One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 330: Glory

Rogen looked at the door with a stunned expression. He really didn’t expect these six fellows to come. Before leaving Marijoa four years ago, these six were handed over to Rayleigh to take care of them. Now that four years have passed, he didn’t know how they were doing!

After a quick realization, a smile appeared on his face immediately.

In this way, not only the carders have arrived, but every member of Wraith pirates has assembled together again.

“Very good, it seems we are all here!”

The six walked in quickly, and when they found some strange faces, they were slightly taken aback, but they didn’t ask any questions. They just found a seat and sat down with a smile on their faces.

“Four years have passed, I am very happy that you guys are doing fine and that we are all here! To us, the Wraith!”

Rogen smiled and raised his cup.

“Even though there are now a few more faces, but don’t worry, we will eventually be all familiar with each other.”

Rogen glanced at Robin, Caros, and MR. 1, and said softly.

Everyone present had a different look on their faces, doubts in their eyes, but excitement and joy filled their hearts.

Immediately afterward, they all raised their glasses, poured the wine into their mouths, and laughed happily.

“Hahaha, hey you, crocodile, you bastard, I finally saw you again, I missed you so much!”

Jason hammered Crocodile’s back fiercely, and the force of his random punch made Crocodile’s chest shatter to sand.

“Big guy, do you have a final wish before I kill you?”

Crocodile said coldly.

The blow hurt him a lot.

“Haha, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that after four years, you haven’t improved to the point where you can bear my casual punch.”

Jason’s face was smiling and even though he apologized, he didn’t mean it.

“I will bury you later.”

Crocodile stared at Jason and threatened him in a soft tone.


Jason just laughed.

Trensu watched the two quarreling with a smile, and didn’t care much. Next to him, Caros looked like a Pig.

“Don’t make trouble guys… now after we all gathered here, we should set sail.”

Rogen interrupted the quarrel with his words.

“It’s also time to fulfill the promise we made four years ago.”

“It’s time to go on a miraculous adventure.”

He said to everyone present with a serious voice.

“This time, nothing will stop us.”

The sudden serious tone made the faces of his crew determined. After four years, they have changed a lot. Jason is bigger and stronger, Crocodile has a scar on his face, and Trensu has become more mature and tough. The six dragon’s aura is obviously stronger, and the young master has become a gorgeous girl, and her strength was growing.

These years led to a magnificent grew of the crewmates. Rogen also believes that their growth must be extraordinary.

On their upcoming journey, they will no longer be afraid or bothered by the Marines and the world government.

“Haha, yes, Captain, I am have become a force to be reckoned with!”

“What happened four years ago will never happen again!”

Jason said loudly.

His words made everyone present squinted, and the atmosphere suddenly condensed, but after that, it relaxed again.

“Let’s not talk about that. We all made it now, so let’s celebrate!”

Rogen laughed.

After that, the music filled the place, young ladies started dancing in the bar, and the scene instantly became lively. Everyone talked and laughed loudly, and the six dragons went to the floor and begun wriggling, which made everyone laugh.

The banquet lasted until midnight, and everyone was satiated and fainted.

At the dawn of the next day, the young figure appeared at the entrance of the bar.

“It’s time to go!”

Rogen said softly.

A huge shadow came from behind him. It was Jason. He rubbed his eyes, stretched, and stood on Rogen’s right side with a smile on his face.

The third figure quickly came by Rogen’s left side, it was Crocodile with a smirk and a lit cigarette on his hideous face.

Immediately afterward, Trensu and the young master walked beside the carders, standing in a row with the other three. These five fought the world side by side, and immediately an invisible aura spread out, making people stagnate.

But this was not over yet. After that, six fellows appeared, and Robin, Caros, and MR.1 also came out in the rear.

14 people stood together, not that many, but their spirit shock the whole street. Whether it is people or pirates, their eyes at this moment were all attracted by this group of people, standing in place blankly.

The afterglow of the rising sun fell on the 14 people, reflecting their expressions, and it was a kind of indifference and domineering look.

“What a terrible momentum!”

Someone swallowed his saliva quietly and murmured, afraid to be heard.

Suddenly, in the middle of the front, Rogen raised his right hand, and the frozen indifference on his face instantly dispersed.

“Brothers, let’s go! Haha, let’s continue our unfinished journey!”

“Hahaha, I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

“This time, whether it is the Marines or the government, they will be demolished!”

“Whitebeard, I will challenge you again, but this time, I’m not alone!”

“Every living soul in this World, just wait, the banner of Wraith will rise forever this time, and it will never fall again!”

“This is our time, the six of us will become so famous now!”

Everyone’s eyes were shining with light. One by one, they raised their right hands, clenched their fists high in the sky, and declared their vows to the world.

The newcomers all looked at these fellows blankly, but this hasn’t affected their mood in the slightest.

Afterward, everyone began to move forward.

They walked towards the harbor with steady steps, and the shadows behind them continued to grow longer and longer.

When this group arrived at the port, the pirates who were around the beach, vaguely heard the movement, woke up from their sleep, and then fell into shock.

“Huh! Is that the Wraith pirates?”

“My God, what a horrifying bunch of people!”

“I’m scared!”

In the beginning, these people couldn’t help speaking, the pirates who saw Rogen and his group were in awe.

They greeted them one by one, waking up their partners from their sleep, and paying attention to Rogen and the others.

“Ha, it’s really impressive.”

Jason laughed, resting his hands on the back of his head.

“Master Rogen, your ship is over here, we protect it very well.”

A pirate came forward and pointed to Logan, which was moored in front alone. Around it, there was a large vacated area. But the other ships on the sea are all close to each other.

The treatment given to Rogen and his gang by these pirates was completely on another level.

“Thank you!”

Rogen smiled and thanked.

This gentle word of thanks made the pirate plunge into happiness.

He was actually thanked by a very famous pirate. This person believes that he will not forget these two words.

This will become his eternal glory.


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