One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 325: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

On the boundless sea, the breeze swept the waves, rippling layer upon layer. In the turbulent sea, a pirate ship with a fluttering black skull flag was riding the wind and breaking the waves, and moving at a very fast speed.

The Logan got closer to the Reverse Mountain, and more pirate groups were gathering around the area.

It has been a month since Rogen left the Kingdom of Balut. In this month, the Logan moored several times, just to resupply, so there wasn’t much of a delay.

“The Logan will stop here, on the Loki island.”

Rogen pointed to a point on the chart near the Reverse Mountain and said softly.

“Do you want to wait for them there?”

The little master said excitedly.

“Yes, our partners are on the way. When they arrive, we can start our journey.”

Rogen nodded.

“Brother Rogen, may I ask you something… how can you be so sure that they will come?”

Little Robin asked curiously.

“Because they are my crew.”

Rogen said with a smile.

The linkage between these partners has reached an unbreakable point since four years ago. This kind of trust in each other can be said to be long-lasting. That is a kind of complete faith, to the soul level. Even if they were thousands of miles away, they can sense each other’s crisis.

The Logan was moving, and gradually, pirate ships appeared in the field of vision.

“There are pirates ahead!”

Robin shouted.

“The Deva Path will solve this problem, you don’t have to worry.”

Rogen laughed.

The young master had already turned into a human form at this time, wearing a white shirt and a very beautiful short skirt, showing her snow-white slender legs, and her playful toes moved a few times, which made Rogen astonished and couldn’t stop staring at her. He has to admit that this little girl has become plumper and plumper as she grows older.

As for everything around the ship, she didn’t care much, she was reading a book at the moment.

“Listening to your description, your Fruit should be a Zoan type, according to my guess, you have the power of the nine-tailed fox!”

The Animal Path sat cross-legged next to the little master and talked to her.

“Nine-tailed fox?”

The little master blinked and closed the book temporarily.

“So, how do I develop it? I want to become stronger, not just your burden.”

“Actually, you are no longer a burden.”

The Animal Path looked serious.

“During this period, the development of your fruit should be related to the number of tails you can bring out. The initial awakening is the hardest.”

“The growth of each tail will bring you different abilities and a stronger body!”

“In a sense, the devil fruit you eat is one of the Mythical types. Although it doesn’t hold the power of elementalization and large-scale attacks like the Logia type. However, it is so outstanding and fits you well. As time goes on, your strength will increase spontaneously.”

The little master shrank and transformed, then two tails appeared behind him. Besides these two, there was a new small tail that appeared recently.

“When this third tail grows, you will be able to control a new ability or strength.”

The animal path said in a deep voice.

“The legendary nine-tailed fox belongs to the mythical creatures. It is a divine beast. Each tail has a different attribute power such as wind, rain, thunder, fire, etc.”

The conversation between the two made the little master more aware of her abilities, and her eyes lit up.

In fact, after awakening her fruit ability, she felt some difference. Her physical fitness is getting stronger and stronger. She keeps on growing and getting stronger as every day passes.

On the Logan, when everyone was talking, the pirates on the sea saw the Logan sailing nearby.

“It’s a pirate ship. Let me see which group they are. During this period, there are not many fellows who dare to go to the Grand Line!”

People on one of the pirate boats raised their binoculars and looked at Logan.

When he saw the number of people on the Logan, the scout smiled.

“A group of less than ten pirates, they are brave. I have to give it to them! Huh!”

The telescope turned and looked at the fluttering flag on the mast.

“A skeleton? It’s just a skeleton. What kind of pirate group is this?”

In the words, this man started doubting himself.

But he didn’t notice the movement of his companions standing beside him and other pirate ships also drifting on the sea.

When the Pirate Groups, which had been close to each other, quarreling, mocking, and disdaining, saw the Logan coming from a distance, they all had a momentary pause, followed by a quick turn of course with frightened faces, they just drove away to the sides. Vaguely, as if they were opening a path for the upcoming ship, and paying homage.

“The Wraith!! It’s the Wraith Pirates!”

Just then, a cry of shock rang out across the sea.

The man who was thinking about the meaning of the Pirate Flag was stunned. The telescope fell on the deck with a clatter, and his face revealed fear and awe at a very fast speed.

“It’s Gol. D Rogen! The legendary big pirate who is wandering in the West Sea!”

The pirates were boiling and roaring, then moved their boats to make way for that ship.

“It’s them. They are here!”

“Hurry up, get out of the way, we can’t afford to mess around with those guys!”

The nervous voices resounded through the ships, and soon the scout felt the movement of their ship accelerating, reaching the highest speed in an instant.

In less than three minutes, more than a dozen pirate groups moving side by side and blocking the way had already retreated to the sides. The sudden movements of these guys seemed to be a welcoming sign!

Such awe and respect can be regarded as a submission!

The temporary bowing represents the pirates’ fear of the upcoming monsters, The Wraith!

Gradually, the Logan approached.

The flames in the eyes of the skull, swaying with the sea breeze, invisibly spreading fear and a unique kind of majesty, forcing people to bow their heads.

The Logan entered the road vacated by these pirates. At this moment, the pirates standing on the ships lowered their heads, they were sweating profusely and got extremely nervous.

They didn’t even dare to look up.

“A single man with 880 million bounty!”

Some people’s hands were trembling, trying to summon up some courage to see what kind of man they were facing, but in the end, they still clenched their fists and gave up.

No one dared to do so!

In front of such a man, the pressure was greater than a mountain!

Time seemed to slow down, and the sweat had slipped to their backs, making their clothes soaked wet.

The quiet tension caused the sea to fall into a strange silence, and only the slight breathing between the pirates could be heard.

On the Logan, Little Robin looked at the pirates who bowed down on both sides in surprise, and her eyes were full of weirdness.

She once saw the true face of these horrifying pirates. These guys don’t think twice before doing all kinds of wicked deeds, they basically fear nothing, and they were always lawless. Compared to most civilians, these wicked pirates are truly terrifying.

But at this moment!

They, like obedient Japanese kids, were actually paying tribute to the Wraith2!

This was unimaginable!

Faintly, Robin seemed to understand that all of this was due to the man sitting cross-legged in the bow position.


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