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S.P.P Chapter 66: It’s her!!!

The morning sun shined through the cracks of the branches and leaves, and the mottled shadow was printed on the ground, forming a mysterious pattern.



At five or six o’clock in the morning, a team of the marines appeared on the streets, and they looked solemn, they were patrolled back and forth.




In such case, the residents of Baterilla became familiar with the situation hem. In the beginning, they were afraid, but after a long time, they discovered that these Marines were there for their safety.




The streets on the island, almost every thirty meters you would find a marine. It can be said that the Island has been completely occupied by the marines at the moment.




Even the number of the marines was more than the number of residents.




At this moment, Rogen was standing at the entering of another residential area, he closed his eyes slightly and walked slowly.




There was a marine passing by, and he looked calm and indifferent. The latter looked at him a few times, but he didn’t check out carefully the person in front of him, so he passed by without any problem.




After the morning, Rogen checked the entire street.




At noon, he ate lunch and then he headed for another neighborhood.




As before, the third residential area was checked by him, and no trace of Rouge was found.




The day was passed like this, Rogen calmed down and passed by the marines on the street, and then he entered a hotel to rest.




On the other side, Jason was very confused at the moment. For two days, he kept looking for the little master but there wasn’t any news. Also the woman, he didn’t found her or even a similar one.




“Oh my God! What shall I do? I still haven’t found it!”




Walking on the streets, He was very frustrated. Jason looked sad and anxious.




His burly figure was very attractive as he walked down the street.




Suddenly, a high voice suddenly rang, and Jason’s footsteps suddenly stopped.




“Please pay attention here!”




A marine was holding a loudspeaker at this moment, he was shouting loudly on the high ground.




“Tomorrow morning, at 8 o’clock, all pregnant women are invited to gather here. We need to check. I hope you’ll cooperate.”




“Residents, please remember that all pregnant women must arrive, and those who won’t come, they will be searched by the marines and will be in trouble!”




“I hope you will cooperate well. Once you confirm your identity, you will not be subject to any further investigation and will still be protected by the marines!”




Soon, a large crowd gathered there, some of them were interested, some were distressed, and some were bored. The news was quickly spread by the crowd and became known to the entire island.




Jason heard the news for the first time, so his eyes immediately lit up.




“Finally, there’s good news!”




His heart was relieved, when he heard the news, he immediately went to find a hotel and then he took a shower and fell asleep.




On the island, in a residential area, a woman with a soft face and a big belly, she was moving from time to time in the house, she was preparing meals for herself.




Behind the woman, there was a small cat watching her moving around.




“This woman is exactly the same as the portrait!”




“This is Rouge! That’s what he’s looking for!”




A big smile has appeared in the eyes of the little master. It observed the woman for a long time, it was very sure that this person must be Rogen’s target. The kind and loving temperament of her body, as well as her slender shape, and also her strong character, the cat was deeply touched by it.




What kind of women is she?




She was facing the marine’s censorship alone without fear, on the contrary, she has been living in an orderly manner according to her own mind, and her nerves were bigger and bolder more than any man was.




“Before he comes, I want to protect this woman and her child!”




The little master made a secret promise in its little heart.




Just at first glance, it liked this woman. A gentle and strong woman, made the little master admire her very much.




“If, if I’m as strong as this woman. Would the result be the same?”




Unconsciously, the little master actually started to fell into her memories.




“Haha, fortunately, I have you little cat, I Have you accompany me, I’m not so lonely anymore!”




Rouge looked at the little master with flickering eyes and suddenly smiled.








The little caller meowed.




“Tomorrow they are going to investigate me again, these marines are getting more and more troublesome.”




In the blink of an eye, Rouge’s eyes became serious.




Once and for all, maybe she could be concealed, but with the repeated investigation of the marines, eventually, it will reveal clues.




“What shall I do?!”




Rouge has some anxiety in her eyes, but she wasn’t flustered.




The island of Baterilla was almost surrounded by the marine. It can be said that this area was almost all Marines territory. Maybe there was a hope to escape from the island, but it was so difficult to escape from the encirclement of the marines.








At this time, the little master meowed, as if it was comforting Rouge.




“You’re telling me not to worry, Haha, what a smart cat!”




Rouge seemed to understand and laughed.




“Meow, meow, meow!”




The little cat with his little paws seemed to mark something.




“Huh! You mean someone is coming to save me?”




This time, Rouge was surprised.




The little master nodded, affirming Rouge’s question.




Later, Rouge fell into silence and took a deep look at the cat in front of her. This mysterious cat was brought to her by her neighbor Mary. But she was miraculously able to understand her words.




“You are saying that someone is coming to save me? Who will it be?”




The figure of the man flashed in her eyes, but in a moment, she shook her head again.




“That’s so hard to know about my existence. Is it your owner?”




“Who on earth will it be?”




In the blink of an eye, the night has passed.




On that day, Jason came to the place that the marine mentioned yesterday. He crossed his hands, his eyes lit up, and he started scanning at the place carefully.




“Today, I must find her!”




“Huh! I can’t disappoint my captain!”




Secretly assured in his heart, and his eyes were deadly serious.




After a short time, the marines lined up at the location and they made all the verification arrangements quickly.




In less than 10 minutes, a group of pregnant women came there, and they were surrounded by the marines.




Jason’s eyes were carefully observing all the women there.




However, after the group of pregnant women completed their check, they left, but he still didn’t find his target.




“Why hasn’t she come!? No, No!”




He kept waiting, and then three other groups checked out and left.




“There must be more!”




Jason held back his anxieties and kept paying attention there.




Half an hour later, suddenly Jason heard a slight meow.




He turned his head and looked behind.




“This is!”




“It’s her!”




“It must be her!!!”


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