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S.P.P Chapter 323: To the West

Sitting on the deck, Amonda took a few heavy breaths, letting his tense mood relax, and then gritted his teeth and stood up.

“Gol D. Rogen, with a bounty of up to 880 million, unexpectedly escaped from the Impel Down and arrived at West Blue!”

Taking a deep breath, there was a sense of relief on Amonda’s face.

“The Marines headquarters must have known about it, but they concealed it!”

“Damn it! These lunatics!”

He felt extremely angry. When such a furious guy came to West Blue, the headquarters chose to hide this matter. What are they planning to do? Don’t they care about the safety of their soldiers?

“I want to tell the world! This news must never be hidden!”

His trembling right hand, quickly pilled the Den Den Mushi, and then his voice turned very cold and he screamed.

“I ran into Gol D. Rogen, why weren’t I informed about his escape! My troops were wiped out, and I almost died. If you care about your patrolling soldiers in the four blue, you will quickly spread this news!”

“This guy is terrifying, and the Headquarters can’t even give any information about him!”

“This is ridiculous! This is preposterous! You know what? “

Amonda’s anger was vented in the call, and at the same time, such news was spread in the West blue at a very fast speed.

The great pirate, the leader of the Wraith group, Gol D. Rogen, with the 880 million bounty, successfully escaped from Impel Down and was wandering in the West blue at this moment. This shocking news caused the Marines in that area to be soaked in fear, as well as the pirates in this part of the world, after hearing about this, they were even more cautious for fear of meeting this legendary great pirate.

“Holly $Hit! He did escape…”

“This guy is a maniac. He attacked and killed many Celestial Dragons in the Holy Land. He even destroyed a mansion there! He is a demon who kills without blinking an eye.”

“I heard that Rogen’s face is so gloomy and dark, his body is like a skeleton with horns and red eyes… Ow, this is very terrible!”

“No, what’s more horrifying about him is his strength. According to what I read 4 years ago, he fought against Aokiji and Kizaru alone and severely injured both of them… then he left unscathed!”

In a very short time, many legends about Rogen were discovered by the people of the West, and he became the talk of the people.

Gradually, there are about 100 versions of Rogen’s story and might, and each one of them was different.

Soon, the news spread out of the West, into the four blues, and even more into the Grand Line.

On the third day, the Marine Headquarters announced that Rogen, who had been imprisoned in the Impel Down, has fled. At this moment, the whole world was in an uproar and fell into shock.

“Hahahaha, that young kid is really interesting!”

The Whitebeard held the naginata in his hand and laughed.

To his side, Marco, Jozu, and the crewmembers were also shocked.

“Oyaji, that boy is a little fierce. He actually escaped from that prison!”

Marco laughed.

“Very good, I’m sure that we will meet him one day in the new world.”

The Whitebeard took a huge sip of Sake and laughed again.

After Roger’s death, the world became a lot boring. But his younger brother seems very energetic! He felt excited once again after a long time.

“Oyaji, our top priority now is the beast Kaido.”

Jozu said solemnly.


The whitebeard’s expression changed, then he sneered after taking a few sips of wine.

“Huh! He’s just a bragging kid who accumulated a bit of strength, we don’t need to care about him!”

In the mind of whitebeard, the world’s most powerful pirate, Kaido, one of the four emperors in the future, seemed to him to be just a bragging kid at this moment. There is no doubt that he is overbearing.

On the vast sea, an island floating at an altitude of tens of meters from the sea.

“Did he leave that hole, too?”

“It took you a while, Kid.”

The Golden Lion Shiki, his ripped feet were replaced by two swords. After hearing the news, he stepped forward and kept thinking, but then he laughed.

“Well, that’s interesting! Maybe, in the near future, we can cooperate!”

The Golden Lion who was captured in the greatest prison once, when he came out, his strength and influence were greatly weakened. The once overlord of the new world no longer exists. Up to now, his strength was not even as high as those young guys who are seeking to be emperors.

How could he be satisfied with such a life? He has been slowly accumulating strength, waiting for a comeback.

However, the once-powerful subordinates, the numerous flying pirate groups, have fallen apart.

Until now, he heard about Rogen’s appearance.

“If you are not strong enough, this old man will help you to go further, how about that”

Looking at the sea in the distance, the golden lion murmured.

After leaving prison, he once met the whitebeard, but his ridicule and disdain deeply hurt his dignity. Compared with the whitebeard, Rogen was much more liked in the eyes of the Golden Lion.

After all, the two used to be good cellmates.

The New World, on an island fully covered by military buildings.

A thin, cold-faced young man in a black uniform was training his soldiers.

“Major General Trensu, we have news, there is some good news!”

A soldier yelled and ran over with excitement.

“What’s going on?”

With a confused look in his eyes, Trensu motioned to the other party to speak quickly.

“It’s Rogen, your captain, we heard some news about him.”


Trensu’s cold expression changed immediately, strode to the soldier, and grabbed him.

“He is in the West blue, the whole world is talking about him!”

Trensu released the guy, then clenched his fists, and he asked calmly.

“Are you sure about this?”

“It’s true, Major General, it’s spread all over the world! He escaped from that prison and he is now wandering in that part of the world. The Marine Headquarters also issued a notice just now. It can’t be misinformation! “


With a loud cry, Trensu turned around and left.

This made the soldiers at the base a little confused, and some people started making a fuss.

“Major General, where are you going?”

“to the west, to find my captain!”

A long-lost smile appeared on Trensu’s face.

“What about us?”

The soldiers asked again.

“Guys, just be happy! Hahahaha!”

After a few steps, Trensu disappeared at the base gate.

When he was out of the base, he quickly came to the other side of the island and pulled out a young guy.

“Hey, hey, Trensu, let go of me, what the hell!”

Trensu didn’t listen, and dragged the latter forward quickly, toward the harbor.

“I’m a nobleman. this is very rude when you treat me like this! Let go, it hurts, it really hurts!”

The latter continued to scream.

“We should go now, stop crying like a baby, Caros.”

“Where are we going?”

“West Blue!”


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