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S.P.P Chapter 63: Portrait!

Later, the warships landed.



A stalwart figure came out of the bedroom in the cabin. The justice cloak behind him flowed by the sea breeze. As he moved, a strong momentum spread around, and every marine was shocked and bowed their heads.




“Is this the Admiral? What a strong aura!”




Countless low voices came out from the Marines, while they were watching the figure slowly walked down the stairs with a respectful look.




“Has we finally arrived?”




Slowly, this figure spoke up with a playful voice.




“Admiral Borsalino, this is the Island of Baterilla.”




Next to him, a Vice Admiral said with a strong voice.




“Is it here, the child of the Pirate King?”




Kizaru raised his eyebrows and asked curiously.




“The information was not sure, but we won’t let go of any details.”




The Vice Admiral answered.




“In addition, Admiral Kizaru, this is not the right place to say this.”




Grinning, Kizaru was uninteresting, and then stepped forward and jumped off the boat. His figure flew slowly in the air, and when he was halfway down, suddenly his whole body flashed a dazzling golden light.




The golden light was so brightening that the marines who were looking at him, with that light they couldn’t help but close his eyes.




At that moment, the glittering golden light suddenly moved.




Just in a flash, he has already crossed several kilometers and arrived at the Baterilla Island. When the golden light dissipated, it gradually revealed the figure of Kizaru.




“Is this the strength of the Admiral Kizaru? So fast!”




“That’s the power of the Logia, he has eaten the Pika Pika no Mi, he’s too fast as the speed of light!”




“He is so powerful. When will I have such power?”




The marine got excited and started whispering.




The Vice Admiral who followed Kizaru had some black line on his face because that was kind of impossible. Kizaru has a tremendous strength and even if they work together, it won’t be enough.




“Roger’s wife, are you on this island?”




Muttering, a smile appeared on Kizaru’s face.




“It’s interesting. I didn’t expect that the dead Roger, would leave a seed in the world.”








Kizaru paused.




“It’s just a seed of sin. It’s a pity.”




Most marines didn’t know where they got this information. They only know that Roger, the Pirate King, has a wife who was due to give birth at this time. Well, with this information, it was enough for the Marines to do a lot of things.




Delineate the approximate range, and then lock in the pregnant women who have recently given birth, and test them carefully to analyze the possibility that they were Roger’s children.




The purpose of Kizaru’s arrival there was to catch Rogen, who will appear there in the analysis of Sengoku, and also to search for the child of Roger.




The world would not allow that guy and his child to exist!




Justice, no need!








Kizaru beckoned, and a lieutenant commander ran over nervously.




“Have you heard anything lately?”




“General report, we have searched five nearby islands including Baterilla three times and we found a total of 245 pregnant women and 45 recent births!”




“45 recent births?”




Kizaru smiled. 




“These people can be relieved of surveillance.”




“Ah?” The lieutenant commander looked puzzled.




“I mainly observe pregnant women who give birth after one month!”




Kizaru waved and ordered.




“Alright, captain!”




The lieutenant commander was under command, and then he went to pass on the order.




According to the analysis of Sengoku, one month later was the possible period of childbirth of Roger.




So, before this time, all children could be directly excluded.




Later, Kizaru and others settled down on Baterilla Island.




These people stood there, and their bigger goal was Rogen! Of course, such a thing, could not be known by outsiders. Many people only know that the marines were searching for the wife of the Pirate King.




Meanwhile, on a street in Baterilla Island.




A woman with a soft face and a slightly protruding stomach, sometimes touching her belly, her eyes flashed in love, at this moment, she was following the line ahead.




“Well, you have finished checking, go home.”




Suddenly, a voice came from the front.




The pregnant women who lined up were relieved. They were suffering a lot, having a big belly and answering all the marine’s questions repeatedly.




When the woman heard the sound, she was visibly relieved.




“According to the superior order, you will be giving birth this month. Come here to report, you are free!”




Then, another voice came, wish made so many pregnant women in the group happy.




“Great, we finally cleared up the suspicion.”




“I’m scared to death, if you are wronged, what will you do if I give birth to a baby in the future?”




In the team, the pregnant women reported that after the re-examination.




“I have a hunch that he will be born in two months.”




“Under such surveillance, under examination, one day, he will be found.”








The kind woman felt sad inside and felt uneasy about her stomach.




“Go rest now, go back to your home. Remember, you can’t run away and you are not allowed to leave the sight of the Marines.”




“Please cooperate with the Marine’s work. Once checked, you will be fine.”




After all, the marines were not a vicious thief. They would not arbitrarily lay hands on civilians without concrete results.




When she came home, she closed the window and pulled the curtain, then closed the door. Step by step, hardly walked to the bed, slowly sat down.




“Ace, rest assured, your mother won’t give up on you.”




“No matter what, I want you to be born.”




“You are the hope of this world and the continuation of his life.”




She whispered softly, then the tenacious woman went out alone and she had not eaten lunch yet. She needed to buy some food for herself.




During pregnancy, you must not treat your child badly.




Opening the door and looking at the men who are worried about taking care of their wives. Rouge showed a slight smile and then left with her basket. At the corner of the street, the figure of the Marines appeared.




Under such close surveillance, any woman who was slightly fragile could collapse early.




But Rouge, she was a strong woman.




She could give everything to her children.




The search of the marines was going on every day, and pregnant women in every family on the island of Baterilla were under the surveillance of the marines.




The time passed slowly in the next four days.




On this day, on the island of Baterilla, a ship approached the shores of the remote jungle. Then, two men and a cat quietly landed on the shore.




An hour later, two masked figures appeared.




“I don’t know where she is! But in any case, we must find her! “




“We will find her!”




The big man and the cat nodded and quickly left, with a pencil drawing on them.




This pencil drawing was a woman, a woman with a big belly and a beautiful face.



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