One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 340: Bluffer

It is said that whoever possesses Haoshoku Haki has the qualities of a king, and are known as Supreme Rulers. A person with awe, coercion, and a weaker spirit could not bear even his glance.

Facing such a huge army would be very troublesome, even if he was very powerful and a skilled fighter. However, in front of this type of Haki, these weaklings won’t be able to hold on to a breath.

With a glance at the surrounding place, everyone could see how terrifying this power is!

Quantitative advantages are completely useless in front of a strong man with such strong Haki.

“God damn, the captain’s Haki is getting more and more powerful!”

Trensu laughed and stepped forward first.

Jason and Crocodile also followed closely, and the young master was absent-minded for a moment before moving forward. Nanlin had seen such a scene before, but she still felt shocked when she saw it the second time.

However, witnessing the astonishing shockwave launched by Rogen caused the new members to open their mouths widely, and startled, they didn’t know what to say.

“Ha… what just happened?”

Daz Bones looked at the piles of fainted soldiers everywhere, and said.

It is undeniable that his heart was beating fast after witnessing the true power of his new leader. At first, he was shocked by a large number of enemies coming their way.

But in a blink of an eye, all the soldiers fell to the ground?

He stared at the figure of the young man, his heart fluctuated, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Vaguely, he seemed to understand what the other party said before.

“We aren’t on the same level?”

Suddenly, Daz Bones clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“One day, I will reach their strength, and I will also become a powerful man!”

Everyone walked around one by one, followed Rogen, and walked towards the depths of the island.

What they left behind were all shocked faces on the street, civilians rubbing their eyes to make sure that they weren’t dreaming.

“Am I dreaming? Anuki’s large army was subdued by them?”

“The Marines are defeated?!”

“Pirates, they seem to be pirates! They were right. They really have the power to defeat the Marines!”

“Maybe, this time, Anuki will be defeated! We may be saved! “

If the civilians just woke up, then at this moment, there was a trace of vitality entering their bodies, they saw the real hope, and their own future.


As Rogen and his team advanced, another group of marines fell to the ground unconscious, with rolled white eyes. They have a clear road ahead, without any resistance.

Gradually, everyone has reached the depths of the military base on this island.

“Is that it? One of the fortresses in the East Blue?”

Looking at the thirty-meter-high wall in front, the crewmembers were curious about the huge fortress.

“The gate is closed, how will we enter?”

“This is a bit troublesome, the guards at the gate seem to have been fainted by the captain.”

As everyone chatted, Jason leaped out.

“I’ll smash it open, step away and leave it for me!”

Five seconds later, Jason stood in front of the huge gate and punched out.


“See, it’s very simple!”

Caros’ mouth trembled repeatedly, seeing the five-meter-thick gate that burst open, he seemed to remember when he got beaten by those hands, for years ago.

It can be said that among these people, the one he is most afraid of was the bulky guy.

Daz Bones’ eyes were shaking wildly. The bulky man in front of him smashed the gate with one blow, and the entire city wall was shaking, and it seemed that it might fall down at any time.

“Is the strength of these big pirates so abnormal?”

After a long time, he said this sentence from the corner of his mouth.

MR.1, who was originally an arrogant follower of Crocodile, was frightened.

He originally thought that the large sea kings were the most terrifying creatures, but in the face of such strength, is the sea kings still count? These carders are the real monsters!

On the platform deep in the base, Anuki poured himself a glass of red wine again.

The noise outside became quiet.

“Yes, it seems that the turmoil outside has been settled.”

“Heh… Under the suppression of your highness, what could these enemies do?”

“Anyone who dares to offend me must die!”

Anuki sneered.

“I must lock these courageous guys in the deepest darkest prison, they will suffer the most severe torture every day, until we break their spirits!”

However, when he had just made this decision, the lieutenant who had left to deal with the outsiders ran over with horror.

“Marshal, no, this is bad!”

Anuki’s face turned cold.

He was a calm person, and the most annoying thing for him was the panic of his subordinates.

“Lieutenant, do you have a death wish? Appearing in such a panic in front of me is angering my majesty!”

His stern scolding was said to make the lieutenant control his reaction, but the latter did not constrain at all.

After several strides, he ran over to Anuki’s throne, then the lieutenant shouted in horror.

“Pirates, pirates are coming.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Anuki was about to ask a question, but in an instant, his face changed slightly.

The Lieutenant who was facing him suddenly turned white and fell to the ground. Even the glass of red wine beside him was broken with a “pop”.

Behind him, the soldiers in charge of escorting his majesty were full of horror. It seemed that they had seen the face of a Shinigami, and their minds were about to collapse.

“I originally thought that the vice admiral who dared to call himself the fleet admiral would have great strength.”

“But this doesn’t seem to be the case!”

Multiple figures came up the stairs and appeared in front of Anuki, making him look ugly.

“Who are you? Do you want to die? How dare you offending my majesty!”

He yelled, and a strong aura from his body exuded.

This aura was different from Rogen’s Haki, but it caused Jason and others behind Rogen to change colors.

“This guy seems to be strong!”

“His body is sparsely muscled and he does not seem to have any strength, but why, I just feel that he is very strong, I am not his opponent!

“He actually has the same strength as an admiral?”

Everyone was shocked, their expressions became serious.

“Dark magic?”

Only Nanlin had a trace of doubt on her face.

“Get out of my territory, or I will kill all of you immediately!”

Anuki didn’t have the slightest fear on his face, instead, he became even colder. He scolded loudly, and he would really attack Rogen and his gang.

“This is ridiculous, stop pretending, except for this useless aura, your body doesn’t have the slightest strength.”

Rogen sneered, and the Seven Star Sword behind his back suddenly came out of its sheath.

“Instead of your people, instead of the true justice, I, a pirate, will take your head today!”

“Huh, Bold!”

Anuki was still drinking.

But the next second, a black light flashed, and his pupils suddenly contracted.

That fearless and powerful expression suddenly turned into horror and panic.


As the Black light crossed his body, blood fountain, and a head soared into the sky…