One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 331: Challenge

The pirates watched Rogen and his gang board the ship, and when the Logan slowly began to adjust its bow and moved, they just began to boil.

“I firmly believe that at this moment, we will witness the birth of history and legend!”

A pirate looked at the Logan and murmured.

This group of people, young and powerful, has no fear in their eyes, and they are the bravest fighters in the sea. And such a group of pirates, he firmly believes that they will succeed in their journey.

Gradually, the Logan was no longer visible in the port of Loki.

Taking back the awe in their eyes, the pirates felt a little disappointed. They may never see Such great pirates again in the future. For them, to be able to witness the appearance of such a character was already a kind of supreme glory.

“Let’s go back, we also have our voyage.”

The pirates began to form a team, ready to leave the place.

But suddenly, a large number of marines gushed out from the port street, and their guns and cannons were all aimed at them.

Talos stepped out with a cold face.

“For Rogen and his crew, we have nothing to do. But did you think that you can get out of here easily?”

The heavy sound of footsteps was constantly ringing, and the number of soldiers kept increasing. The invisible threat started the faces of the pirates to change.

“Loki Island it is not your territory, if you dare to be wild here, you should consider staying in prison for a lifetime.”

Talos said coldly, he raised his hand, and ordered the start of the attack.


A slight gunshot suddenly came out, and Talos’ expression changed at this moment.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the distant sea abruptly.

There was the Logan, already three kilometers away. But the slight gunshot did come from its direction. And the gust of wind that passed by at an extremely fast speed made a thin blood mark on his cheek.

Talos turned his head slightly, and from the corner of his eye, he saw a small hole suddenly appeared on the wall not far away.

He clearly remembered that just now this wall was still intact.


He clenched his fist, and Talos’ face was extremely ugly.

He suddenly realized that this was a sign of threat. The bullet from the distant sea was definitely a deliberate shot, and the purpose was to warn him. Undoubtedly, as soon as he ordered an attack from this side, from Logan another shot ejected by this sniper rifle would be fired at him. And this one will never fly by his cheek again, but will be aimed in the center of the eyebrows.

Talos guessed well, on the Logan, which was three kilometers away from him.

Trensu gently retracted the sniper rifle, slowly carried it on his back, and turned and walked towards the crowd.

“Don’t you need to confirm his intention?”

MR.1 said with doubts.

Did he give up his attack just by firing a bullet? In this case, the Marines are really going to retreat?

“No need.”

Trensu left with a smile.

MR.1’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t believe it, so he continued to stand on the bow of the ship, looking into the distance with a telescope.

But the next scene made his expression serious.

To his surprise, Talos, who was wearing the rank of vice admiral, turned around and left with an ugly expression? The order to attack was not given anyway. The threat of Trensu’s shot caused Talos to give up resistance. The pirates on the entire island were saved by one bullet, which deepened the position of the Wraith Pirates in their hearts.

“Is his name Trensu?”

In a daze, MR.1 asked Crocodile beside him.

“Yes, MR.1, don’t doubt the strength of my partners, none of them can be compared with you at the moment.”

Crocodile said faintly.

“How can it be? Even those six guys!”

He turned his head abruptly and looked at the crowd of six.

The six dragons were joking and smiling, and from the moment they boarded the ship, they looked slanderous, like a scumbag with nothing to do. He really couldn’t see what strength fellows would have.


Crocodile raised his eyebrows and a smile appeared on his face.

“You can try fighting one of them.”

MR.1’s expression turned dark. It’s true, he doesn’t believe that they are powerful. These six fellows didn’t have the slightest aura at all, and their bounty would never be found, even if he searched the whole world.

Without any hesitation, MR.1 strode forward and came to the front of the six.

“Oh? Hey, Newcomer? Are you coming to play too?”

The Dragon elephant N.5 asked with a smile, and the other five people also looked at him with a smile.

“I want to challenge you.”

MR.1 said in a low voice with a cold face.

“Challenge us?”

The N.5 was stunned, then laughed loudly.

“Have you heard him? Hahaha, we have a challenger from our first day on the ship.”

“It feels great, we are old members, hahahaha!”

“By the way, this kid just joined in, he should be regarded as our trainee?”

“Yes, yes, as a trainee, he has to pack all the sundries on the ship!”

“It’s so cool, it feels so cool!”

The six fellows kept on talking about MR1, and they were very happy. On the contrary, they ignored MR. 1 who was standing by.

“Hey, I said I want to try your strength!”

With a twisting brow, MR.1 suppressed the anger in his heart and repeated his words.

He can’t really see what strength they have!

“Ahem, well, I accept your challenge!”

N.5 cleared his throat and said aloud.

Being suspected and provoked by the newcomer, these six guys were not angry, but on the contrary, they looked happy and didn’t care at all.

The other people are also interested in watching the spar.

Thus, a newcomer trying to face the veterans.

The Dragon elephant N.5 found a wide place and stood there facing Mr. 1.

“This would do the job, you can start!”

MR.1 saw that the other party didn’t care at all, the light in his eyes became colder.

“I ate the Dice-Dice Fruit and I became the Fullbody Bladed Human! I will not show mercy, so get ready.”

He said coldly.

“A Devil Fruit User?”

N.5’s interest was raised, and he urged happily.

“Come on, let me see what you can do!”

Such indiscretion made MR.1 angrier. Without making a sound, he waved his hands, and his arm turned into a metal-like blade. It looked very sharp and aroused the amazement of everyone present.

“What a strange ability, it can completely replace weapons!”

Jason was surprised.

Crocodile narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

Rogen was also standing aside, watching interestingly.

MR.1’s strike was very fast, and the distance between the two sides got close in an instant. Then, his arms crossed, and the blades flashed in a second. MR.1 was already standing behind Dragon Elephant number Five, but at this moment, he had a shocked expression.

“It didn’t cut me.”

With a smiling voice, N.5 said with his back facing Mr. 1.

“This is impossible!”

MR.1 shouted.

How could he miss such a strike!


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