One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 320: Departure

The Five elder wizards, with angry expressions, stood below the throne of the king.

The person in the frontline was Salo, and behind him was Asy, Akemi, Jerry, and the one who just promoted to join the Mage Guild, called Vash. It can be said that those five are the most powerful mages in this Kingdom.

Student, mage, and then wizards, these are the steps to become a great Wizard. Generally speaking, when you reach the Wizard level, you will have high combat power, at that time, you will be able to learn and use the Forbidden chant.

When Rogen decided to leave the Kingdom, the five elder wizards refused.

“Before coming here, I was a pirate, I belong to the sea!”

“When you made contact with the outside world, you have seen the bounty on my head, haven’t you?”

Rogen gave a bitter smile.

“No, your majesty. You are the King of our Balut kingdom; this is an unchangeable fact. We can’t let you go back to be a pirate!”

Asy yelled.

“Are you joking? From being a mighty king to a normal pirate?”

“Do you still want to keep your identity as a pirate even after taking the throne of our kingdom?”

Akemi said sternly.

“When we go to negotiate with the world government and the Marines, who we should send to make them recognize our kingdom!”

Jerry added.

Four of the five made their stand and refused to allow their king to depart.

“What’s your opinion, Vash?”

Rogen had no choice but to look at Vash with threatening eyes.

The fifth wizard is an expert in black magic. He belongs to the younger generation and is much younger than the other four. In the same way, he was also promoted by Rogen to this position, which made him Rogen’s confidant.

“If your Majesty wants to keep being a pirate, then there is no problem.”

Vash gritted his teeth and said this.

“Haha, that’s right, there should be no problem with this!”

Rogen laughed.

“Vash, do you want us to kill you?”

“I’ll only warn you once, don’t talk nonsense! Your majesty, we have a problem with this matter, and you can’t shirk your responsibility!”

“This is an important matter related to the kingdom. Do you want to angry your council!”

The four were furious, and they all scolded Vash.

Vash’s eyelids twitched, facing the pressure of the four powerhouses, he was still a newbie.

“Well, you four have to listen to me first.”

“I came here as a pirate and then became the king of the balut kingdom. Right!? So why can’t I be both at the same time?”

“You have all seen that I, the king, has a magnificent ambition. Since taking over as the throne, this country has been thriving. Now, everything is organized and there will be no major problems. As long as the five elder wizards are in charge of the whole situation, it’s no big deal for me to go out and have some fun!”

“Furthermore, if you guys don’t feel relieved with the situation, you can find someone to escort and protect me all the time!”

The more Rogen talked, the darker their faces became. In the end, they became so frustrated.

“Well, my departure won’t have a great effect! Vash, you’re totally right. So this matter is decided! “

Rogen laughed and finally decided!

As long as one of the five great wizards agrees with him, the matter is settled.

Then, the other four accepted his decision. In the end, he’s their king and they had to obey him. After all, even if they were worried about his safety, he agreed to let someone go with him and “protect” him.

However, the issue of protection has been discussed for a long time. After all, with Rogen’s current strength, he basically doesn’t need a guard.

“Well, don’t argue about this issue anymore.”

Rogen was so quarrelsome that he waved his hand and all six figures appeared in front of him.

“Which one of you wants to try the power of my Six Paths?”

After a long period, the six avatars have naturally been sealed by him.

The five members of the council calmed down, because they knew that the power of two paths was magnificent, not to mention the whole pack.

“Let Nanlin go with you, she is my favorite disciple, and she is also a doctor! She could come in handy for… Your Majesty.”

In the end, Akami made up her mind.

“Hmm, a Doctor? Alright then.”

Rogen nodded.

Shortly after all the partners were found and got on board, surely a doctor would be needed.

And Rogen has seen this lady, Nanlin. She is so beautiful, has a slender figure, looks very seductive, has a cold temper, and treats him purely as an ordinary person! She is a woman with a great personality.

But after everything is settled, Rogen stretched out and let out a sigh of relief.

“As for the world conference, let Salo go and handle it. Remember, select some elite disciples, this meeting is mainly to highlight the strength of our kingdom. “

“In terms of rights and interests, you can all retain or discard, but we must let the world see our strength!”

Rogen gave orders to Salo.

“I understand. By the way, you should take a Den Den Mushi with you. We will inform you when we have something important happens!”

Salo said.

Nodding, Rogen thought for a while. Making sure that there isn’t any other important matter to discuss, he stood up and left the palace.

He was a little excited. He stayed here for a long time and almost got used to this kind of life. But he, after all, belongs to the sea.

Returning to the residence, Rogen greeted the young master and Robin.

“Your Majesty! You have finally finished the meeting!?”

The little master said with a joking tone, and Robin kept laughing.

Rogen gave a wry smile and waved his hand: “Stop making fun of me, get ready, we’re going to set off!”

The three of them were sitting on the Griffins and got escorted by Salo and others to the port, the Logan was brought to the king island by the Kingdom soldiers, and it was filled with supplies.

What surprised the young master and Robin was that there was already a young beautiful woman in a robe waiting there, on Logan.

“Yoo, beautiful guard, your majesty.”

The little master said with a smirk, and Robin began to laugh.

Rogen was helpless and jumped down directly to the Logan.

Then the young master and Robin landed on the ship. Soon after, under the control of the Deva Path, the ship started sailing quickly.

“Hey, Nanlin, you came very early.”

Rogen walked in her direction, but she waved her hand with an indifferent expression.

“You are late.”

Nanlin said calmly.

“Haha, Maybe.”

Rogen was a little embarrassed.

“Your Majesty, please take care of yourself!”

At the port, in the sky, Salo and other guards shouted loudly, their faces full of worries.

“You must always remember that you have a country attached to you!”

“No matter when, we, the Kingdom of Balut, are your biggest backers!”

“If the world government, or even the Marines dares to act against you, you don’t have to be afraid, we will always be by your side!”

The voices came one after another, from all directions.

Rogen looked around at the people of his nation, and his heart tightened.

‘These lovely people! They are all my people.’


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