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S.P.P Chapter 62: The Arrival!

The Dragon Root sailed smoothly on the sea, and three days already passed in a blink of an eye.



During this period, Rogen planned to go on, he rehearsed his mind time after time, had a discus with Jason and the little master, and finally realized.




The marines didn’t know what Rouge looked like, and they didn’t know where she was, but they just roughly locked the area. This island has a large area, under such circumstances, their chance of finding her was very low.




And the first thing to do was Rogen’s own concealment.




“The Marines don’t know everything about Rouge. They have only few information, and they are not sure about the details!”




“So, the first thing that we have to do is to hide!”




Of course, if he wanted to save Rouge, they have to go to Baterilla, where the Marines encountered the place already. They must be careful.




“I’m already on the focus of the marine’s attention, and with me, you guys must have entered the marine’s vision!”




After entering the South Blue, it was obvious that most people there didn’t know Rogen, and he has implicitly guessed that the marines must have implemented a unique plan for him. Conquering Dragon and escaping from the huge marines forces safely, he must be a strong man, according to common sense, the marines must increase his reward, hoping that the whole world will search for himself.




But no!




Not only they didn’t increase it, but when Rogen came to the South Blue, he didn’t even once see his reward.




“The Marines have deliberately concealed everything about me!”




His eyes were deep. He made his first judgment at this moment.




“What are they afraid of? Are they afraid that I will be known to the world!?”




After thinking hard for a while, Rogen came up with the answer.




“Roger! The Marines want to arrest me because of him, so the reason why they are afraid of me must be him, no, more specifically, because of the guys that were once under his command.”




Rogen understood what they were doing.




Without power, even if he has great influence, it would still be limited. How could a wild and unruly pirate listen to him while he has no strength? But he showed great power, that would make a difference.




When the former group of Roger saw that his little brother turned out to be a powerful pirate, what would they think?




The consequences of this were something that the marines couldn’t afford it or even dare to accept it.




So they destroyed, hid and concealed all their information. In silence, they got ready to secretly solve all the troubles that he brings.




“And this will inevitably increase their concern on me.”




Even at this moment, there may be a marine behind his tail.




Along the way, he did not deliberately hide, even without a mask. Too many people have seen his true appearance. So, how could the Marines not know his specific location?




No attack has launched. Just because they may know his purpose.




“Huh! The Marines, they are really not easy!”




Rogen sighed.




Their powerful forces on one side were not only strength but also their intelligence was definitely high.




Through his own traces, the marines could judge his own purpose and must be consistent with them. Therefore, during this period, they strengthened the cleaning of the sea near Baterilla Island and increased their strength.




This was waiting for the rabbit to come, waiting for him.




But Rogen, through the clues, through the information obtained by the public, and through the Marines’ movements, has analyzed so much, which fully proves his wisdom.




“Baterilla Island, for me, now, it’s too dangerous!”




His eyes were slightly narrowed.




However, no matter how dangerous it was, he must go!




This is a war! It is his own war!




He needs to face it, and he will face it!




“Captain, there’s a marine ship.”




Suddenly, Jason ran over and whispered.




Rogen looked at it, and a warship was sailing fast in the undulating sea ahead.




“Don’t worry, keep sailing.”




His eyes flashed, and Rogen was faint.




Since the marines know that he will come, then they must be ready to take care of all their actions.








Jason shouted loudly, looking at the Marines with narrowed eyes, but there was no fear in his eyes.




Then, the Dragon Root and the marines’ warship passed by, and the two sides looked at each other at a distance.




“Major, do you want to check them?”




On the marine warship, the soldier shouted at the red cheek Colonel, who was drinking and drinking.




“Check? Che… check for what?”




“Major, we have to pay attention to all the passing ships during this period to prevent the pirates from entering.”




The soldier lowered his voice.




“Look, look at this ship, just 2 people. Che… check what, what to check.”




The major pointed at the Dragon Root and shouted.




“What a fool, we can’t see all the things with one glance, we need to check.”




The soldier’s eyes flashed helplessly, this drunk captain didn’t know how to rise to a high rank.




Recently, a group of new officers came to the South Blue. These guys were temporarily deployed from the Marines Headquarters. They all shared the common characteristics of high-ranking children, and they had hard workers under their hands. At the same time, there were various personalities, some serious, some resourceful, but also some, just like this guy. Their strength was mediocre, drinking Sake every day to soak up the day.




“Know why you are not my official?”




The Dragon Root moved slowly away from their sight, and the words of the major were introduced into the ears of the soldier.




“Because I am not as smart as you.”




Gnawing his teeth, the soldier bowed his head.




“Stupid! Because you are stupid, there are some things that you are in charge of, and others you are not in charge of, huh, never mind!”




“You shouldn’t be in charge, you can’t grasp this degree.”




After the major blurred this sentence, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.








The soldier looked at the slumbering major and spit.




Jason looked at the warships getting farther and farther and touched the back of his head.




“Captain, they don’t even care about us.”




“Yeah, I know.”




Rogen nodded, his eyes became deeper.




The marine’s warship was just a small ship with only a dozen soldiers. But the leader, the high-ranked officer, wasn’t worthy of considering.




“It seems that many changes have taken place in the South Blue during this period.”




Sighing slightly, Rogen’s face was so serious.




At the same time, on Baterilla Island.




A large marine warship slowly landed, followed by five or six medium-sized warships.




On the shore of the harbor, thousands of marines quickly lined up in two teams, and stool in position.




This formation seems to be welcoming for someone coming.


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