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S.P.P Chapter 321: I’m back

Crescent Island, at the port.

In the land and in the air, soldiers and mages gathered around from all the Kingdom, everyone was looking at the ship that was going away, praying that their king would have a safe journey.

“Don’t worry about me, my citizens, just wait for me. One day, you will hear my name in every corner of the world and be proud!”

Standing on the Logan, Rogen shouted.

At this moment, his mind was surging. These lovely people really regard him as the ruler of this country. The attachment, sadness, and reluctance in their eyes were real.

Perhaps it was because he saved this country from the rule of a tyrant, perhaps because of the series of national policies that benefited too many people in this country, and made them grateful for his kindness. But none of this is important. What matters is that these people really respect him.

The Logan drifted away and soon disappeared into the mist.

Salo and others withdraw their gazes, and their expressions became serious.

“We must carry out the King’s contest, select 36 of the strongest mages in the kingdom to attend the world conference with me in three months.”

“It’s time to let the world know the strength of our kingdom, the Balut kingdom!”

His voice was deep and his tone was very sharp.

The other four wizards all nodded.

The Kingdom of Balut has been out of the world’s sight for too long. It’s time for them to show true power! And only if they showed a respectable might, Rogen will be more secure traveling the world. So if anyone wanted to act against the king, they must think twice!

Having a strong kingdom, and being alone, are two completely different concepts.

On Logan, Nanlin stood on the bow, looking at the vast and boundless sea ahead, with surprised eyes, but her expression remained calm.

“How about it, haven’t you seen such a view before?”

Rogen smiled.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Nanlin nodded slightly.

“Three months after saving the kingdom from that tyrant, many people couldn’t help going outside to see the world. I’m sure that you are one of these people, right?”

Rogen asked curiously.

“No, I have been practicing healing magic for the past three months, and my master [Akami] said, only if I am good at my job, that will I have a better opportunity to marry you.”

Nanlin said lightly.

On the side, the little master who was drinking juice, spat out all the liquid in her mouth with a loud noise, and Robin kept laughing.

Rogen was so embarrassed.

“This old woman, hasn’t she given up yet?”

Muttering to himself, Rogen turned and left quickly with steam rising from his head.

During this time, Akami seized every opportunity to make him marry or fall in love with all the beauty of her female apprentice, and even secretly told him what attitude and secret skills she had taught Nanlin to seduce him more. Rogen rolled his eyes, but at the same time, he felt some warmth in his heart.

Akami, the elder witch, really did everything she wanted and took advantage of the situation. Now that he has gone out to the sea, she has actually stuffed her apprentice over.

Seeing Rogen leave, Nanlin showed a faint smile.

“Can’t you really be fascinated by my charm? Your majesty!”

Murmuring, Nanlin felt very complicated.

A king with wisdom, strength, and gentleness is very attractive to young girls. Although Nanlin’s nature was calm and cold, she does have some admiration for Rogen. But she wasn’t willing to show her inner thoughts.

The Logan was traveling on the West Blue, maintaining its fastest speed.

With sails and steam power, its power is extremely sufficient.

On the top of the mast, a black flag with red-eyes skull fluttered from side to side, showing its ferocity.

Onboard, from being two people who escaped together from prison to four people now, Rogen didn’t naturally feel lonely.

In West Blue, there were a lot of pirates.

Along the way, Rogen encountered five pirate groups who provoked him, but without even knowing who they were, the Deva Path took care of them.

Gradually, the Logan sailed for about a week.

“The next stop will be the last island of the West Blue, and then we enter the Great Line.”

Rogen told his crew.

“Are we leaving the west blue?”

The little master said excitedly.


“Where shall we go next, how will we find Jason and the others?”

The little master asked.

Rogen was silent and didn’t answer! So, she said.

“I may know where can we find Crocodile, but others, I don’t know.”

Rogen was frowning, and the young master gave him the Vivre Card of Crocodile, so he could find him, but it was really difficult to locate the others.

The world is too big, if he wants to find them, then, the first thing to do was to contact them through some means, and let them gather in one place.

‘But, how can I tell my friends that I’m out looking for them?’

At the sea level, four or five black spots suddenly appeared and moved towards the Logan at a very fast speed.

Rogen slightly raised his head, the Rinnegan eyes were activated and zoomed forward, the five black spots clearly appeared in his eyes.

Rogen smiled with the corner of his mouth.

“There’s an easy way ahead.”

Logan’s speed slowed down slightly, as if it was waiting for the black spots to come closer.

On the rear, the black spots quickly approached them. The lieutenant commander with a telescope at the bow slowly locked the target, his eyes condensed.

“We found some pirates, prepare to fight!”

“Yes Sir!”

The Marines received the order fast, turned, and trotted to get ready.

“Recently, the Marines has stepped up its efforts to exterminate pirates from all over the world, but the situation is still very serious.”

Amonda sighed.

Roger’s words before his death set off the era of the great pirates. After that, the Golden Lion attacked the headquarters, and Rogen’s impact on the holy land of Celestial Dragons made the world aroused infinite interest in being a pirate.

Although both of them are considered to still be in jail, the Marine forces were oppressive. But that seed has already been planted.

However, the situation is much better than when it first started.

“However, the arrogance of the pirates is being suppressed step by step. One day, these scums will disappear completely!”

Amonda said!

He picked up the binoculars and looked forward again.

Because of the distance, he could only roughly see the Pirate Flag on the ship and the figures on it, but couldn’t tell who they were.

Soon, the distance between the two sides got closer and closer.

“They look very young, but one of them is a bit familiar. They are for sure rookies.”

After scanning the faces of people on board, one by one, Amonda was sure of his assumption.

“Huh? This little girl, it seems to be Nico Robin!”

Amonda was shocked when she saw Robin.

“This is interesting, I didn’t expect to meet the Devil Child here.”

He beckoned and called the soldiers behind.

“When attacking the other party, make sure not to hurt that girl. She is important and must be captured alive!”


The soldiers replied loudly, and then went down to spread the order.

Ten minutes later, the distance between the two sides was only a few hundred meters.

“Fire warning shells, force them to stop, otherwise there will be no mercy!”

Amonda gave orders coldly.

At the same time, on the Logan, Rogen smiled as he looked at the warships encircling him.

“Go ahead, announce this to the world!”

“I’m back!” [madafamasss]


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