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S.P.P Chapter 64: Impenetrable Defense!!

Baterilla Island.



Suddenly, in the dark entrance of the tunnel, a burly man has a strange mask on his face and he covered with a cloak.




The big man had a small cat on his shoulder, and his curious eyes kept looking around. The streets were bustling with pedestrians. Just a flash of time, the masked man has been integrated into the crowd and has not attracted much attention.




The island wasn’t so prosperous, but it never lags behind. The performance art of wearing a mask like this big man and a cloak was certainly quite a lot. At most, this big figure made people around him wonder.




“This guy looks so strong!”




Listening to the comments of the people around, the big man stood high and looked around, and the voice of Rogen was ringing in his mind at that moment.




“Our goal is a woman, and it’s a pregnant woman. We are her only hope. So your concern should be the vegetable market or the place where infant and child commodities are located.”




“Now, it’s lunchtime, so I should go to the market and take a look!”




Jason glanced around and immediately grinned when he found the crowded farmers in the market.




“There it is!”




The woman on the portrait, he has already memorized it in his mind, he was sure that when he looked at her for the first time he would recognize her immediately.




After a while, Jason has arrived at the market. He stood with his burly figure in front of the market door, just like a small tower, which attracted people’s attention. The crowd was looking at him.




The little master yelled out, jumped from Jason’s shoulder to the top of his head and looking around for the woman.




Gradually, half an hour passed.




Jason and the little master already looked around in the entire market, but they still didn’t find the target.




“She didn’t come yet!”




“Let’s wait for a little bit longer!”




Jason became serious, and his eyes were more attentive, he was carefully examining everywoman he saw.




“The target is easy to recognize, she is pregnant and also medium height!”




But another half an hour passed and they didn’t find her.




“This can be troublesome.”




His face was a bit ugly, but they still didn’t give up.




The market was much thinly crowded, Jason was a tall man with broad vision and better search. They were walking around, paying particular attention to all pregnant woman there, even the fat ones.




At this time, Rogen was standing in a hidden alley, and slowly holding down the long sword at his waist.




His face was serious and his eyes were looking directly to the front.




Like Jason, he concealed himself in a black robe with a mask.




There wasn’t anyone in the alley, but Rogen’s expression was serious and terrifying.




“Come out! I can feel you!”




It was quiet everywhere, and no one answered him.




Rogen’s eyes were even more serious, he lifted his steps and headed toward the town.




Just after few steps, his right hand suddenly trembled.








The crisp sound of the sword rang, and a bright light bloomed. The next moment, the sword came back to its sheath.




In front of Rogen, a figure slowly fell down.








Looking at the body on the ground in silence, his eyes became sharp.




What he felt was definitely more than this.




In other words, there were more marines that have escaped!




“Indeed, has my location been grasped by them?”




After he said that, Rogen pressed hard on his long sword at the waist.




After three seconds, he continued moving and quickly walked out of the alley into the dense crowd.




“But it’s good to attract their attention!”




He whispered, and his eyes glanced around.




Slowly, the atmosphere of the marines was constantly appearing around, they were either disguised or hidden in a great way, they were hard to recognize.




“These trash must be taken out!”




Rogen whispered again and accelerated his pace.




Half an hour later, his figure flickered and suddenly disappeared from the sight of the marines.




These were dispatched by the marines, they were professional intelligence personnel, they followed Rogen since he jumped off his boat and stepped into Baterilla.




“he’s gone!”




“Where does he go?”




For a moment, the marines hidden in the darkness were stunned, but after a while, they started looking for him again according to their intuitions.




Running all the way, passing through three streets in succession, the marines finally showed themselves.




“Where did he go? I can’t find him!”




Their faces became anxious, and they didn’t expect that he had such a keen instinct and he was able to get rid of them.




They looked everywhere, but Rogen seemed to disappear, and they couldn’t feel his existence anymore.




Walking around, the marines didn’t give up yet, they tried to find the trace of Rogen, but they couldn’t, they were disappointed.




“He is really gone!”




They said that in desperation’s voice, they had to give up.




But just in the moment of turning around, their eyes shrank.




A figure shrouded in a black robe appeared in front of them, and the indifferent eyes under the mask were looking at them coldly.




“Are you looking for me? Marines!”




This voice was very light, but it made them gather around him together, the exposed intelligence personnel were a little bit afraid.




“Ro.., Rogen!”




With hesitated tone, the officer said it.




“Oh yeah! It’s me, but it’s a pity!”




Pressing his hand at his waist, it suddenly trembled, and a touch of sword light flashed by them, and Rogen’s figure has changed from the extreme quiet to the speed of light, he was like a phantom.




At the next moment, he was standing already behind them.




 Shinsoku Nōtōjutsu: Godspeed Sheathed Blade Technique!




“Peng! Peng! Peng!!”




A series of fallen bodies came out, and all the intelligence personnel who tracked Rogen were down without making any sound.








Slowly spit out one breath, and then Rogen jumped few times and quickly disappeared from the place.




After walking out of the dark roadway again, Rogen obviously couldn’t feel the eyes that were following him all around from time to time.




The master of martial arts has a unique perception of the attention behind and around him. Rogen has possessed so many strong masters, which made him very sensitive and awaken to his surroundings. 




After he left the Dragon Root and entered the island, the feeling of coldness immediately followed him.




In other words, the Marine’s defense on the island of Baterilla has reached an impenetrable level.




After a long walk, his face became more serious.








“A lot of them!”




Almost every ten meters, twenty meters, in bright or dark, there was a marine to patrol.




“We must find Rouge as soon as possible!”




He made a glimpse at the marines, Rogen speeded up.




“The residential area is on this side.”




He was calm as he progressed, and five minutes later, he turned and walked into a wide alley.



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