One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 332: Disparity

“What’s impossible?”

N.5 said with a smile.

He didn’t care much about the challenge of MR. 1.

“Come again!”

Mr.1 took a deep breath, calmed the shock in his heart, twisted his hands, and rushed up again.

However, when the light of the blades flashed and nearly crossed the body of the Dragon elephant N.5, Mr. 1 got a heavy heartbeat.

This time, he understood. The hippie-smiling guy in front of him seemed to be able to perceive his attack in advance, and his moves were completely seen through by the other party.

“Kiddo, I can read your thoughts.”

N.5 said with a smile.

“Mind reading?”

Daz Bonez had an ugly face and waved his hands repeatedly. He is the Fullbody Bladed Human who had eaten the Dice-Dice Fruit. He can freely extend a sharp blade like a knife point from any part of his body.

But after attacking for a minute, he didn’t land a single blow on his opponent.

“Unless you stop thinking, you won’t be able to hit me.”

The tone of N. five was very casual.

“And if you don’t land a blow, you won’t be victorious!”

Suddenly, the figure of N. five disappeared.


Almost instantaneously, a cold wind gushed out from behind Mr. 1, and his heart stopped beating at this moment.


A blue slash came from the back of Mr. 1, and the fierce force tore up his robe in an instant.


After the chop hit, the collision sound was like slashing metals.

Mr. 1 can turn any part of his body into steel.

“Not bad, a great fruit ability!”

Dragon elephant five sighed, then he stretched out his hands and sneered again.

“But it’s useless!”

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The pitch-black vigor encircled his arms, spreading in a blink of an eye, and his body disappeared in an instant.

A whirlwind appeared on the deck, and the body of dragon elephant five flashed and came in front of Mr. 1’s eyes. The terrifying speed caused Mr. 1’s pupils to shrink suddenly, and he couldn’t believe what he witnessed.

“All right, stop it!”

Just as the pitch-black fist was about to smash Mr. 1’s chin, a voice suddenly came out.

“Hoo, that’s enough!”

The strong wind made Mr. 1’s cheeks sore, his eyes trembled, his fist enlarged rapidly ahead of his face, and finally stopped.

“Hey, hey, boss Crocodile.”

Dragon Elephant Five giggled and looked at Crocodile.

“In the past four years, you guys seem to have grown quite fast.”

Crocodile said faintly.

“Mr. Rayleigh almost tossed us to death.”

Speaking of this, N.5 looked terrified.

He quickly closed his hand and backed away from the other five fellows.

Mr.1’s face looked ugly. He didn’t expect that they were this powerful, even if he could occupy a place in the Grand Line, he would lose to most opponents so easily.

With the last punch, he had a hunch that if it really hit him, it won’t end well.

Even with a stiffed body like steel, he was afraid that he can’t bear it.

“Only by recognizing the gap between yourself and your partner can you grow.”

Crocodile came to the back of mr.1 and said lightly.

“How big is the gap?”

Mr. 1 was depressed. It’s okay if he can see the gap, but until the end of the battle, he still doesn’t know how strong the opponent was and how weak he is.

Crocodile did not respond, and looked at Rogen, who was watching the fight.

“Well, Daz Bonez, right? What do you say?”

Rogen was in some kind of trouble, only after thinking about it for a while, he spoke.

“Well, let me make a simple analogy. If you are a great force in the first half of the grand line, then, he is a force to be reckoned with in the new world!”

He said while drawing two parallel lines with his hands.

“You two are not at the same parallel height, you are still very weak!”

Daz Bonez’s face became gloomy.

His self-esteem was hit by such a statement.

“Want to be stronger? Kid.”

Rogen’s voice suddenly came again.


Daz Bonez did not hesitate, and said directly.

“If you want to become stronger, start as an intern.”

Rogen said with a smile.

“Your fruiting ability is great. One day, you will definitely become a strong figure in the sea.”

In the end, Rogen complimented him, turned around, and left.

Daz looked at his back hesitantly. Psychologically, he was a proud man, and he only admired Crocodile in his entire life. He was not familiar with the others on the ship, so there was no respect or awe.

But the battle just now made him clearly see another world.

The guy who seemed to be no different from ordinary people, but in an instant, he burst out his unimaginable power, and easily defeated him.

“He’s just a normal crewmate!”

He clenched his fist sharply, then strode forward.

Rogen’s voice reverberated in his mind, he became angrier as he thought about it, and finally walked over, picked up the broom and mop in the warehouse, and started cleaning.

Such a guy became a trainee? That’s funny!

Caros looked at this sturdy guy, he didn’t say a word but just slumped his head to work. He couldn’t help thinking it was funny then chuckled.

“What are you laughing at? The crooked guy, who looks so ugly, dares to laugh at me?”

Hearing the laughter, Daz immediately scolded.

“How dare you scold me? You are too bold!”

Caros’ face turned green, then he stood up and shouted.

“Do you know who I am? I am a Celestial Dragon!”

This sentence made everyone on the ship look at him with surprised eyes.

Daz Bonez closed his mouth immediately, and was frightened by the name of the skinny guy.


But in the next second, Trensu slapped his head, causing him to scream in pain.

“What are you doing? Trensu!”

Caros shouted.

“Go to work, too!”

Trensu handed the mop over, indicating that he should work, too.

“I’m a Celestial Dragon!”

Caros exclaimed.

“You’re just an intern now. Hurry up!”

Trensu said impatiently.

This stinky boy was still the same pain in the A$$ as they met him.

“Damn, is there no preferential treatment for Celestial Dragons? Shouldn’t I by now be a formal crew member?”

Caros took the mop angrily, glared at Daz uncomfortably, and began to work.

From the side, the little master looked at Robin with a smile, and the latter stuck out his tongue.

“I’m still young, should I work with them?”

“Well, no, ladies are privileged.”

The little master said with a smile, and asked Rogen.

“Isn’t that right, captain?”


Rogen waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Damn it!”

Daz and Caros, who were bent over to work, held out their middle fingers and despised them. Their actions, however, caused the laughter of the whole ship.

In the corner, Nanlin flipped through the magic book and occasionally looked up at everyone with a calm expression.


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