One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P chapter 326: Get lost

“How strong is he?”

How powerful is the man who made these pirates bow down?

Robin could not imagine a more terrifying and powerful man than Aokiji. The admiral at that time was simply unmatched, like a demon and a devil. But this young man showed her another kind of strength.

Before, the Battle of Balut, and killing Eden, plus now, he just sat there lazily and all the pirates had already surrendered.

Gradually, the Logan crossed through the path opened by the pirates and went away slowly.

“Huh, finally gone, too much pressure!”

When the Logan left the pirates’ sight, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“He didn’t make any movement, but I just couldn’t find a little bit of strength and raise my head to face him.”

A pirate said with a pale face.

“Is that the aura of such monster? I didn’t even dare to look up!”

One person clenched his fists, complaining about his incompetence and cowardice in his heart.

“Let’s go, I just hope we never meet him again!”

The pirates quickly dispersed, and they did not have the mood to continue the previous quarrel.

Two days later, Loki Island.

“What is that?”

Suddenly, there was a cry of terror in the harbor.

“It’s just a boat! There’s nothing to make a fuss about.”

A man nearby was working. He glanced at the sea and turned his eyes.

“No, it’s a pirate ship! That flag, that’s a pirate flag!”

On the canvas fluttering in the wind, the skull flag exuded a sense of gloom, getting closer and closer.

“It’s the Wraith Pirates!”

A loud scream made the whole island boil.

All the people on the island were in a state of tension. A team of Marines ran over with stern faces and quickly surrounded the port here. Meanwhile, ordinary people were forced to retreat.

But there were some bold people who stand behind the Marines on their tiptoes to see what the legendary pirate looks like.

More and more Marines rushed over, and finally, all civilians covered their mouths in shock.

“Look at his epaulet, he is a vice admiral!!”

It is impossible to imagine that a vice admiral has come to Loki Island.

Gradually, the pirate ship got closer and closer, and finally, it berthed at the entrance of the harbor.

“Don’t act rashly!”

The Vice-Admiral Talos who stood at the forefront shouted loudly, and his forehead was already covered with sweat because he was very nervous.

Facing a great pirate from the Grand Line, who even the Marines Headquarters had to treat him seriously, the pressure on this Vice Admiral can be imagined.

He was more aware of the psychological pressure of his soldiers at this moment. It’s a bad thing to have terrified soldiers by your side, what would happen if one of them got too nervous and shot the powerful enemy!

Taking a deep breath, Talos walked forward with the man behind him.

When he approached Logan, Rogen and others had already stood at the bow and looked down.

“Look who’s here… it’s the Marines! Did you all gather here to welcome my arrival?”

With a smile, Rogen said in a mocking voice.

Looking carefully at his figure, the vice-admiral didn’t find a trace of tension or fear.

“Stop joking around, We, the Marines, would never do such a thing!”

Talos said loudly.

“Oh!? Then, are you thinking about fighting me with these forces?”

The smile on Rogen’s face disappeared suddenly, and his eyes narrowed.

The heavy pressure swept the whole audience in an instant, and all the soldiers became nervous, even the civilians who were watching from a distance held their breath.

“To make a move against me, you should at least bring a military force of the Buster Call scale, perhaps then you will have the chances of getting a fair fight.”

With a sneer, Rogen’s voice spread throughout the audience.

The corner of Talos’ mouth trembled, knowing that what he might have said was true.

“Please don’t get me wrong, we don’t have any tendency to attack you.”

Under Rogen’s pressure, Talos temporarily bowed his head.

“It’s just that, for the safety of the people on this island, we need to know your intentions!”

“If you are planning on causing chaos on this island, then we will definitely fight back to the end!”

“The safety of the island people?”

Rogen raised his eyebrows and then smiled disdainfully.

“I am not as frantic as your department, who doesn’t mind or even think twice before attacking innocent civilians…”

In a word, Talos was speechless, and he could not refute it, because many dark incidents for mysterious causes made by the Marines were real.

“Gol D. Rogen, what’s your intention after landing on this island?”

Talos didn’t want to talk about this topic, so he asked loudly again.

“Intention? I just thought that it would the best place to wait for the arrival of my partners.”

With the faces of friends in his eyes, Rogen jumped off the boat.

Behind him, the young master, Robin, and Nanlin jumped down one by one.

“Get out of my way. Don’t disturb me. When my friends come, we’ll leave.”

Taking a stride, Rogen quickly came to Talos’ side.

At that moment, Talos’ whole body became tense. The other side was obviously just a young man in his twenties, but at this moment, he brought an extremely heavy pressure.

He even saw Nico Robin among the members of this man’s crew, which made his pupils shrink. But he did not dare to act rashly.

“Get lost, or I’ll considered it a move against my crew, and you will bear the consequences!”

These cold words came into Talos’ ears clearly, causing him to tremble all over, gritting his teeth and clearing the path.

He didn’t want to start an unnecessary war, it would be just like moths fighting the flame. in the absence of the admirals, fighting such an opponent was just like seeking his own death.

Once the war starts, Rogen will never show mercy. He knew very well the origins of his opponent, and what kind of relationship he has with the world government.

At this moment, all Talos can do is give in!

As soon as he retreated, the Marines behind him made way and opened a long road.

Rogen and his group just walked into the island along this road.

This scene made the civilians see that the ambitious people were passionate, and envy and admiration appeared in their eyes.

“Is this how it feels to be a great pirate? Even a vice-admiral must give in and dare not have any disputes with the other side!”

Rogen’s hegemony and the retreat of the Marines made everyone on the Island see the true power of the wraith pirates, and made their hearts beat hard.

“I heard that this guy is the younger brother of Roger, the pirate king, he deserves to be a member of such family!”

When Rogen and his group disappeared in the harbor, people’s discussions began to spread.

“The news I got is that Rogen was just an ordinary boy when Roger was alive. It was because of the pressure of the Marines’ pursuit that he grew to his current strength.”

“They forced him to be stronger. He doesn’t look like a vicious person at all, but he seems to be very kind!”

On the street, people were talking to each other, and Rogen’s appearance made everyone very interested.

After a long walk, Rogen and his group had entered a bar.


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