One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 328: Seal all entrances

Four years ago, scenes flashed quickly in front of the tough man’s eyes, and his face had a wide smile, but tears flowed uncontrollably.

In the bar, everyone couldn’t understand what’s wrong with the crying burly man, but they all kept quiet.

Rogen stood up, and the little master behind him was also full of tears. There are too many memories between the three of them. They support and help each other, and they would give everything to each other without hesitation. They are the most trusted partners and are willing to give their lives for their partners’ sake.


Jason stretched out his hands and hugged Rogen fiercely.

“Jason, can you still recognize me?”

The little master smiled with tears, they were so happy to see each other…

“Little master?! You have changed a lot!”

Jason was a little surprised. Four years later, the little girl has become an adult, with a plump body and a charming appearance.

“Hello, Jason! My name is Robin!”

Robin stretched out her little hand with a smile on her face.

“Oh, hello, Robin!”

Jason shook Robin’s little hand and smiled.

Then he turned his head to Nanlin.

“Who is this again?”

“You can call me Nanlin, and I will be the ship’s doctor in the future.”

Nanlin nodded with a serious face.

“Hey, Captain, I haven’t seen you for a while, you have brought many beautiful women.”

Jason touched the back of his head and giggled.

This sentence immediately made Rogen’s face full of black lines. Does he think that I abducted these ladies?

Jason did not stop at the door and entered the bar.

Other people did not interrupt their reunion, they were communicating in a low voice.

“This big guy has a terrifying figure, who is he?”

“Four years ago, this guy was extremely cruel. He was known as the deputy of Wraith pirates, better known as Jason, the Broken Armor!”

“I once saw his wanted poster, he’s a monster with 200 million bounty!”

“Two hundred million!!”

People swallowed their saliva and took a careful look at Jason.

Four years ago, he was wanted for more than 200 million. So how much his strength has reached now?

No one disturbed Rogen and the others’ dinner! They had a hunch that they will see a group of strong monsters.

This day, at dusk.

At the port of Loki Island, a small wooden boat slowly docked. Then, under the eyes of the surrounding pirates, two young men in black mysterious uniforms appeared.

One of them was cold, the other was curious and kept looking around.

“Where do you think you are going, kid! Don’t even think about boarding this island. Now that Lord Rogen is on this island, no kids are allowed to enter the city!”

“With no reputation, or the slightest strength, Loki Island is not something you can handle!”

“Get out of here, or we won’t be polite!”

Rogen’s fame and the retreat of the Marines allowed the pirates around the Island to organize spontaneously and guard the entrance, and no weaker fellows were allowed to disturb the lion’s rest. At this moment, Loki Island is a forbidden zone for pirates whose bounty has not reached more than 10 million, or weaklings!

This forbidden area is protected by the pirates who worship and fear Rogen, and the Wraith Pirate Group.

It has to be said that the appeal of a huge pirate is extremely amazing! Rogen just sat there and didn’t do anything, and these pirates had already taken action to avoid all unnecessary troubles for him.

The words of the pirates made the man in the black robe with a hidden head walk forward silently and looked up.

“Is he actually here? Then I’m not in the wrong place!”

A smile appeared on the young man’s face, and he moved forward.

The other man who was looking around, seemed ghostly, which made the ferocious pirates on both sides angry.

“This kid is mocking us?”

“Kill him, kill this ignorant kid, shoot both of them!”

“Shoot their legs and make them know that we are not joking around!”

The pirates acted fast, drew their guns, and pulled the trigger.

“Boom boom boom!”

In an instant, thirteen bullets were fired, and the thirteen people who attacked were all famous gunners in the West blue. Their marksmanship was the peak of this area.

But when the gunfire sounded, the pirates around heard a sighing sound from behind.

What just happened?

The man, carrying a black package on his back, wearing a black robe and having an indifferent expression, his body swayed more than a dozen times in an instant, and a series of afterimages appeared in his path. Then, all the bullets were magically dodged.

What is more shocking is that the pirates who launched the attack were generally facing each other. These dodged bullets went directly to their crewmates.


A painful whine came out quickly, and six people fell to the ground in an instant.

“This guy!”

With this move, all the pirates realized that this young man was not a normal kid.

The guy who easily evaded their shots, stepped lightly and moved forward quickly, his speed was astonishing under the open fire of the thirteen marksmen. And the other man was still making some silly faces, but there was no fear in his expression.

“Caros, hurry up, stop wasting time!”

After scolding the playful young man beside him, and the serious guy in the black robe quickly disappeared in front of everyone.

He ignored the pirates on both sides and just walked his own way.

It was not until the two disappeared from the sight of everyone that the few who had just fallen to the ground got up, their ugly faces were mixed with pain.

“That guy is definitely not a newcomer, he must come from the Grand Line!”

These words silenced those present.

“Will he be a companion that Lord Rogen is waiting for?”

All of a sudden, everyone’s face turned blue.

Because everyone believed that only Rogen’s companion had such incredible abilities in the West Blue.

“That young man is Trensu!”

Talos retracted his telescope with an ugly expression and said softly.

Rogen’s partners were arriving one after another. Four years ago, they were the first supernovas. Now, these people might be even more terrible than ever. Their bounties will probably be skyrocketed.

There is no doubt that once Rogen and the Wraith Pirates enter the new world, they will become the fourth powerful force that the Marines need to pay attention to immediately.

With the departure of Trensu, the harbor slowly calmed down, and the pirates continued to organize the harbor.

“Let’s stay in this area, and if we find some weaklings, we must expel them all!”

“From the moment Master Rogen came to the island, our pirate groups must seal all entrances of the island!”


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