One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 329: We Are All Here

The third day of Rogen’s arrival to Toki Island.

In the near waters, a ship with a crocodile head was moving fast. It was coming from the Reverse Mountain’s direction, heading straight to the island.

At the bow, two people were chatting.

“You didn’t have to come with me.”

The vicious man with a cigar in his mouth said calmly.

“If my boss leaves, where should I go?”

The man with sunglasses said coldly.

“We are different. I am a member of the Wraith, and you are not.”

Crocodile shook his head.

“I’m curious.”

The dark-skinned man with sunglasses suddenly said.


Crocodile asked rhetorically.

“Curious about what kind of man will make you give up without hesitation Baroque Works that you have been running for a long time!”

“Hehe, he is one of a kind!”

Crocodile was taken aback for a moment, then laughed.

This was a strange answer, so the cold man thought about it for a while and chose to respond in silence.

Anyway, his answer will soon be available, so why the worry?

“Trust me, your trip with me, MR.1, won’t be for nothing.”

After a moment of silence, Crocodile spoke again suddenly.

MR.1 looked up in doubt.

“Only under his guidance will you become stronger.”

“Huh! Ok?”

MR.1 Daz Bonez did not comment.


Crocodile didn’t argue either, only by seeing that magical guy would he believe him.

Gradually, the Loki Island could be seen from the ship.

“There are many pirates on this island.”

MR.1’s expression became more cautious.

Across a long distance, they have seen a large number of pirate boats piled up on the coast, a lot of them were close to each other without any gap. What surprised him, even more, was that there were pirates guarding at the coast.

From a distance, it actually gives people a feeling that the island has been seized by pirates.

He glanced at Crocodile next to him, and found that he was just smiling, not nervous at all.

MR.1 actually does not know a lot about Crocodile, nor does he know anything about his past. Probably knows that this man once challenged the Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world. After the fight, he got a scar on his cheek.

This is already remarkable. It is enough to be proud of being able to survive in front of the man who stands at the top of the world!

But he didn’t know the strength of the opponent at all. For him, Crocodile showed more of his strategic ability.

Just like an alligator lurking in the water, his head is always hidden under the water before he meets the prey, cautious and vigilant!

Gradually, the wooden boat had come to shore.

The landing of the two made the eyes of the pirates on the coast drift over.

In an instant, the pressure made MR.1’s head sink, and his heartbeat became tense.

“Although the strength of these pirates is inferior to that of the Grand Line, the frightening thing is that there are too many of them!”

Scanning the surroundings, he saw hundreds of people at a glance. And everyone exudes a fierce breath.

These pirates, who have experienced many battles, are already qualified enough to enter the Grand Line.

“What are they doing here? They seem to be guarding something!”

MR.1 was puzzled and had some guesses, but he was not sure.

At this time, Crocodile stepped in front of him and faced all the pirates.

His hideous face and indifferent temperament instantly attracted the eyes of all the pirates. Almost instantly, they recognized him.

“It’s Sir Crocodile! Rogen’s partner, let him pass!”

With a loud shout, longing and admiration appeared in the eyes of all these pirates.

Desert King, Sir Crocodile! He must be a strong fellow too! Just look at his calm momentum, it shows the style of a strong man, which terrifies the weaklings.

“Sir Crocodile, captain Rogen is in the bar at the end of the street, let me take you there!”

Soon, a clever pirate ran up and said gallantly.

When other people saw this guy, they slapped their faces in regret, because they were slow.

“$Hit, this guy is so fast, why didn’t I think of it!”

In a blink of an eye, the pirate disappeared with Crocodile and MR. 1.

At noon, six people jumped down from a wooden boat.

“Hahaha, we are finally here!”

“Boss Rogen, the six legendary members are here!”

“Great, I can finally meet our partners.”

“I have been looking forward to this day for a long time!”

Some of the six looked up and laughed, some trembled with excitement, and some cried with joy. Their various gestures and the meaning of their words made all the pirates realize that these six strange guys must be the rest members of the Wraith Pirates.

“Hey, you, tell me where can I find my boss now!?”

The fifth asked loudly to the pirates on the shore.

“The bar at the end of the street.”

Soon, a pirate pointed out.

The six members nodded in satisfaction and walked forward.

“Brother, how did you figure out that they knew the whereabouts of our boss?”

“Seriously, look at their appearance, they must be guarding the island for our boss and not letting others disturb him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, don’t treat me like a five-year-old boy who knows nothing!”

As the voice drifted away, the six disappeared.

At the same moment, at a large table in the bar, people looked at each other with different expressions.

Caros held his head admiringly and stared at the young master.

“My lord, my goddess, we finally met again!”


A slap in the face with a loud noise echoed in the bar, his right cheek was slammed to the left by the young master.

“What a disgusting look!”

The road that the young master disliked.

“You can slap me as much as you want, I can give you my left cheek too, my love.”

Without any shame, Caros turned his face the other way.

Looking at his face, a red handprint has been painted on his cheek.

“What a shameless fellow, man up!”

The little master scolded, turned her head, and did not bother with the rascal.

Jason and Crocodile were strangely staring at each other, the atmosphere was started becoming weird.

MR.1 stared at Robin with opened eyes and complex thoughts.

Under the gaze of this indifferent man, Rogen kept focusing on this man.

Trensu looked at everyone’s expressions with relish, he giggled and poured a glass of wine on his own.

Rogen temporarily stopped talking to everyone, and sat there while whispering to Nanlin.

The atmosphere in the bar was very odd, magical, and quiet.

At this moment, a group of six people arrived at the door.

“Boss, here we are, we miss you guys so much!”

The yelling voices of the six instantly filled the place.


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