then he pondered for a moment before preaching.


“How strong I am, I don’t know! But, I’m the power man. I have eaten the Devil Fruit of the power!”


“I can increase my strength by 500 times, and I can control the power of the enemy. It should be.”


“Very strong!”


“Power man?!”


Rogen was a little stunned at the moment, and he thought of Jason’s terrible power and took it for granted.


“Actually, until now, I have not fought with all my strength. The last time, it was because I had exhausted their strength and had been overcast before I passed out.”


“When I woke up, I was inexplicably on the boat of the pirates.”


Scratching his head, Jason was a little embarrassed.


“I need you to do something for me, this thing is very important to me!”


Rogen followed and said to Jason.


“Tell me what to do, Captain, my life was saved by you, and for you, I will do anything!”


Jason solemnly said.


“Not that serious. If everything goes according to plan, we will have a great chance of success.”


Rogen waved his hand.

At this time, the little cat came over and screamed.


“Yes, there are you, little master, this time, I will bother you two!”


Rogen smiled.


Then, the three of them start discussing it on the Dragon Root.


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