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S.P.P Chapter 65: Rouge??

On the other side of Baterilla Island, the vegetable market was already sparsely crowded.



After waiting for nearly two hours, Jason and the little master had disappointed expressions on their faces. They didn’t find the woman in the portrait.




At this time, there were few guests in the vegetable market besides those boring bosses.




“It seems there is no hope here, so let’s go and change the place.”




Jason shook his head, prepared to leave and went to the appointed place.




At that moment, the little master on his head had a bright light in its eye, and it leaped a few big jumps, after a second, it disappeared at the corner of the street following a walking woman. This scene was very fast. When Jason reacted, the little master and the woman were gone.




“Little master!”




Looking at the empty street in front of him, Jason was a bit stunned.




“The cat is gone.”




He was stunned for a while, then he checked every corner of the market, but he still didn’t find them.




The little master, who left Jason and went alone, was running so fast on the ground with its limbs. In front of it, a woman with a slightly big belly was walking slowly with her basket.




Compared with the move of the little master, the woman seemed very inconvenient and walked slowly. Just a little while later, the little master had already caught her not far behind.




Suddenly, the woman paused and seemed to find that she was being followed and became a little alert. She began to turn around slowly to see who the person chasing her was.




The little master did not run away or hid, it just stood still in silence, looking up at the woman who turned around.




Three seconds later, the woman turned around completely. Her strange face made the little master be shocked and disappointed.




This woman was a pregnant woman, but her face was still not the woman that Rogen wants to find.








With a cry of disappointment, the little master was about to turn around and leave.




But at this time, the woman opened her mouth with surprise.




“Oh! It turned out to be a cat! If I remember correctly, my next door neighbor, Rouge, has always been a lonely woman.”




“She is still a pregnant woman. If there is a cat to accompany her, she should be much better!”




After hearing these sentences, the little master who had turned and was ready to leave, paused.




“Rouge? Portgas D.Rouge? These two words sound very similar.”




“And, she is also pregnant!”




At this moment, the little master decided to follow the woman to see her.




So, when the woman bent down to embrace it, it did not resist, it just screamed and then shrank back.




In the upper of Baterilla, somewhere in the residential area.




Rogen has turned into a corner and stepped into it.




Compared with the bustling downtown area, the residential area was much quieter, where the pedestrians were walking in the street in silence, returning to their home.




 Walking on the street step by step, Rogen glanced around at the neighborhood houses.




Through the window and by the sound that he was hearing, he could identify the number of people leaving in the house and what they were doing, and all of this was just in a very short time.




The opening of the governor and conception vessels, and the skills of the Dragon Elephant Prajna, Yijin Jing, Washing marrow, Martial arts wizards, these attributes were gathered in him at that moment, which has already made his body function beyond too many people.




The quiet street was just convenient for him to judge these details.




Gradually, Rogen closed his eyes as he walked.




Arguments, playfulness, laughter and sleep breathing, all of them entered his ears one by one. First, analyzed the quantity of the coming sounds, as well as the target behavior, when it was determined that there was only one person, the final confirmation was made through the visual check.




Rogen was getting more and more familiar with this set of processes.




After a while, he completed checking that street.




“Not here!”




His expression was slightly heavy, but he was not too disappointed.




Baterilla Island was not that big but also wasn’t so small. There were at least eight such residential areas.




Turning around, he left that street and went on to the next one.




Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, the sun was down and the sky got darker.




Quietly looking for a small pub, sitting in a remote location, Rogen took a break.




A day passed and he gained nothing. And there was no news from Jason.




“Not in a hurry, the Marines’ scope is much larger than mine. They have to get rid of the nearby islands too.”




“I only have this island, I should be faster than them!”




With a calm look, Rogen drank his wine on the table.




During the day, he pulled out those spies, who were chasing him, one by one. For the next time, he had to be more careful so he won’t be spotted by the marines. That is to say, he was safe for a while.




Moreover, he did not find out what news those people passed to the outside world.




Finding a random hotel, Rogen began to rest.




In another place above the island, below a thick tree.




Jason chewed the food in his hands and looked depressed.




“A day has passed, there is no news, and I lost the little master. This will make the captain think that I’m useless!”




“No, after the dinner, I’ll continue looking for them!”




After a few big bites of his food, and then filling the rest of his stomach with a jar of wine directly, Jason stood up again.




Meanwhile, in the middle of the marine’s station.




“You mean, during the day, a group of our intelligence agents was wiped out?”




The young man with the colonel’s epaulet on his shoulders frowned and asked the soldiers in front of him.




“Yes, 13 agents, their wounds were smooth, and it is suspected that they have being killed by a sword.”




The soldier said back.




Taking a breath, the colonel rubbed his forehead, which was a headache.




“Strengthen the vigilance, this area is not quiet recently. Because the Marines’ cleaning of the pirates, this led to the revenge of the pirates.”




“A few of the marines on the nearby islands have been killed too.”




“Keep the soldiers safe, the search is important, but their own lives is also important!”




“Alright, sir!”




The soldier’s legs were close together, making a “Paa!” sound and he saluted him. His eyes were full of respect.




“Go on!” The Colonel waved.




The soldier turned around and left quickly.




“What a mess! Fighting that was supposed to take place at night. But now, they dare to fight in the daytime?”




“Is it a pirate? What a bold man!”




The colonel looked at the written report on the desk with a pale face.




The Admiral Kizaru went to other islands to inspect the situation, and at this moment, there was a vice admiral defending the island.




However, could he deter the bold and unscrupulous pirates?




After frowning for a moment, the Colonel pulled out the den den mushi.




“Notify me with everything, keep guard the main crossings of the island leading overseas. During this period, I don’t allow a mosquito to fly out of our sights! ”




“Yes, captain!”




Inadvertently, the defense of Baterilla Island was tighter.


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