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S.P.P Chapter 324: That’s All!

West Blue, on a quiet island!

This island was completely peaceful, In the dense jungle, there seems to be a beast that all creatures fear. This wild animal’s might was much higher than the others, and its coercion makes all animals and birds tremble and dare not make noise.

Suddenly, on the quiet island, a loud roar came out.


The rolling sound waves made the sand float and shook the rocks. It formed a circle of airwaves and spreads out rapidly. It rose a large amount of dust and made the birds in the trees fly away in horror.

“Be quieter!”

However, just after this sky-shaking roar, another terrifying noise filled the place.

“Boom boom boom boom!”

There was a huge tremor, and a figure that was 100 meters tall gradually appeared in the depths of the jungle. Every time it took a step, the whole island trembled.

He has huge wings with a wingspan of 300 meters, black skin, and enormous muscles. Its hands were as huge as a hill, and the sharp claws were comparable to swords. Under his lizard-like nose, he exhales hot steam. Every time he sighs heavily, it was just like he was spitting out flames.

From a distance, the size of this figure is almost as big as one-fifth of the island. Standing there, he is as tall and straight as a mountain.

If there were human beings here, they will immediately consider it as a “dragon”.

Because, the appearance of this huge creature is no different from that of a giant dragon!

It is a real dragon living in the world!

“Gabriel, you must get a little smaller, how do you expect yourself to move freely in this size?”

At the right shoulder of the giant dragon, a voice suddenly came out, and when he narrowed his sight, he saw a buffed figure. He was about 3.5 meters tall, with strong arms, and muscles harder than granite. To anyone’s first impression, this guy is majestic!

The figure of this man is monstrous! Every part of his body screams Power!


Gabriel roared, and under the man’s voice, he actually started to slowly become smaller.

After a couple of seconds, he became only thirty meters tall, with a wingspan of 100 meters.

“Well, that’s not bad!”

The man said with satisfaction.

“Jason, don’t go too far, I have just signed a contract with you!”

Gabriel roared.

It’s shocking that this giant dragon can speak

But Jason was not surprised at all, and instead smiled.

“Gabriel, according to the tradition of your tribe, after I have defeated you. Now, I am your master. You must be obedient!”

“Otherwise, I will stuff your head into your own feces to let you know what cruelty is!”

Gabriel was even more angry, roaring constantly.

“Damn you, humans!”

“Stop crying like a baby, hurry up and fly, I stayed with you for four years, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Jason shouted.

At the moment, he didn’t even have a complete suit on his body, but rough animal skins were tied around his waist and crotch, which acted as a cover.

“In my inherited memory, the outside world is very dangerous, my mother didn’t let me go out even once!”

Gabriel shouted.

“We need to get out!”

Jason’s face was full of black lines.

“Stop talking nonsense and let’s fly away… Mom, mom, all days, all night you are talking about your mother’s stories? Now, I am your master! Let’s LEAVE!!!”

“Plus, don’t you always say that you want to go out and see the outside world?”

Gabriel hesitated for a while, but only after Jason’s persuasion did he spread his wings and fly high.

Just as they were flying high up in the sky, a messenger bird suddenly saw them near, so he threw a newspaper and the wanted posters list on the dragon’s back, without even caring about the payment.

Jason raised his hand, just caught it, and while riding Gabriel, he started unfolding the posters.


However, after seeing the person on the first wanted poster, Jason’s pupils suddenly contracted.

Sabaody archipelago, in the rip-off bar.

“That boy doesn’t fail to surprise me!”

Rayleigh held his glasses and gently put the newspaper on the bar.

“Oh, it’s Rogen. This little devil has escaped from Impel Down.”

Shakky said in surprise.

“Yes, it’s going crazy outside now.”

Rayleigh sighed.

“Where are the six fellows?”

Shakky asked again.

“When they heard the news about their captain, they were so thrilled, clamoring to go to the West blue.”

Rayleigh said with a headache.

“Haha, I’m not surprised by this, but… How are they doing under your training?”

Shakky said!

Holding his head, Rayleigh felt helpless.

“After four years of training, the talent of these six guys didn’t improve by a lot, but now, in the first half of the Grand Line, they shouldn’t face many problems!”

Rayleigh shook his head.

“Huh, let them go then. I can’t afford to take care of them any longer. When you meet Rogen again, don’t forget to ask him for the four years of accommodation and food expenses.”

Shakky did a very detailed calculation and prepared a long list of bills.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget!”

Rayleigh gave a wry smile.

As they were talking, the six trainees rushed in, making a lot of noises.

“Rayleigh, we are going to the West blue.”

“Yes, we’re going to the West. We need to find our captain!”

“He must have suffered a lot in the Impel Down in the past four years. We have to protect him and take care of him!”

“Woo woo, I’m so touched, I will see the captain again before I die!”

“Hurry up and let’s leave, or you guys want to keep on fighting.”

Rayleigh looked at the six, and his headache got worse, so he could only wave his hand.

“Get out of here, you are so annoying!”… I thought this day will never come!’

Hearing Rayleigh’s words, the six yelled, turned around, and ran away.

The first half of the Grand Line, Alabasta.

This was Rogen’s first stop at the Grand Line, and it was also the place where he encountered Crocodile.

And here, at the port of Nanohana, a burly, ugly man with slash marks on his face was smoking a cigar quietly.


Spit out a smoke ring, the scarred man’s eyes drifted a little, seemingly in a trance, remembering something.

“Mr. 0, everything is ready, we are waiting for your order now, the infiltration of Alabasta can start.”

The cold man with sunglasses came to the scarred man’s side and said coldly.


Looking at the sea, the scarred man spit out another puff of smoke. Then he said something that surprised the other party.

“Prepare a boat for me, I’m going to the West Blue!”

“What?” The man was shocked, feeling confused, “Don’t you want to seize Alabasta?”

“Not anymore.”

The scared man smiled.

And his smile made the other man feel bewildered, because he had never seen his boss smile since he came into contact with him.

“You are joking, right?!”

“I’m not kidding, prepare a boat, I’m going to the West Blue.”

“Now that he’s back, it doesn’t matter whether I take over this country or not!”

The scarred man showed a ferocious smile, which contained excitement and longing.

“I, Crocodile, will always be a member of the Wraith Pirates.”

“That’s all!”


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