One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 327: Dragon Rider

At first, when the bar owner saw such a pirate, he was a little afraid and nervous, but when Rogen said his first sentence, the atmosphere instantly became less tensed.

“Boss, don’t be reluctant to pour us a drink?”

When he said this, Rogen smiled. He didn’t have the previous aura while facing the Marines. Instead, he seemed to be greeting the neighbor next door.

“Hahahaha, with my pleasure!”

The owner was also a bold person, and Rogen’s words made him laugh.

“Rum or brandy? It’s a bit stronger, but it’s the best for you, sea sailors.”

“Oh? Interesting! How did you notice?”

Rogen curiously asked.

“I’m used to serve great pirates!”

The owner proficiently sells his liquor to Rogen.

The latter accepted the promotion with a smile, and then ordered some of each.

The other guests in the bar saw Rogen chatting with the owner, and found that this great pirate was not as scary as the legends. Finally, they summoned some courage and joined in. After chatting, they found out that he was just like them.

“Rogen, I heard that on your way here, a group of pirates was scared to even look in the direction of your ship, and they didn’t dare to stand in your way.”

Someone asked.

“Hehe, actually I didn’t do anything, but they were all scared.”

Rogen shook his head with a bitter smile.

“You tell me, is my eyes, my two ears, my nose, or my mouth different from you?”

In this sentence, the people in the bar laughed. They felt that this pirate was completely different from the rumors. He spoke humorously, without the slightest pretensions.

“This is how real pirates such be!”

Someone sighed.

They have also seen those guys with bounties of more than ten million in the West Blue, but none of them was as easy to get close to as Rogen, they are all arrogant and swears and beats people at every turn.

Rogen began narrating some interesting stories, and everyone started telling him about the West Blue and the Loki Island. When they were talking vigorously, a thirteen-year-old boy summoned up the courage and pulled Rogen’s clothes.

“What’s the matter? Little Zoka!”

This boy is called Zoka, who is the son of the barkeeper.

“Brother Rogen, I also want to be a pirate when I grow up, can I be like you?”

The young Zoka looked at Rogen expectantly.

The others stopped talking and watched this scene with a smile.

Rogen was taken aback by this question, then stretched out his hand and patted Zoka’s head.

“Oh really, you want to be a pirate? Zoka, of course, you can.”

“Pirates are the bravest soldiers in the sea!”

Zoka heard the affirmative answer and clenched his fists in excitement.

“However, being a pirate is very dangerous. First of all, you have to make sure that you have enough courage to face these dangers.”

Rogen said seriously.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Being a pirate these days is far more dangerous than a Marine.

“I have! Brother Rogen, I have the courage!”

Zoka said loudly.

At this time, the bar owner hurried over as soon as he heard this, grabbed Zola, and started spanking him.

“Hey little boy, you still want to be a pirate, I must teach you some respect for your elders!”

The voice was clear and loud, and Zoka’s tears came out, which made people beside him laugh.

Rogen shook his head as he watched.

“A man’s determination to face the sea can’t be stopped by anything!”

As he continued drinking with the crowd.

Little Zoka shouted this sentence, while being spanked by his father.

“Brother Rogen, when I grow up, I will go out and join your pirate group!”

And with that said, the bar owner to slap him harder and the little kid screamed in pain.

One day later, in the West blue, in the waters near the island of Loki.

“What is that? What a big bird!”

The pirates who were sailing on the sea just saw the shadow gliding above their heads.

It can be clearly seen that the area of

the shadow was very large, hundreds of meters away from them, but it still looked huge.

“What a creature!”

The pirates on their boat exclaimed.

Just after they were surprised, the next second, they found that the giant bird in the sky was diving down and flying towards them.

“That bird is coming in our direction!”

The crew was shocked.

Three seconds later, as the giant bird got closer, they clearly saw its face.

“The Hell, what kind of bird is this? No freaking way, It’s a dragon!!!”

Such a legendary creature appeared in front of them so vividly that the pirates were terrified to the extreme.

“Get ready to dive. With just one blow of this big guy, our boat will be smashed to pieces!”

The captain yelled loudly, and his face turned blue.

But what shocked them was that the giant dragon with a wingspan of 100 meters and scorching flames just came to a standstill above their ship.

“Hey guys, can you tell me which way Loki Island is?”

A head popped out from behind the dragon.

The pirates on the ship were dumbfounded.

What the hell? Is there a man riding the dragon?

Subconsciously, a crew member pointed in the direction of Island.


The man waved his hand and slapped the dragon under him.

“Baby dragon, let’s go!”


With the roar of the angry dragon, the man and the dragon quickly pulled out and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

“What the actual fck, am I hallucinating? Am I daydreaming!!!”

“Dragon rider?!”

“Ma God, I think we should stop drinking in the daytime!”

When the pirates realized that the dragon was being ridden by someone, their hearts were filled with chaos.

“That guy is so lucky, I envy him a lot!”

“Who doesn’t want such an amazing mount!”

Eighteen minutes later, there was a scream at the port of Loki Island.

Someone riding a dragon came from the sea, this shocking scene made the people of Loki Island boil. A legendary creature like a dragon actually exists. What’s even more shocking is that someone was commanding the dragon and turned him into his own mount.

How incredible is this!

The marines came quickly and became nervous when they saw the man on the dragon’s back.

“The first problem has come.”

Talos said softly with an ugly face.

Reminiscent of what Rogen said about waiting for his partners, he naturally knew what was going on.

Jason figured out where Rogen was in the fastest time, and dragged Gabriel along.

Five minutes later, at the entrance of the bar, amidst the noise of people and the screams of the little master, Rogen slowly turned his head and saw the big man standing next to the dragon with an excited expression on his face.

“Captain! I’m here!”

The simple and honest man was more burly and sturdier than ever, and his whole body was full of explosive power.

He looked like one of the toughest pirates.

But at this moment, this tough guy…

Started crying when seeing the face of his old pal!


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